Grace Anne Depree
Portrayed By Amy Adams
Gender Female
Age 25
Aliases Doll
Place of Birth Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation Nurse, RNZAF, Allied Cactus
Rank Lieutenant
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  • Grace was (unexpectedly) born in Auckland, New Zealand, with four older brothers, a teacher mother and a former ANZAC doctor father.
  • Went to school to become a Nurse and when the Commonwealth joined the war, she enlisted at the age of 22.
  • Ended up being sent to Guadalcanal with Allied Cactus and worked on the forward lines aid stations.
  • Was given her discharge papers for three years of service after Guadalcanal ended.
  • Married Laurence Slayback after the war ended and moved to the US with him.
  • Upon Laurence's retirement from the Corps after a lifetime of service as a drill sergeant, they retired to the countryside in New Zealand and started a small ranch.


  • "Did ya go an' get yourself all shot up so that you could spend more time with me? Ya really shouldn't have…"
  • "Och, so -that's- why they call you 'Tank' then…"


  • Always keeps lipstick around, even manages soft skin, makes sachets from local flowers to keep her uniforms fresh
  • Absolutely cheeky
  • Loves chocolate
  • Prefers tea to coffee
  • It is little-known if not entirely unknown that Grace is actually Jewish


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