Trapped On A Ship

April 1915 - The ANZAC soldiers stationed abourd the HMS Valdivia get a little more then they bargin for on their ferry ride from Cairo to Gillipoli.

Forward crew space(#15102RDIMZao$)

HMS Valdivia-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 0 , 0

The bunk room is most certainly not a home away from home. It's a cramped closet of a space which consists of bunks on three sides of the room with a door at the front. The bunks are stacked four high and consist of a tough, tightly drawn rectangle of cot fabric held between the wall and a pole that runs floor to ceiling on either end of the cot. Four of these poles make a square at the center of the room and secure twelve bunks in the process. There is no privacy in the place and very few homey touches, though occasionally curling pictures are stuck to the walls. Often the pictures are from at least two different families, as the crew is hot bunked here at all points in time. The smell in the room is sweat, salt and humanity sunk into the fabric of the cots and the walls. All in all, given how old this ship is and how comfort was apparently a low priority in the minds of the designers, the crew have to live in truly appalling conditions.

It is currently daytime.
The sea around you is quite rough.

Ground Target X, Y AirfGround Target X, Y Airfield? Bearing Range
Cairo -4000,2 no 170 227.3 miles

Type Name Brg. Hdg. Altitude Spd. Rng.
DD (#15084)HMS Valdivia 350 100 0' 0 0 yds

1. Active Sonar (67% damaged)
2. Hydrophone (108% damaged)

Sub-Rooms :


Forward to Fore. Magazine <FM> Backward to Galley <GA>

The warning claxons come to life in a lound wailing tone followed by a message from the ship's Captain, "General Quarters, all hands to General Quarters." The wailing resumes for another thirty seconds ensuring that it captures the attention of all crew members.
Those sailors from the ships crew in the forward crew space quickly begin beat feet towards their battle stations to await further instructions. The entire ship has come to life at the sound of the siren.

Kathleen opens her mouth to respond to David when the siren goes off. Her jaw hangs open for a moment before she closes it with effort. She gulps, and tries not to get bowled over by the crew rushing to their posts.

David blinks as well as he hears the siren, and looks around for a few moments, to see what's going on. "Looks like we've reached the wakeup time," he offers, after a few moments.

Kathleen doesn't move from the rail right away, perhaps not sure where to go or perhaps just too stunned to go there. She nods absently to David but doesn't respond.

The Destroyer makes a sharp change in course to the north east and those now with a lucky enough view of the west can catch the final glimpses of a U-boat dip below the surface of the rolling waves. The Destroyer itself begins to take up speed trying to place distance between itself and the U-Boat.

Tanner has connected.

David blinks a bit at this move of the ship, grimacing a little bit. "Looks like trouble, in some way," he offers, quietly.

Kathleen doesn't see the U-Boat, but hears the startled cries of a nearby crewman who did. She gasps and mutters a quick prayer under her breath. That sighting brings home the reality of the situation, and her training finally kicks in. "I have to get below…" Probably to the dispensary, or wherever they'd bring injured.

David nods a little as he hears that, "It was a pleasure to meet you," he offers.

Alistair is already there. That is, the dispensary. The Combat Medic looks green in the face struggling not to vomit all over the place while he grips some piping. When Kathleen comes down he glances up, "What is it? Why are we changing course?" In truth Alistair has no experience with naval operations. The idea that there may be enemy boats eludes him entirely.

David has disconnected.

Tanner is startled up from what appeared to be a nap. He gives his head a shake, trying to get his mind oriented. "What's going on, then?" he asks, looking about, eyes wide. He blinks, first at Kathleen, then at Alistair. "Somebody hurt?"

Kathleen offers a distracted nod, glancing back over her shoulder to say, "You as well," to David as she hurries away. "There's a U-Boat," Kathleen replies, breathless with fear as well as the exertion of having rushed down here.

The aft 4inch guns come to life in a loud thunderous roar as a volly of rounds are fired in the direction of where the U-Boat had disappeared. The entire ship rattles at the sound of the large deck guns being fired. After two vollies of fire the guns go quiet. When the rounds impact the water they shoot up huge gushes of water and mist into the air. With the U-boat now out of sight, the guns have little to shoot at. Observers outfitted with binoculars countinue to search the sea for clues of the boats location.

Tanner jumps down from his bunk, though he looks at a loss as to what else to do. He stares around the cramped quarters, blue eyes wide, suddenly looking even younger than his twenty-something years. Supremely lost. "You…uh…need some help, Nurse?" he asks, jogging after Kathleen.

He's asking her?? Kathleen's deer-in-headlights look back at him is equally lost. She flinches when the guns go off, grabbing onto the edge of a cabinet for meager support. "I, uh…" she fumbles over the words, sounding unsure. "I don't know." She looks around, searching for guidance.

Pete has connected.

Tanner stares rather desperately at Kathleen, gripping a bunk to keep his feet at the motion of the ship. He's clearly a land boy. He has no rhythm for the sea, and he looks decidedly green. "Umm…suppose we should go check for injured or…something…" he says. Not sounding particularly authoritative.

Two sailers barge into the crew area with arms full of life vests. They each drop about eight each to the floor. While the junior of the two quickly runs back out the way he came, the senior shouts in a remarkable calm tone under the circimstances, "Best you lads take these. We'll be back with more."

Nervous laughter comes from Alistair. He's about to suggest that they sit tight until the two sailors barge into the area with life vests. His face drops a full two inches as the Combat Medic inspects them. "Oh you've got to.." Oh don't let us sink before we've even hit land. For the love of — Alistair kneels down and grabs one, tossing it to Kathleen and then another to Tanner. He finally takes one for himself and starts pulling it on.

Kathleen has no problem with boats in general, but boats with big guns firing and U-boats hunting them… that has the young nurse looking pale and frightened. "They haven't hit us…" she points out uncertainly, to Tanner's suggestion. Oh, and now they're dispensing life vests. That just does wonders for her confidence. She crosses herself and starts putting on the vest Alistair tossed at her.

"More? Are we going into the water…?" Tanner asks the crewman, eyes getting even wider. This is not improving his mood any. He hurridly puts on the vest, fumbling with it. "Ummm…don't worry, Ma'am…" he says to Kathleen. "Everything all right, I'll…I'll bet…" He sounds terrified.

Pete scowls as he puts on his vest. He stands up, knees knocking together. He glances around at the others. "Make sure if we start taking water to keep your weapons and important things dry." He says. He looks over to the crewman. "Anything we can do?"

The Senior Sailor shakes his head towards Pete briefly indicating no, "Just continue to hold tight, we'll be out of the threat in no time." Then he turns towards Tanner, "These U-Boats dont like a direct fight, once they're spotted they typically try to break contact. Sometimes the Austrian ones like to get froggy, but we got some four inch guns to make her change her mind." With that the crew member takes off from which he came, there were more lift vasts that needed to be issued out to the other soliders stationed on the ship.

Kathleen nods to Tanner's not-so-reassuring assurances. "Sure it will," she tries to agree, trembling hands fumbling with the buckles on the life vest. The senior sailor's words are some comfort.

Pete nods his head as the sailor takes off. "Right, everyone sit tight." Pete seems to say this aloud more to assure himself then the others. He shudders as the shake ships again, throwing him against the wall. "Oh God..we're gonna drown on this boat." Pete doesn't like traveling on boats.

Tanner nods to Kathleen, a bobbing sort of nod that only makes him look greener. So he stops doing that. His own hands are trembling as he does up his life vest, fingers fumbling over the buttons. "Froggy…aye…" he mutters in vague sort of agreement with the sailor, trying to sound as if he knows what he's talking about.

"I suppose now we wait," Kathleen offers, mouth pursed in a thin, nervous line once the life vest is in place. Wait and pray. Fidgety fingers once more grasp the side of the cabinet.

The warning claxon's fire off again with a loud waivering tone. There is only a short break in the tone as the ships captain switches to the communication system to announce, "Brace for impact!" in the background unaudible shouting can be heard before it switches back to the wavering tone. The ship changes course making a hard right turn trying to avoid whatever has caused enough consern for the sirens to go off.

«Game» It is now dusk.

"Wait. Aye…" Tanner tries to brace himself, but he clearly doesn't do a good enough job of it. As the ship pitches, he topples, tossed back hard against the hull of the ship with an audible thud. Solid Australian meeting solid wall. He swears, dipping into grammar he probably wouldn't normally use in front of a lady.

Kathleen is too preoccupied to think anything of the ill language. At the call to brace, she grips the cabinet for all she's worth, scrunching her eyes tight against the threat of an earth-shattering kaboom. The thud of Tanner hitting the wall causes her to peek her eyes open and ask, "You all right?"

Tanner groans, shoving himself semi-upright. But he does manage to get up, so it doesn't appear anything is broken. "I…I think so, Ma'am," he says. He finds a bunk to cling to, gripping the supports as tight as he can. He takes a deep breath, still pale. "Never was much on boats…"

The ship makes another course correction, this time slightly to the left and it slows its speed to about two thirds. The sirens now go quiet. Whatever threat laid a head of the destroyer has apperently be avoided.

Alistair has disconnected.

Kathleen doesn't move to help Tanner, still hanging on for dear life and wondering just how long they're supposed to stay braced. As the sirens stay quiet, only then does she dare venture to ask, "Is that it, then?"

Tanner wraps his arms around the bunk, clinging to it for dear life, breathing fast. He doesn't answer Kathleen's question. He sure as hell doesn't know. He just swallows hard, waiting.

With the setting sun on the horizine the cover of darkness could be used to the Captain's advantage. The destroyer's intercom system comes to life, "All compartment heads, enforce light discipline at this time." Throughout the ship the different compartments begin to turn off their lights resulting in darkness throughout the ship.

Kathleen waits as well, barely daring to breathe long after the sirens have grown silent. She finds a corner to sit down in as the lights go out, knees huddled up, shaking slightly. Still wearing the life vest.

Tanner blinks in the darkness, gulping. This is not encouraging. He goes to huddle next to Kathleen, hands still shaking. He folds his arms around himself in an attempt to stop it.

The ships Captain comes over the intercom one last time, "All crew stand down. I repeat all crew stand down. Light discipline is to be enforced on all external compartment areas, internet compartments will continue to enforce low light standards. That is all."

The Destroyer has escaped the threats of the Austrian U-Boat and will live to fight another day. If her cargo will be as lucky on the beaches in the upcoming days only time will tell.

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