To London

Mum and Dad,

First, Mum, thank you for listening to my earlier letter and sending the package of foodstuffs. IT was a welcome relief to the tedium of the food here, giving a little variety to the bread we're normally inflicted with.

Before I get any further in this letter, I need to tell you something that's going to be reaching you in the future. I've been put forward for an award. Marksmanship, to be specific. I suppose I'm becoming a sniper around here, at least that's what they're calling me. I'll spare you the details of the incident that garnered me the award, but it seems to be another skill that's surfaced in me.

After I heard confirmation of the award going through, I put in a quiet request for the award itself to be sent to you in London. This is no place for medals and awards, so I've requested it go directly to you. They took my request and acknowledged it, so from there, I really am unsure what's going to happen. Please, don't burst any buttons with pride for your son out here. I've just been doing my best while out here, surrounded by these people, all of whom are doing their best work out here.

As for the campaign, We're pretty clueless out here, so I can't enlighten you on how things are going out here. I can only tell you that we're staying as careful and determined as we can be, and I appreciate all the letters from home.

From the Front,

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