The Water Party

Where: ANZAC Cove
Who: Cross, Kathleen, Thorpe, Walsh, Young
When: May, 1915


The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 2 6

The brown and yellow desert rocks ascend sharply in elevation in this area, and the hills fall off sharply in places in sheer cliffs. The plateaus nearby provide some relief, and a foothold on areas in the peninsula, but the climb to get to them is quite torturous, and passages are difficult to find.

It is currently night time.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Front Line Trench

Cross zigzags up a maze of trench line to the front lines. While no doubt a very short distance from point A to B, but the waivering zig zag lines of the trench lines could easily add 10 minutes to the trip. The treck up hill doesn't make it any more fun either. The combat engineer enters the most forward line of the trench making sure to stay in its depths for safety from enemy gun fire, shrapnel or anything else the Turks might throw at them. A large step used to help the soldier go over the wall can easily be used as a good seat. The soldier parks his ass on it and lets out a quiet yawn as he tries to fight off sleep.

Thorpe shares a seat on the same 'bench' a short distance away. Leaning his back against the trench wall, Thorpe rolls his head to one side to regard Cross, giving a quiet, bleary-eyed greeting. A moment later he mumbles, "Why can't the sun come up already, know what I mean?"

Cross gives a short but firm nod, "It wont come soon enough. I think its O'two-hundred…give or take thirty. No way telling for sure. My pocket watch was lost last time I went over the top." While its no terribly cold outside, the difference in tempature from day to night does cause a slighlt annoyance with Cross. As the man crosses his arms in front of his chest he continues, "They say laynard everything to your person that you dont want to lose, of course I find this out to late. Oh well. No telling if you'll even be around the next day to miss what you lost."

Thorpe answers with a small shrug. "Well, your watch would miss you then, eh?" A dry, brief smile before he adds, "What do you need a pocketwatch for anyway? Someone or another will come along to holler at us when we need to be someplace, know what I mean?"

O'Neill has been a bit lost in thought as he stands near the wall of the trench, shaking his head a little bit to himself. Glancing over at the others for a few moments, then looking back to the trench wall.

Cross continues to nod from his spot on the wall. Cross replies "Point well taken." The soldier moves from his cozy position briefly to swat away at some annoying fly that was buzzing around his head. "God damn flies. You know, yseem to get worse by the day. Summer is going to be utterly dreadful. Hopefully we'll be a bit more inland by then." He shrugs again, "But who knows, we might be back on the boats by that time too. I guess this shit hole is as good as any other."

"Ugh," Thorpe groans at the thought. "Summer. Thanks for that-" he notes dryly to Cross, "Something to think about what's even worse than waiting here for the sun to come up." Shaking his head for a moment before leaning it back against the trench wall behind him (tilting the hat brim forward over his eyes in the process), he offers, "Name's Thorpe. If we've met before, I can't 'member it."

Cross continues to sit up against the trench talking with Thorpe, "Cross." is the simply reply. "There is no telling mate. So many people come and go around its hard to say." The soldier stands up from his seat, "I got to report o the aid station for something or another. Hopefully I'm not running late."

Thorpe curses under his breath, "Hell- the aid station?" Abruptly setting his hat back on straight and reaching for his rifle, the soldier stands up. "Guess I DO need a pocketwatch after all.. if you;re late, so am I."

"Aid…" That seems to have gotten O'Neill's attention. "Need to get hold of some new supplies…" And he starts heading back there.

Coordinates : 1 6

The sand on the narrow beach is rough and hard, small stones are also scattered across the area.

A makeshift aid station has been erected here, though it's little more than a collection of tents with cots and tables. The doctors and nurses work in deplorable conditions to treat horrific wounds, fighting the enemies of disease, lack of sanitation and foul water as well as bullets and shells.

It is currently night time.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Aid Station
2. Front Line Trench
3. Foxhole

There is, as ever, a shortage of clean water around the hospital, so the medical personnel are preparing an excursion to go and bring some down from the ridges. There are a couple of mules tied outside the tents, laden with buckets and barrels. Doctors and nurses aren't exactly fearsome and, though the ridges to the north are held by the Anzacs, Turkish snipers like to play in them. So soldiers have been rounded up to act as escorts on this little foray.

Cross makes his way down the snake like tunnel and trench system from the east. The soldier is talking with Thorpe as he does so, "Hopefully they have guard some prisoners, thats a pretty easy detail. The Sergeant in charge down there isn't to bad of a guy." Cross turns to Thorpe pointing his finger at the man, "Dont play cards with the man, he'll take you for everything your worth mate." With that bit of advice out of the way, the soldier continues towards the aid station.

O'Neill has just made his way down the corridor, and is heading in the general direction of the aid station, to get hold of the supplies one needs doing the first aid out in the fields.

Kathleen had volunteered for the trek in a moment of weakness, lured by the prospect of getting off this dreadful beach for a short while. Now she's beginning to regret the decision, but is focusing on the mules, patting one to keep it reassured (or herself, possibly) while it's being loaded with the final buckets.

Thorpe chuckles under his breath at the advice from Cross, answering the man, "Not worth much, am I? Sergeant Archer, or some other fella, is it? Can't keep track, know what I mean?"

Young is getting some last preparations out of the way, canteens and other rather makeshift water-carrying vessels made ready. His glasses are on, the spidery crack in the upper part of the left lens making it irritating to look up. So he constantly endeavours not to, as best he can.

Walsh looks around, tapping his tin canteen for a moment to hear its empty din. "Water" stated flatly, looking up quickly as a flare illuminates the sky and disturbs the darkness.

Cross gives a nod to Thorpe, "Sergeant Archer…yup, thats him. Maybe we can talk him into playing gin rummie or soemthing else instead. He took me for almost my entire pay check last week. I'm pretty sure he let me win some of my money back so I'll come back again." A short pause, "Fat chance I tell yeah." Cross looks about the oxen and the Red Cross staff as he arrives at the aid station. "They tell you what we were supposed to be doing down here?" he asks Thorpe.

Thorpe advises Cross with a grin, "Not bloody likely. Toughest thing in the world to get a fella to change whats winning for him. Then again," he looks briefly around the bleak Turkish territory, "Ain't so easy to get folks to change whats not working, know what I mean?" He goes silent as they two approach the larger group.

Kathleen seems to overhear Cross' remark as the soldiers arrive. "Are you the escorts, then?" she asks. Though she tries to hide it, a slight tremor of nervousness can be heard in her voice.

Young gets a strap fixed on one of the oxen, securing a load of canteens. Smoke curls from a lit cigarette between his lips, which he removes with dirty fingers to ash it into the damp beach sand. Kathleen's comment to Cross makes him look over his shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse as well of the armed escorts.

Walsh walks over to where the other diggers are gathering. He draws out the rifle, loading a new cartridge of shells. "Looks that way, Sister Kathy. Mehmet has more fun aiming at men with rifles than nurses and mules." He tries to smile, unconvincingly.

Cross looks between Kathleen then to Thorpe with a bit of confusion, "I think we are….is that right Thorpe?" The soldier was just told to report and not for what. How typical.

Thorpe looks back between Cross, Kathleen, and back again. "Suppose so- unless there's another detail reporting here and now?" Eyes catch on the canteen-loaded oxen. "Ah. Fun, that. See?" he prompts of Cross, "You should've been more specific as to what you want to be guarding, know what I mean?" Back to Kathleen, "Suppose we are, ma'am."

Cross seems a bit hesitent at the situation, "I suppose we are…" he turns to Thorpe, "I don't want an ass chewing from our Sergeant for showing up to the wrong detail…oh well, I hope if its not ours the mates that are supposed to do this cover down on ours." Looking towards Kathleen, "Where are we escorting you to? I meen the boats cant be much further then a hundred yards down the beach."

Kathleen turns her head when she hears Walsh's voice, seeming a bit reassured by the presence of a familiar face, if not his words. She flashes a brief, weak smile back then nods to Cross. "Glad you're here. We're heading up to fetch some water from the ridges. Fresh water," she clarifies, as if the vast ocean down below might beg the obvious question.

"Up there." Young's undeniably western Australia-accented voice cuts into the conversation, lifting a hand to gesture northward with the burning cigarette. It's a decently accurate direction. "Supposed to be water supplies round there. Whenever you're all ready for us, mates."

Walsh smiles a little more, genuinely, spotting the recognition in the nurse's eyes. He doesn't speak for now, his rifle readied as he looks around to gauge the nighttime visibility and how the terrain draws up to a ridge northwards up the coast. "Ready." responding to the doctor.

Thorpe turns toward the north, not able to pick out much about the heights in the dark. Shrugging his shoulder to bring the rifle into his hands, he double checks the piece before muttering to Cross, "Better an ass-chewing for doing something, than an ass-chewing for doing nothing, eh?"

Cross gives a firm nod to Thorpe "Righ…" but is cut off by Young. The man gives Thorpe one of those nods that says he knows exactly what he means. The soldier unslings his rifle and looks to Thorpe or Walsh for guidance. They were the rifleman and this was their bread and butter. Ditch digging was his.

Walsh watches the coast to the north as another flare ignites in the sky. "Steep climb. I should probably take point, scouting just ahead of you. Keep eyes out for any signal from me about spotting the enemy."

Kathleen seems to have decided to take charge of the mule, grabbing its reins with a rather firm grip. She gives a slight nod in agreement with Young's 'ready' and looks around for guidance.

Young looks less than thrilled about this excursion, but his jaw is set and he even gives Kathleen a bit of a crooked smile. He sucks a last drag off his smoke and drops it in the sand, crushing it under his heel.

Thorpe nods once at Walsh's judgment, and takes up a position close to the mule. Asking a question of the animal, the aussie inquires, "Don't suppose you're what I might call a .. stealthy sort of fellow, are you?" Offering by way of assurance to Kathleen, "North is still within our own lines, ma'am. But still, you might be wanting to walk on the left side of the mule, know what I mean?" he looks to Walsh for the word.

Walsh slowly nods. "Any cover, walk lightly. There might be a sniper staying good an' hidden that I miss." He makes his way ahead a bit, taking point. "Everyone ready?"

Joseph is laying in his old Aid Station cot. He seems kind of depressed. But a few hours ago, he was happily ready to get out of the hospital. An hour after that, he was stabbed by a Turk. Now, once again, ladies and gentlemen, for your amusement, Joseph Parks is back in the Aid Station.

Cross takes up a position slightly behind the Kathleen and off her right as put him in a position to watch the eastern flank. He gives a thumbs up to the other soldiers, "Ready when you our mates."

Kathleen nods to Thorpe. "Aye, left." She doesn't have to be told twice, moving to the aforementioned side of the mule. She attempts to return Young's smile, putting on a brave front, and nods to Walsh's query. She intends to follow behind Dr Young.

"Let's get this done then," Young proposes, under his breath. "After you, mates." The doctor's in place and ready to roll. Or human shield. Whatever happens.

Walsh turns to Thorpe, "You're my second for this, allright? If I go down, lead the doc and nurses back to safety." He draws in a deep breath. "My plan's for me to lead just ahead of the rest of you, so keep me in sight. When I signal a wave to follow, move to join me. I'll then move on and we'll do it like that, step by step till we're on top of that cliff."

Joseph looks around the Aid Station, and watches for any nurses or doctors. He sneaks out to the door of the Aid Station and watches his comrades go off, to space the final fronti-….or whatever they're off to go. "Good luck Mates!" He calls. He moves back over to his cot and promptly collapses. Man, who woulda thunk walking 3 feet would take up so much energy?

Thorpe nods again to Walsh, "No worries, I hear you." Turning back to comment to Cross, thorpe voices, "My bet is this: we all worry and writhe over a lot of nothing and come back without a shot fired. Sound good?"

Walsh's comment about going down causes Kathleen's lips to purse. "Be careful, aye?" she offers to him, then falls silent again.
Walsh adds further, "If I point and hold up fingers, it means that number of Turks spotted ahead. I'll need a couple of you to sneak forward to join while the others hold back with the mule and medics. We sneak up, get rid of Mehmet, then the rest come along to join. No Mehmet, no worries. We get water and head back in peace."

Walsh seems confident as he nods to Kathleen's quiet words. "We'll make it back. All of us. With water for the men in the dressing station." He starts advancing, waiting just a moment to make sure there's no final questions.

Cross continues to hang out on the eastern flank waiting for this show to start moving. He generaly keeps his back to the west as he stands in place watching out to the north east. "Hopefully this will go off without event." he just says openly. The soldier shrugs and is really just interested and finding his cubby hole back in the trench to catch some sleep.

Walsh signals a thumb-up with a smile distantly to Joseph, then slips on up the beach.

Kathleen nods to Walsh and lifts a hand to wave to Joseph also as they depart.

Young resists the urge to go for another cigarette, watching Walsh start northwards. He slips his cracked glasses off and wipes them on his shirt in a restless gesture, then settles them back on his nose.

Thorpe keeps his narrowed eyes on Walsh as much as possible as Walsh starts over the sand. "There it is," as he sees the sign. "Lets move, mates."

«Ground Combat» Thorpe moves North <N>.

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
TripleE (#16404) Thorpe I. Lee Enfield SMLE
TripleE (#16159) Walsh I. Lee Enfield SMLE

West <W> East <E>
South <S> North <N>

«Ground Combat» You notice Cross arrive at Ocean Beach.
«Ground Combat» You notice Kathleen arrive at Ocean Beach.

Walsh nods as the others approach, and now sticking to the shadows tries to climb the massive cliff now blotting out the starts to the north.

«Ground Combat» You notice Young arrive at Ocean Beach.

Cross moves in from the south and ensures he stays on the eastern flank trying to keep a good eye on anything moving in that direction. With east being the northern section of friendly trench lines he tries to keep tabs on where one line ends and another could possibly begin. Carefully he counts his paces to know how many to make when running back to the aid station should anything go sour as these things often did.

Walsh tries to climb quietly, each step and footing tested with weight. It's rough at times, though there is a path from Turkish shephards the mules can be led up close by.

«Ground Combat» Walsh moves North <N>.

Thorpe moves up alongside the mules, like Cross keeping on the eastern side, as he steals a look up the Sphynx ahead. "Looking good, eh?" Glancing back down, he watches Walsh's progress.

Walsh reaches the top of the cliff, going low to take a look around as he ceases his movement. The ridge of Sari-Bair is steep, but it's hard to get much of a view with the night's darkness.

Kathleen gives a barely-audible cluck of her teeth for the mule's benefit as she falls into place in the line moving up into the cliffs. She tries to keep to the cliff wall as much as possible. Having never ventured this far from the beach, she can't help but look up curiously at the cliffs and the Sphinx ridge in particular.

Cross watches the east, "Looks like any normal night. Hopefully we dont get lost out here and wonder into the Turkish line. I never liked wondering around out here in the night. You might get shot by some replacement mistaking you for a Turk." The soldier a little displeased at the situation. It sure wasn't cards overlooking a jail cell.

Young is not a stealthmastery soldier, but he does his best as they head along. He stays in front of Kathleen and slightly to her side, keeping her between his taller body and the mule.

Thorpe notes with eyes on the north, "Walsh looks alright so far." Sparing a grin for Cross, he adds, "Nobody likes wandering out here at night, Cross. Not even Turks."

Walsh peers eastward into the desert, shaking his head and motioning both hands palms down as if to indicate clear. The Norfolk Islander then turns to try to get a good look north up the coast.

Thorpe adds, "Walsh is signaling the east is clear," for any who care to know.

Cross doesn't take his eyes off the east but listens to Thorpe, "Good to know." The soldier continues to watch his east just to be safe. "Right again." Cross responds to Thorpe's wondering at night comment.

Walsh squints as he eyes the north, peering for a long time as if scanning from the height. Finally, a shake of his head and the soldier turns back to motion one hand beckoning the south.

Thorpe states, "There's the signal, all clear. Lets move, all."

«Ground Combat» Thorpe moves North <N>.

The Sphinx

The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 1 8

Inland from sea the terrain steepens to the tangled mess of rock and watercourses, in hills the Turks call Sari-Bair. Steep ridges run along this area. The sure-footed can find passages on the north and south side back down to the sea among the jagged rocks, but it's tricky going.

In the middle of this ridge, is a knife-edge spur, jutting out toward the water. It likely once also led down the sea, but time and weather have eaten that passage away. What's left is a geographical trick of the eye, a sheer bare gravel face rising above the middle of the valley. Its shape resembles, especially from a distance, the great Sphinx, staring inscrutably down at the rock and sea below it. The more religiously-minded might compare it to a cathedral spire, though the steep terrain and is anything but holy.

It is currently night time.

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
TripleE (#16404) Thorpe I. Lee Enfield SMLE
TripleE (#16159) Walsh I. Lee Enfield SMLE
======================< The Sphinx (1 8) >===================
TripleE (#16159) Walsh I. Lee Enfield SMLE
TripleE (#16404) Thorpe I. Lee Enfield SMLE

West <W> East <E>
South <S> North <N>

«Ground Combat» You notice Cross arrive at The Sphinx.
«Ground Combat» You notice Young arrive at The Sphinx.
«Ground Combat» You notice Kathleen arrive at The Sphinx.

Walsh turns to the east, and blinks quickly. "Turk!" whispered deeply, "One..over there, with a rifle."

Kathleen frowns nervously at the mention of the replacements shooting folks accidentally, but keeps quiet. She follows along behind Young, grateful for her sturdy walking boots and the AANS' sensiblly functional skirts. As they rise higher up into the cliffs, she can't resist a glance backwards to see if you can see the ocean from here.

Thorpe clambers up the rocky rise without much difficulty, gaining the top and taking a long look around. "This our spot?" Abruptly he turns at Walsh's call. "???"

Cross finds a nice location trading cover for concealment as he looks out towards the east trying to spot any signs of trouble. He pokes his head over the brush to get a better view of what Walsh is pointing at.

Young freezes for a second at Walsh's call. "Get down," he whispers to Kathleen, sharply.

Walsh gestures eastward from his hiding spot, and starts to creep in that direction. "Take cover, out of sight." to the civilians.
Walsh adds, "And try to get as much water as you can, while they don't see us."

Thorpe doesnt immediately duck lower, instead moving to help hasten those who are still handling the oxen, although he keeps as quiet as he can.

«Game» Kathleen changes her style to TakeCover!
«Game» Young changes his style to TakeCover!
«Game» Thorpe changes his style to TakeCover!

Cross places his rifle at the low ready position but not pointing at anything in paticular, "I dont see him, is he digging in? A patrol? Wire party?" The man seems a bit frustrated that he cant see anything in the darkness. "I have a flare if we need it."

Kathleen's head whips around at Young's hissed comment, the ocean forgotten. Her face pales, not that one can really tell in the dark. Keeping on the west side of the mule, she tries to find a rock or something to hide behind.

Cross takes notice of some brush that is moving a little to much to be caused from the wind. The soldier takes aim trying to keep the target in his sights but is careful not to shoot.

Walsh is just about to pass out of sight, down the slope towards whatever he'd spotted.

«Ground Combat» Walsh moves East <E>.

Walsh sneaks down the slope, or at least tries to, heading in the direction of Segem.

Thorpe mutters to Cross, "No telling how many Turks are crawling around out here. Sending up a flare would be putting ourselves in a tidy little frame, know what I mean?" He voices lowly to the mule handlers, "Stay covered as you can, but get started with the water, aye?"

Young breathes slowly through his nose. When shooting doesn't start immediately, he reaches up from his crouched position and fiddles quietly with the straps on the mule's sides, tugging two canteens from the pack. One he hands over his shoulder to Kathleen. "Here. Let's make this worthwhile, shall we."

Cross say, "He sees us…but I think he is scared…hard to say if he is gonna stick around or not."

Walsh is apparently succeeding as he draws close to the man with the old German rifle.

«Ground Combat» Walsh moves to engage Segem in close quarters combat, but fails.
The Sphinx

Walsh reaches for him, but with a grunt fails in his attempt to grab for the enemy rifle.

Cross slowly raises his rifle in the direction of Segem making sure to place the man between his iron sights. It was difficult to pick him out in the distance but the moon helped. His finger goes for the trigger. "Best double time with that water. I'm not waiting for this guy to shoot one of us first."

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from The Sphinx!
«Ground Combat» Cross snipes Segem and hits!

Segem suffers 7 wound damage to his left chest.

Walsh sneaks closer after a moment, to the side. At that point a shot rings out and the Turk goes down with a bloodied chest. A bit of that splatters Walsh, who immediately ducks.

Thorpe whistles lowly at Cross' shot. "That was a beauty, Cross." Looking back to the non combatants, he notes, "You should be in the clear now, but I'll thank you both if you could make this quick," the aussie states with a smile.

Walsh tries to get a quick look further east towards the Turkish lines, as if to see if other lone Turks were out there to come to this one's aid.

Kathleen hesitates at the suggestion of doing anything other than cowering, but she swallows hard and bucks up, taking the canteen from Young. She practically jumps out of her skin at the gunshot from Cross, but since it didn't seem to be aimed at them, she keeps moving over to the water. She fills the canteen with shaky hands.

Cross holds his breath and pulls the trigger sending a shot ringing out into the night. No doubt muffled further eastward by whatever random encounters are happening at the front. The soldier lowers his rifle a bit and begins scanning for new targets, "Thanks mate. I think that was probably a one in a million."

Thorpe comments light and low to Cross, "Nonsense, mate- be fair to yourself. Couldn't have been any more than one-in-a-hundred."

«Ground Combat» Celebi fires his Gewehr 88 at Walsh but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Table Top (3 8)!

Young heads for the water in a careful crouch, not sticking his head up any further than it has to go. Sticking the canteen into the water and shaking it to fill it faster, his hazel eyes look at Kathleen from behind the cracked glasses. "No worries, Sister," he says under his breath. "They got him. You're doing fine…" Right as more gunfire comes in the distance.

Walsh takes a slow breath, hearing a bullet wiz by he plants himself face down in the gravelly sound to hide.
«Ground Combat» Walsh tries to hide!

Walsh tries hiding in the gravelly sand that is, on his belly.

Thorpe states aloud at the second shot, for the benefit of the water gatherers, "That was way to the east, youre in no danger."

«Illumination» A Very light goes off over the battlefield!

Walsh curses softly as the Very light is launched, growling to himself as he tries to scoot back up the cliff.

Cross looks slightly north eastward from his last kill, "Looks like the hornets nest might have been stirred up. Hard to say." The soldier continues to watch for signs of trouble…he has to squint to see anything for sure. "You two alright back there?" he says to Young and Kathleen. He cant watch them due to the danger to the east.

Walsh gets about a third of the way back up the cliff, still trying to keep low and unseen as he continues to withdraw to the heights.

Kathleen nods to Young weakly. "Aye, thanks. No worries," she whispers. The subsequent gunfire makes her flinch again, but she relaxes at Thorpe's reassurances. She gets the canteen filled and scurries back to the mule to get another water jug to fill, keeping her small frame low.

«Ground Combat» Walsh moves West <W>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Walsh arrive at The Sphinx.

«Game» Thorpe changes his style to Standard!

Walsh makes it back, having kept low and on the ground most of the return. "One rifleman, further east."

Young screws the cap back on the canteen and likewise heads for another, moving more quickly now. "Aye, mate," he answers Cross. "Making good time here."

Thorpe stands up from his belly to give Walsh a last hand up onto the rocky rise. "Doesn't look like he's moved. Probably afraid of an attack or some such."

Walsh turns to try to watch for the referred-to rifleman's advance. "How's the water-fetching coming along, mates?"

Cross continues to hide behind some brush overlooking the downward slopes to the east. The soldier moves very little from his position as he scans, "I'll keep an eye out for him if he tries to come up here." The soldier then calls out to Young the next time the doctor passes by, "Good. Let us know when you two are almost done."

Kathleen grabs two more canteens and makes her way quickly back to the water. "Aye, we're hurrying," she murmurs, possibly too quietly to be heard.

Walsh draws out his rifle as he settles into position, keeping watch towards the east along with some of the other men with rifles readied.

«Illumination» A Very light burns out.

Young continues back and forth, occasionally glancing eastward towards where that warning had come from. During one such glance he trips on a rock and nearly drops his armful of canteens, a muttered "Fuck," leaving his lips in a puff. Grabbing them back up, they're taken for filling.

Cross says to the others, "Probably some chump trying to collect firewood, rations or who knows what….unless you have reason to say otherwise Walsh?"

Walsh shakes his head. "Might be scouts spread out, trying to pick off our men in the trenches or anyone moving along the coast."
Thorpe notes, lacking delicacy, "Or he might've been out for a piss. Either way, we're about done here."

"All right, Doctor?" Kathleen queries softly in concern. After a month at the front, she's no longer shocked by the soldiers' harsh language. She has a little trouble getting the cap off her canteen, but manages and begins filling it.

Cross laughs quietly, "I think he is done too."

Thorpe notes in a hiss, "There he is."

Walsh tilts his head, "Well, the first one was prone with rifle ready, watching this clifftop. Not sure about the other, he saw me before I saw him." He goes quiet as Thorpe apparently sights someone.

«Game» Thorpe changes his style to Banzai!
«Ground Combat» Thorpe fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Celebi and hits!
Celebi suffers 2 wound damage to his head.

Cross raises slightly from his bush trying to get a better view but seeing nothing, "Where at?"

Walsh quietly snaps. "don't see 'im"

Thorpe rather ill advisedly takes a step up on a taller rock, making a fine target of himself, but getting a good angle for his own shot, calling out, "Run along then, ya bastard!"

Young nods to Kathleen, crouching back down near the water to stick both canteens into the flow at once. "Fine, Sister. Caught my foot." His voice carries a gentle apology in it. His eyes flicker up when Thorpe fires his rifle.

Celebi clearly did not make that stealthy approach as quietly as he thought he did. Well, what can you do? He readies his rifle, to give the invaders a proper welcome.

Cross tries to see where Thorpes rifle is pointed, "Call him out… is he behind those rocks down there? You see that large tree, where is he at in refrence to that?"

«Ground Combat» Thorpe fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Celebi and hits!
Celebi suffers 6 wound damage to his right hand.

«Ground Combat» Celebi fires his Gewehr 88 at Thorpe but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert (2 8)!

Thorpe calls out proudly with his second shot as a second brass casing clatters onto the rocks beneath, "Got ya, didnt I? there he is, lads!" Alas, Cross' requested description gets lost in Thorpe's exhuberance at hitting the target.

Walsh turns to the doctor and nurse. "Sound out when you're ready to go. Mehmet's probably going to shoot at those trying to kill him first, 'fore shooting at you two."

Cross spots movement which is confirmed by the gunfire and muzzel flash. "I see him now."

«Ground Combat» Thorpe fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Celebi and hits!
Celebi suffers 8 wound damage to his left hand.

Kathleen yelps and ducks down even further when Thorpe starts shooting, her arm slipping under the water. She pulls it out with the canteen, but seems disinclined to keep filling it at the moment.

«Ground Combat» Walsh fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Celebi but misses!


Cross pulls the trigger taking aim at the Turkish troop.
«Ground Combat» Cross fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Celebi but misses!

«Ground Combat» Celebi fires his Gewehr 88 at Young but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert (2 8)!

Walsh takes a shot, but shows no particular expression as he sights again.

«Ground Combat» Thorpe fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Celebi and hits!
Celebi suffers 5 wound damage to his right hand.
«Ground Combat» Celebi has been mortally wounded!

Young stiffens as a bullet goes whizzing right by him. "Fuck me." So much for the language apology. Fill, canteens, fill!

Thorpe takes a step back down from his high rock, and comments without looking to Young, "Settle down now, doctor- he's done." A broad grin marks the aussie's expression.

Walsh squints as he tries to keep the Turk in his rifle's sights. "Don't look like he's moving."

Cross pulls the trigger sending a bullet down into the rocks. No way of telling if it was a hit or not in this darkness. But after Thorpe's shot he sees little movement from that location, "I think you got him…" Cross gets a little lower in the brush just to be safe.

«Game» Thorpe changes his style to Standard!

«AngelOfDeath» Celebi breathes his last…

«Ground Combat» Thorpe reloads his Lee Enfield SMLE!
«Ground Combat» Walsh reloads his Lee Enfield SMLE!

Celebi has his hands blown quite clean off. Ow. That cut an artery or two, that did.

Walsh takes a moment to reload, following Thorpe's lead.

Thorpe feeds the number of spent shells back into his rifle, dividing attention between the Lee Enfield and the east. "Right deadly pair, ain't we, Cross?" he quips.

Cross continues to scan, "Probably one of the first ones mates wondering where he took off too…or maybe we just found their shit trench and the dumb bastards dont know any better."

Cross nods, "Right we are Thorpe."

Kathleen sucks in a breath when the bullet aimed at Young sends up a tuft of dust a little beyond them both. That was too close for the young nurse's comfort. Teetering quite close to the edge of panic, she takes heart at the soldiers' assurances and returns to filling the canteens. A prayer is muttered with a shaky whisper.

Walsh just frowns, keeping his eyes to the east as his ears pick up the words. There's an attentive focus not relaxed on this particular mission.

Young gets the final canteen filled and edges back to the mule, tossing the canteen's strap over his head rather than lose the time trying to buckle it onto the animal. He glances over at Kathleen, then back at the soldiers. "Oi, this is the last armful. We just got to buckle 'er in and we'll be good."

Cross continues to watch his lane to the east but replies with, "Good news. Time to get out of here before they get wise to whats going on up here if they haven't already."

Thorpe notes jovially, "There we are," at Young's report. "Good news, that."

Kathleen nods to Young. "Thank heavens," she mumbles, nearly stumbling as she hurries back to the mule. Shaking fingers fumble with the straps to get the precious water secured, going slower than she would like. "Come on, blast it," she hisses at herself.

Walsh gives a dry cough, and pushes off the ground to stand. He gives a final sweep of a gaze eastwards, then nods to the doctor and nurse. "Thorpe, want to take the lead on this one while I cover here? When you're set, the mules can be led down the path to the beach. I'll do the rear-guard business."

Cross slowly raises to his feet and moves to a different firing position. After shooting from the last location, he knows better then to tempt his luck. Now only about five meters or so from the mule, the soldier calls out to the Nurse and Young, "We're just about here. All down hill from here." As the mules are now prepped the Solder stands up and continues to walk on the eastern side of them scanning for trouble.

Thorpe remains standing, to keep a clearer view of the sands to the east. He nods once to Walsh and starts toward the climb down, commenting to Kathleen and Young on the way, "I'll go first to lend a hand, but kindly try not to let the mules land on me, know what I mean?" he grins and starts south.

Young gives Kathleen a look that's almost amused at her own language. No comment though; this isn't the time for teasing the poor girl. He works quickly, getting the mule re-secured with the much heavier load of full canteens. A small snicker at Thorpe as the man goes by. "We'll do our best, eh?"

Walsh smiles a bit, though it's only a momentary distraction as he focuses east.

Kathleen is oblivious to Young's amusement, though finally she gets the dang buckles tied. To Thorpe, she notes, "Would be more worried about us than the mule, aye." Yes, she's quite relieved to be heading back.

Cross continues to move southward glad that the flares have stopped firing off into the sky.

Thorpe gets back onto the lowlands and starts across the sand to the south, sparing a grin for the others as he turns back to call aloud to their rear-guar..

«Ground Combat» You notice Walsh arrive at Ocean Beach.

Walsh makes his way down, moving swiftly to catch up rather than in cover.

Walsh motions towards the south, as if to beckon onwards.

Thorpe moves back from his forward position to keep pace with the mules, as the squad continues back to base camp.
Cross continues to take a knee at the back position watching for anything out of the ordinary. After seeing nothing, he stands up and jogs to catch up with the rest of the water gathering party.

«Ground Combat» Young moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» Cross moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» Kathleen moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» Thorpe moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Walsh arrive at Ocean Beach.

Walsh walks with the final section of the team behind the mules, taking off his helmet once the aid station's in view and letting out his breath. "Whew. Could use a good drink…of water."

Thorpe notes aside to Cross, "see? What did I tell ya? Not a scratch on the lot of us. If only my luck at cards were so good, eh?"

Kathleen doesn't really breathe again until the aid station is in view, then she starts to relax. Never thought she'd be so glad to see that shabby tent. She leads the mule up to the aid station, and sets about tying it up properly.

Cross chuckles at Thorpse, "I wouldn't push it." The soldier slings his rifle over his shoulder begins heading for the trench line. Still a few yards behind the mule he gives a tip of his hat to Kathleen, "You did just fine out there today Sister." He wasn't sure if she was one or not, but he decided to play it safe.

«OOC» Thorpe says "That was a totally unintentional spelling of my name to look like corpse, right? …Right? O_o"
«OOC» Kathleen laughs.
«OOC» Cross says "Doh!"
«ADMIN» Strife prefers to think of it as foreshadowing via typo
«OOC» Thorpe says "…Great. -_-"

Walsh offers a nod to the others, "Good work, mates. We got a full load o' water and not a one of us caught a bullet. "

Kathleen pats the dear mule's side, taking a moment to calm her frayed nerves. She looks over at Cross' comment. "Thanks, aye. You blokes did a good job watching out for us."

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