To The Colsons


Got the familys letter, thank you. It's always good to have news of home. Don't be too hard on James. Even if he decides to go to the Yard, he's still in service to the Crown. Gramp always told us that that's the important thing. Wallace is joining the Guard, so the family tradition is firmly in place for this Generation. Gramp always told us that Service to the Crown was the height of distinction, and even if he's a Bobby, the service is still granted.

Unfortunately, Mum, while there are a few girls here, I can't guarantee I'll come home with a wife. Such things are on a low priority right now. It's really too warm here for heavy, warm gear, so thank you, but your knitting is best served with something other than a heavy scarf.


Over here, they call the Turks, 'Johnny' like the Huns are 'Fritz back in France. There's good people here, even if I'm one of the few British. You might not approve of some of the nationalities here, but we're united against the enemy, so we're all on the same side. I cannot give any details, lest my letter be censored. I'm taking as good care as I can, and the people here are in strong spirits.


I think if you really believe in joining the Yard, it's an excellent idea. Follow your convictions, and use what we've all been taught to keep yourself safe. The war is immense, and we're all doing our part. Having the rest of the family at home keeping our Empire in place helps me to focus on what I'm doing here. There's lots of stories to tell when I get back, but none that can be put down here.


It's good to hear the Guard is treating you well. You're keeping the Colson name alive in the family tradition, and , like James, it takes the worry off me. If Mum is determined to send me something, then try to convince her food is the best choice, something tinned, even if she always frowns on store bought goods because it lacks a 'personal touch'. This far from everything I grew up with, a tin of anything carries all the memories of England, childhood, and home. Not to mention, the boys here will be all appreciative.

From the Front, always,

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