To Jack 4

Dear Jack,

I was glad to receive your letter, as I had become worried by the silence. I am sorry to hear of your injury, though thankfully it is nothing too serious. I trust my fellow Sisters in France are taking good care of you, though forgive me if I do not hope for your speedy return to the Front. Too often here I feel as though our efforts are futile - patching up blokes only so they can go back and be shot again. Some to return a few days later with new wounds; others to never return at all. I know there is no other choice, but at times it is quite disheartening. The worst was having to nurse a lad back to health only so he could be shot for attempting suicide. A horrible waste.

Another of our lads was killed this week. A right jolly bloke he was, always cheerful about digging. Everyone's been quite downhearted, especially his mate Colson. He was in hospital when Greenie was killed, so it's hard on him. I'm also a bit worried about my friend Christy. I've not heard from him in some time. I suppose no news is good news, since he hasn't turned up in the aid station or on the casualty list, but around here it's easy to fear the worst sometimes. Even if I feel silly about it.

We have a new doctor now - a woman actually. I'm quite impressed, as I've never met a lady doctor before. She seems quite capable. She brought along a few books with her. I think I shall impose on her to borrow one, though we have little time for leisure. I do miss my books.

Do take care and write again when you are able.

Your Friend,

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