Name: Genevieve d'Este (currently d'Artois)
Theater: The Fall of France
Nationality: French
Position: Entertainer

Background, An Artist's Life


"I grew up in the vaguely small town of Arras, daughter to a musician and his muse. I know it sounds rather typically romantic, but the truth of the matter is that we weren't romantic or even all that fancy. We were poor. My father barely made enough money to keep a shelter over our heads and once my mother started having children, she lost her figure and most of the money she could have made. There was little in our house other than poorly made food, a draft, and music. But oh, there was always music.

"My father sold our barely working car and woodstove before he sold the piano. Myself and my younger siblings all learned to play the same time we were taught to read and write. Jacques was better at just playing, but I always had the voice to sing. I loved to sing. My mother taught me all those old songs she used to perform in the music halls. She had wanted to go off to Paris, to be in the reviews. Still, children changes that. Never the less, she did her best to pass the dreams on. It wasn't an easy life. We starved as much as we ate, but at least we loved each other.

"Mother and father both passed in the last few years, the winters particularly bitter in our home and their health not good. Julien is now equipped and getting ready to fight the war that we all know is coming. That has left me to support the house hold. Yes, they tell me I'm good enough to escape to Paris and probably make my way performing there. But I will not abandon my family. Besides, Morgenstern pays me well enough. I sing and play at his cafe' on the weekends and I will say I think business has picked up since I started performing. It's enough to keep the family going in these uncertain times and I do love what I do."



Fall of France
Despair - Gene attempts to give some comfort in these difficult times.
At Your Swordfish, Madamoiselle — Lost in Translation with the British
Operation: Evacuate the Limey — Gene stumbles upon secrets she has yet to understand
Dusky Conversations — Gene and Henrik catch up after a long, miserable day.
Papers, Puppies and Persuasion — Gene and Christiane get asked for their papers on their way home.
An Afternoon Visitor — Gene finishes up a set as a man comes into the cafe` looking for Chevalier.
Strangers in the Church — Gene tags along with Henrik and Claude and, in the process, learns some vital information about the upcoming fight.
Truth and Wine— Henrik and Gene get drunk and lay it all out.
I Have Discovered a Friend Among the Germans — Gene passes off the information she got from Wolff to Henrik.
Lunch Rush — Gene plays waitress to some Germans during a busy lunch.

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