@set Bell=!Noncombatant

The sun is going down over the ridges but there's still enough light to move about with some safety (as far as not slipping is concerned, at any rate) on the high passes. There's a watch posted here as standard, though with only No Man's Land to the north it's not manned as deeply as the trenches just east of here. A stream is nearby where medical personnel commonly come up to get fresh water for the hospital.

Colson hikes up with the Water Brigade, the Scoped Enfield in hand, covers off the scope. He heads for the Trench, looking about, "Alright, we'll cover as you collect the water.

Kathleen leads the ox, as usual, patting its shoulder gently as the water party makes its way up towards the stream. She's a little nervous at being away from the trenches, but they've come here a number of times before to get water. It should be old hat by now. A brief nod to Colson. "Aye, we'll be quick about it."

«Game» O'Shea changes his style to Stealth!

Colson settles himself in the trench, the lads are covering North, so he takes an Eastward position.

A straw sunhat follows. Well, actually, it's just the tall Bell in a hat. She smiles at the Ox and follows along. She is a little nervous, but she hides it relatively well. She seems to be staving off something, quietly looking this way and that. "Very quick," Bell nods and smiles- then catches herself and settles for a nod.

O'Shea is in the caboose, behind the ox. He unslings his shotgun and hops down into the trench after Colson. Looks north. "I'll watch north, you cover east?" he says. He squints. "Don't see anyone." The Irishman slinks a little lower, makes himself a smaller target for any Turkish snipers that might be about.

«Ground Combat» You notice Balian arrive at Desert.

Colson covers the East, nodding, looking out, "Aye, East looks clear."

"Well," O'Shea says. "I'll point 'em out to ya… and, there's one." He points. "Ya see 'im?"

Colson nods, lining up a shot, "Turk, North."

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Balian and hits!

Balian suffers 8 wound damage to its head.

«Ground Combat» *boom* Headshot!!!

Colson fires, explodes a head, "Target Down."

Bell's a master lurker. A frown at the mention of Turks. She tugs down the brim of her hat. She joins Kathleen in gathering water, filling as best as she can. At least being tall and lanky has its uses. "Got that one?" She asks quietly. She frowns faintly at the sound of a shot, not turning around juuuust yet.

Kathleen spots the Turk as well and opens her mouth to speak just as Colson blows his head off. Blink. Well, that was a bit shocking. She misses Bell's question completely.

«Ground Combat» You notice Erim arrive at Desert.

"Fockin' grand, lad!" O'Shea exclaims. He hisses out of the trench, "You lasses best be hurryin'. Shots might get Johnny Turk's artillery rainin down on us." He glances north. "Ah, there's another one."

Colson frowns, "Nothing yet.." He keeps looking

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Colson nods, "lining up."

O'Shea points. "See 'im? 'e's a bit o' a wee bugger."

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

What in the world? Bell turns to see what Kathleen - oh dear. An Ex-Turk. "Impressive," She comments quietly, "But he's correct." Nodnod. Bell takes a deep breath and hurries to it. Although, she looks over her shoulder for just a moment from time to time.

Colson nods, "Lined up.. He holds his breath, getting ready..

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

«Ground Combat» Karabekir fires his Gewehr 88 at Colson but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert (1 10)!

Colson mutters as a bullet puffs near him, "Lot of them."

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Erim with his Scoped Enfield SMLE but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

"Aye, I make out two," O'Shea says. He flinches as a bullet whizzes by. "Ach, boyo," he mutters.

«Ground Combat» Erim tries to hide!

Kathleen watches wide-eyed for just another moment before the sound of more gunfire snaps her out of it. Hurry hurry. She finishes filling up the current jug and starts lugging it back toward the ox.

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

«Game» Bell changes her style to Stealth!

Colson lines up again, after firing, "Damn.."

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Bell seems to invoke her ability to move nearly soundlessly. She hustles it up and finishes her jug, bringing it back just behind Kathleen. "How many more?" She asks quietly, just to be sure.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Erim and hits!

Erim suffers 3 wound damage to his left arm.

"I only make out one of 'em," O'Shea says, pointing at Karabekir.

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Colson fires, "Two." He starts trying to get a good bead on them

«Ground Combat» Karabekir snipes Colson with his Gewehr 88 but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

Colson lines up, "Bastards.."

"I see two," Kathleen says breathlessly as she hurries back to the ox. There, at, umm, four o'clock." She points vaguely, sloshing some water, and then starts fastening the jug to the ever-patient Sir Loin.

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Karabekir and hits!

Karabekir suffers 6 wound damage to his left chest.

"Kill him already, lad," O'Shea mutters. "Before he gets lucky, eh?"

«Ground Combat» Karabekir has been mortally wounded!

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Colson kills the uninjured one, "Working on it, One left."

Bell grunts as she helps fasten the jug alongside. She nods, "Good eyes." A smile at Kathleen. Bell is - to a sharp eye- shivering a little. Whether it's the remaining sunlight or the shooting and Turks so near, it's hard telling. At least she seems practically silent as she moves.

O'Shea squints. "I don't see'm, but I'll take yer word fer it."

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Erim and hits!

Erim suffers 6 wound damage to his right chest.

Colson fires and drops the one he injured, "Hmm, all down, see any more?"

«Ground Combat» You look around for hidden targets in your line of sight.

Kathleen flinches as the other two Turks are hit. Though there's no love lost for them, it's not easy seeing men gunned down like that. "Don't see any more," she says to Colson, giving Bell a gracious nod.

O'Shea peers about. "Nay," he says. "Looks like ya got all of 'em. Well done, lad!"

Colson shakes his head, "Keep a weather eye." He takes the chance to reload.

«Ground Combat» Colson reloads his Scoped Enfield SMLE!

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Strangely, Bell only winces briefly. Too much time in France, perhaps. Or she's good at hiding it, one of the few perks of being distant and creepy. "I don't see any either at the moment," She agrees quietly. She grunts, finishing fastening something.

Colson keeps scanning the North, "No targets, check me."

Kathleen gets her jug fastened. There's a flicker of hesitation before she grabs one of the other empty ones, and a glance to Colson. Seeing no more Turks, she hurries with the other empty jug back toward the stream. "Just one more trip, lads," she says to the soldiers.

O'Shea squints. "Don't see anythin' movin out there, Colson." He turns his head. "How are ye lasses doin? Not mucking about, are ya? That ox would make a foine target, he would."

«Ground Combat» You notice Ilahi arrive at Desert.

«Ground Combat» You notice Celebi arrive at Desert.

"Mucking about in a place like this…" Bell shakes her head. "No, water is not light and there is so much it is used for," She will help as she can, taking - pause, "Oh I see two to the north," She nods and scampers. Go faster Bell!

O'Shea points at Ilahi and Celebi. "Two more, lad," he breathes to Colson.

Colson sighs, "Two more, lined up.

«Game» Ilahi assists Ilahi!

«AngelOfDeath» Karabekir breathes his last…

«Ground Combat» You notice Erez arrive at Desert.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Ilahi and hits!

Ilahi suffers 4 wound damage to his left arm.

"Three," O'Shea mutters.

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Colson sighs, lined up, "three more? This is a bloody rush.."

"Going as fast as we ca… blast, there's another," Kathleen murmurs in alarm, and goes about filling up the jug. She can't help but look over at the soldiers as the water courses into the jug. Fill, darn you, fill! "God, there's quite a load of them." An uncertain look is cast to Colson.

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Celebi and hits!

Celebi suffers 5 wound damage to his left chest.

«Ground Combat» Celebi has been mortally wounded!

Colson shoots, killing one, "Returning to previous target."

O'Shea points at Erez. "That Turk still looks like he's got fight in 'im."

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Ilahi with his Scoped Enfield SMLE but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

Colson fires, "Damnit, I don't have the last one.

Even Bell can't hide worry forever and now it eats away at her, her grey eyes narrowing. It's apparent she's closing in on middle age when she does that, looking like she should preside over a gaggle of girls and fretting over them. She is kneeling to fill her jug. "Aye," She just grunts softly. An eyebrow lifts, "Talented." This about Colson. She shifts her weight, then her eyes go wide. "Uh. I forgot to set down the shotgun…"

"Easy does it, lad," O'Shea mutters. "Let's hope he stays where he's at. I'm ready for 'im if he decides to come this way."

«Ground Combat» Ilahi reloads his Gewehr 88!

Colson says "Yeah, I'm lined up…"

«Game» O'Shea assists Colson!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!
«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Ilahi and hits!

Ilahi suffers 2 wound damage to his head.

Colson fires, but doesn't blow off Ilahis head this time.

«Ground Combat» Erez moves South <S>.

«Ground Combat» You notice Erez arrive at Desert.

Colson sighs, "Take that one, mate."

O'Shea points north. "See that rock? There's an unwoundhere he is!" O'Shea gets his shotgun ready and pops up.

«Ground Combat» O'Shea fires his Civilian Shotgun at Erez but misses!

«Ground Combat» You shoot at Erez with your Civilian Shotgun! Your accuracy is 50 percent!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Desert (1 9)!

Erez gives up his attempt at stealth and rushes in from the north. Toward the trench, though his manner isn't one of a typical charger. He gives nod to the north, then approaches the Anzacs.

"Ack!" Bell points, "One right near you mates!" She tries not to make any frantic gestures, but she has to at least point. And now it's apparent /she has a shotgun/ forgotten in the mess. "Uh. Should-" Should she USE IT?

O'Shea fires a blast with his shotgun, misses. "Fockin' hell," O'Shea mutters. He lines up another shot.

«Ground Combat» You must wait another 20 ticks of the Armageddon Clock before you can shoot!

"Aye, that he is," Kathleen murmurs in agreement, appreciation couching the fear in her voice. "Pray we don't need it, aye," she says, gasping as the Turks get closer. Eyes go wide, and she clenches a heavy rock from the stream. Just in case. "Go on, then!" she eggs Bell on.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Ilahi and hits!

Ilahi suffers 1 wound damage to his abdomen.

Erez blinks in surprise at the sight of ox. And the women. This was unexpected.

«Ground Combat» Erez moves into Shrubs.

«Game» Kathleen wields her Stone!

«Ground Combat» O'Shea fires his Civilian Shotgun at Erez and hits!
Erez suffers 3 wound damage to his left leg.

«Ground Combat» You shoot at Erez with your Civilian Shotgun! Your accuracy is 50 percent!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Desert (1 9)!

Colson fires, taking another piece out of the distant turk.

«Ground Combat» Bell fires her Civilian Shotgun at Erez but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Desert (1 9)!

"How do you…" Bell hefts it to her chest, smart enough to realize shooting from the hip is a BAD idea. She grunts solidly. Recoil! But the woman has the strength to heft it and shoot… "Oh. Oh hell!"

«Ground Combat» Ilahi fires his Gewehr 88 at Bell and hits!

Bell suffers 3 wound damage to her right chest.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert (1 10)!

O'Shea gets a bead on the charging Turk and empties the other barrel into the man's leg. "Move yer arses," O'Shea calls. "And take the fockin' ox with yas!"

Ilahi can't see the womenz folk from his angle. He can hear combatants, shooting, though.

«Ground Combat» Erez fires his Gewehr 88 at Colson but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert (1 9)!

Colson sighs, Oooooh, you fuck." He carefully sights…

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Ilahi and hits!

Ilahi suffers 4 wound damage to his left chest.

«Ground Combat» O'Shea reloads his Civilian Shotgun!

Erez grimaces, ducking into the shrugs. This was so not part of his plan.
Colson blows out a piece of Ilahis chest, this is personal now.

«Ground Combat» Kathleen fires her Stone at Erez but misses!!

Bell coughs, as she's hit neatly in the chest. She staggers for a moment, and shakes her head. "H-hurry then, I'll be fine." She does smile, despite the pain and water in her eyes as Kathleen throws the stone. Enough strength to lift the gun one more time. Or at least, enough ammunition! She does move to the ox after a second though.

«Ground Combat» Bell fires her Civilian Shotgun at Erez but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Desert (1 9)!

«Ground Combat» Erez moves out of Shrubs.

Colson lines up a new shot, that.. is.. not.. how.. you.. treat.. a .. Woman..

O'Shea breaks his shotgun open, reloads it. Closes it. Raises it. "Fockin' Turks," he mutters. Fires when the Turk leaves cover.

«Ground Combat» Ilahi fires his Gewehr 88 at Colson but misses!

«Ground Combat» O'Shea fires his Civilian Shotgun at Erez and hits!
Erez suffers 5 wound damage to his abdomen.

«Ground Combat» You shoot at Erez with your Civilian Shotgun! Your accuracy is 50 percent!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert (1 10)!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Shotguns from Desert (1 9)!

«Ground Combat» Erez has been mortally wounded!

The sound of the shotgun going off causes Kathleen to duck a bit in surprise, even though she should've been expecting it. "Bell!" she shouts in alarm when the doctor is hit. Not sure who did it, she rars and chucks her stone at Erez. "Bugger off!"

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Desert!

«Ground Combat» Colson snipes Ilahi and hits!

Ilahi suffers 4 wound damage to his head.

«Ground Combat» *boom* Headshot!!!

Colson blows off Ilahis head, grimacing, "Fire on a bell, you sorry camel fucker."

«Ground Combat» Colson reloads his Scoped Enfield SMLE!

O'Shea waves at Bell and Kathleen. "Go, fer fock's sake!" he calls. He looks back north, sees a Turk's missing part of his head. Sits down to reload his shotgun. "Fockin' hell," he mutters. "Shootin' doctors now, are they."

«Ground Combat» O'Shea reloads his Civilian Shotgun!

Cough. Bell winces, and sets a hand near the wound. Her hand shakes a bit. "Ah… hah, god that hurts-" She's more sympathetic to the soldiers now at least. "But it's not that bad," She offers weakly. Despite the rather bright red spot growing across her coat's fabric. She hefts the shotgun over her shoulder. "Definitely … storing this somewhere safe." Bell's slowed a bit, having to pause for breath here or there, but for the most part, she'll live - short of infection. "I'm - fine! Just need to get back fast." Nod. A weak smile to Kathleen, but her eyes are watering and the fast blinking won't keep tears back forever.

Colson settles himself, "Kathleen, tell me you've got the Doctor in care." He looks through the scope, "We need to fall back Soon as possible."

Kathleen scoops up another rock but Erez is already down. She turns then, agahst, to Bell. "God, are you… come on…" She goes to the Doctor's side immediately and helps her over to the ox. "Lean on me, aye. We're going" she calls to Colson.

O'Shea glances north, squints. "I don't see any more, Colson. Do you?"

Colson looks out North, a strange reptilian coldness over him, "No targets."

O'Shea nods. "We'd best see the doctor, the sister, and the fockin' ox back." He glares at the animal. "Wouldn't surprise me if Johnny Turk saw 'is fockin' silhouette. Fockin' animal."

Colson says "Yeah," That same reptilian coldness over him, he's PISSED now, "We'll extract once they're off.""

O'Shea takes a deep breath, glances over at that Turk he gutshot with the shotgun. Exhales. "Aye," he mutters.

"I'm fine, really, just … just a graze is all," Bell shakes her head, but she does lean a bit. "Forgot I had that blasted thing with me," A shrug, "Brought it on myself is all," She murmurs. Lesson duly learned. "But now I understand the lads a bit more I guess," She admits, although she seems to be speaking less now. Bell is not bullet proof and she's hiding the urge to just curl up and cry.

Colson seems to have absolutely no remorse for the men he killed, "fine shooting, mate."

Kathleen isn't convinced yet that it's just a flesh wound, and is just on this side of panic about it. "No worries, aye, we'll get you tended to right quick." She hurries along with the doctor, ox trudging obediently behind without much prodding. He's used to it.

… Back at the aid station …

Colson extracted as soon as the Medicos were out of the line of fire, and keeps a running cover on them till they get to the Aid station. Blowing in, he says, "Tell me what you need." He's already on the assist for the sister. His manner is cold, deliberate and determined.

Bell's strength ebbs along the way, as adrenaline fades. She even has to stop for a breath here or there. Eventually they make it back. "I'm fine," She manages a few times. As if to prove a point or something. But now she has a stylish mottled red coat. Bell is a reasonably cooperative patient, although she seems a bit unused to being on the receiving end of care. Still, there's a lot of faith in Kathleen and the others. She will smile at Colson if she's awake at that point. It's feeble, but well meaning.

There's a curtained area off to one side of the tent where the surgeries are performed, and that's where Bell goes. Have to have privacy and all. Kathleen helps Bell along. "Help her up on the table, please?" she asks Colson. Containing her inner freak out, Kathy is all business at the moment. She calls to the stunned orderly, "Go and fetch a doctor. Bloody move it!"

Colson carefully helps to move Bell to the table, "you're going to be fine, I've had far worse, Bell, Shh, okay, on the table now." He effoerlessly lifts Bell to the Table, not concerned by the weight of the doctor, likely if he was told the best way to help Bell was by kiling Turks, they'd find him drinking coffee in the Artillery position a few hours later by a pile of turkish ears.

Bell would blush and shrink back, if she weren't a bit out of it. "I'm glad … you believe me," She smiles weakly as she's helped onto the table. She's likely a bit heavier than most women by sheer virtue of height. Hardly petit. She seems touched, "But," Pause, "don't worry…" She likely DID bring it on herself. "Thank you." She goes quiet, not speaking too much now. Breathing time. Geez. That /smarts/. It's hard not to shiver a bit too. The body does odd things. She will rest on the table cooperatively at least.

"Aye, no worries. Ben's off to fetch the doctor. We'll just have a look here. Sure it's just a scratch." Kathleen's gotten better at lying, at least, since she's arrived. She begins to peel away layers to get a better look at the wound. "Thanks, Daniel. Could you get a lantern please?"

Colson stays at the head of the table, looking down on Bell, "You're in good hands, these people have patched me up with a lot worse than this." He's talking to her, keeping her focused. "This is going to hurt, but it's the only way to get this taken care of. Grab onto me, and squeeze tight, focus the pain into me, alright, you'll get through this." He nods, "focus yourself.. inside the pain, you're stronger than the pain and you'll beat it. Just focus."

Bell just nods and smiles. Is she aware of what's going on? It's hard telling, she just smiles at the two of them. She would shrug, likely, but instead settles for accepting a hand or sleeve then. It's cautiously extended, but perhaps Bell understands Colson's efforts and tries not to just drift off. She seems oddly peaceful though. So much pain tends to flood the nervous system. One of the brain's great mercies is to make itself unaware of the body's damage. Her eyes are rather watery. "'s alright… don't worry about me," She whispers. Trusting, this one - despite being aware of the shortcomings of supplies.

Kathleen gives Colson a faint but nervous smile and an approving nod at his handling of Bell. "Rest easy, Doctor Bell. We'll take good care of you, sure we will." She touches the doctor's head gently for a moment, then focuses on the wound. Hurt it does, all the poking and prodding, but no morphia is given yet. Not until Kathleen is convinced that the wound doesn't require immediate attention. "Sorry," Kathleen murmurs at any pain inflicted.

Colson nods to Bell, giving her his hand, "Focus all the pain into squeezing.. push it out through your hand, I'm not worried, you can do this, aye." He nods when her pressure increses, smiling as she tries to crush his hand and he nods, "that's it, push it out, Aye, just like that, you've got this, Proud of you, keep going." He coaches, focusing on Bell now, letting her work through the pain, with her every step of the way.

Bell chuckles softly, "Y'sure you're … not a doctor? Don't worry, not your f-fault," She whispers, sounding grateful. And then the pain comes. She hisses and grits her teeth, trying not to scream. Trying, and now with a grip on poor Colson's hand or sleeve. As it sits, she manages a few whimpers. It's not /super bad/, but it's a wound worthy of the hospital. She doesn't like this new experience, eyes flickering, looking almost bewildered. It's like a fire lit in her chest. Ow. Unfortunately, the last sentence is the last coherent bit from Bell for awhile. She's never gotten shot before so it's quite an unpleasant experience to put it lightly.

Kathleen musters up a strained smile at Bell's joke, then prods some more. She closes her eyes briefly in a wince at Bell's gasp, but shakes it off. Soon her assessment is complete. "Missed the lung, the heart, everything important. You're going to be just fine, Doctor Bell." She looks up at Colson, sharing a look of palpable relief.

Colson looks to Kathleen and nods, then back to Bell, "Hear that? bullet missed everything." He smiles, "Guess the pieces I took out of that turk were important after all. He couldn't shoot properly. you're going to be just fine." He echos Kathleen and smiles to her, unmindful of the pain the Doctor inflicts in crushing his hand, "you're going to be just fine, It's alright, Bell, you're okay." He nods, smiling, a faint sheen of sweat on his face. Yes, the same man who sits through shelling and doesn't lost his bead on the No Mans Land.

O'Shea arrives from the South.

That's good. Bell seems relieved, nodding. She doesn't speak much though, preferring to quietly let the pain go and stiffle her whimpers. She does ease her death grip though, perhaps remembering poor Colson is attached to that limb! She's also not unaware of the irony of being the patient now. A smile and a nod to the two again. "Believe… you," She murmurs, with another little nod. Not much movement after that, content to let the pain wash away as much as it will or at least overwhelm her mind. There's gratitude, in spades even if it's lost among the hiss and the winces. She's cooperative and still on the table at least.

"Aye, just fine," Kathleen confirms. She does some initial work to staunch the bleeding and clean it out a bit. The real doctor will have to come and take a proper look, but it'll do for now. She covers it with a dressing. "You did a right fine job out there," Kathleen offers distractedly, but no less sincerely, to Colson when he mentions his shooting. Only now does Kathy finally step over to the supply tray and get some morphine. "This'll help with the pain. Rest easy, aye."

Colson nods to Kathleen, and turns to Bell, "Okay, now time to get some rest, sister Kathleen will help with that. Just remember what Morphiene does to me and don't dance on the table with a lampshade on your head."

Nod. Bell smiles feebly, at the care. "That you did," To both of them. Her voice is soft. Bell accepts the morphine then, and - wait, did she giggle? Bell is a /giggly/ drunk. Uh oh. She keeps her feeble smile and nods, stifling a chuckle. "Oh aye… thank you," She will pass out after awhile but not before another giggle.

A corner of her lip quirks up at giggly Bell. Well, at least she's in good spirits. Kathleen pats the doctor's hand lightly a few times until the morphine takes good hold, then heads over to wash trembling hands in the basin on the table.

Colson straightens as Bell giggles, and he smiles, "Aye, enjoy it, Bell." He looks to KAthleen, and starts to the tent flap, putting a heavy hand on Kathleens shoulder, "Thank you, sister." He says, swallowing as he moves out of the Aid station.

O'Shea comes down the trenchline and heads straight for the aid station. Ordinarly polite, the Irish lad now barges into the tent. Glances around, spots Colson. "Cunt of an officer spotted me comin' back, put me to work diggin," he grunts. "'ow's the fine lass doin'?" He looks at the table, bites his lip.

For the most part, Bell is either giggling or asleep, thoroughly in the grip of Morphia. Depends on how long the doctor takes really.

Colson leaves the aid station, snagging O'Shea by the front of the shirt and continuing on, the Brit surprisingly strong, "Come here." He growls, free hand getting into his pocket and Sniper rifle slung over his shoulder. He pulls out four shell casings, looking at them, "Four. And you got one, that's five." He releases O'Shea a few feet from the station, rounding onhim, "Five! Five Turks!" He says, loudly, turning to the Irishman, eyes burning with anger, "There were seven of us on Trench Defense yesterday and they only sent four of them to rush our positions." He turns, running a hand through his hair, "what the hell is going on? That wasn't a sniper recon looking for targets of opportunity."

Kathleen doesn't leave Bell alone, not until the doctor and help arrives, but she does sink down on a crate in the corner of the curtained area. A hand goes to her mouth to hide the quiet sobs that escape as the nurse has a quiet meltdown.

"Five of 'em, aye," O'Shea says. "And I got one." His lower lip trembles and his eyes turn a wee bit glassy. "Aye, I got one." He coughs, looks down at his feet. "Ne'er killed a man before, Colson." He tries to smile, but his lips don't really curl upward… looks more like the lad's baring his teeth. "Don't ask me what Johnny Turk was plannin', Colson," he says, suddenly quiet. "I'm no general." He coughs, turns away from Colson, folds his arms.

Alas, poor Bell. She misses out on things, off in a land of dreams and surgery. If only she were there. But there's the rub, morphia deprives her of consciousness, a mercy and an annoyance.

Colson looks to O'Shea, pausing as he sees the man, and pockets the shell casings, taking O'shea once more, turning him to be face to face, "Look at me." A shake, "LOOK AT ME!" He shouts into the Irishmans face, "Believe me, I've been in this war on two continents and at no point have I seen the first hint of mercy from the enemy. If you hadn't killed him he damn sure would have killed you. that was the first time you killed a man. Fine. I've killed more men than I can remember and every-EVERY time, it was in battle. I've shoved a bayonet through mens brains, and I've blown their heads off from a quarter mile away, and every life I've snuffed out was one that was trying to kill me or one of the men next to me. This is the nature of war. Assholes like Vaughn or McMillan will tell you there's glory in war. There's not, it's blood and death and pain. But it has to be done. Everyone back home, EVERYONE you love, they're safe because we're out here fighting. We fight to protect them. Because if we're not here, they're somewhere else, inflicting the same pain on someone else, and if all of us fall, it's someone innocent. that's why we're here, and that's why we're doing this so others don't have to. Now you've killed and I'm sorry for that, but better us than someone who can't fight back and be slaughtered." He releases O'Shea after that tirade, stepping back, shocked with himself. He swallows, "Connor.. I'm.." He'd apologize, but.. he can't seem to do it.

Kathleen is caught in her subdued freakout by the arrival of the doctor and the orderly. Seeing her state, the doc promptly ushers her out, not unkindly, but nonetheless firmly against her protests. A crying, trembling assistant is no use to anyone. Kathleen makes her way out of the tent, wiping at her eyes, just in time to hear Colson's tirade. It takes her aback, and she just stares at him like he's got two heads.

Tears spill from O'Shea's eyes, then the lad begins sobbing, shoulders shaking violently. He removes his hat, holds it in front of him to cover his face, to hide those boyish tears. "The fock are we doin' here, Connor? Why the fock am I here? This is shite, all of it." He holds a hand up to ward off Colson in case the man gets in his face again. He takes a few steps backward, stumbles over his own feet, manages to sit down in an empty cot. He hangs his head low, still covering his face with his floppy hat. "Oh, Jaysus. Jaysus," he manages to croak between sobs, holding his . "I'd want nothin' more than to go home and see me ma and da. Jaysus…"

Colson takes a step back from O'Shea, looking to Kathleen whom he can see now. He stops, looking at her. His mouth works soundlessly as he tries to say something.. anything that will prevent the facing of the hard truth that was brewing inside of him. He turns away from Kathleen, and looks to O'Shea, "god.. what.. have have I beco-" He stops and turns away from them, walking towards the HQ. Ten steps from them his hands go to the sides of his head, fingers in his hair, as if to hold in the thoughts running through his mind as he walks around the building.

Kathleen glances to the distraught O'Shea, a sympathetic look on her face, but it's Colson she follows after. "Daniel, wait," she calls after him. But even if he stops, she's not sure what she'll say to him.

Colson waves behind him, "No! Talk to him." He waves back at O'Shea. He just goes.

O'Shea sniffles, wipes his nose on his sleeve. He stands up. He glances at the unconscious Bell, stalks over to the table where she's at. Kisses his fingertips, touches her forehead, and sighs heavily. O'Shea mutters something under his breath and crosses himself. Red puffy eyes consider Kathleen for a moment before he makes his way out the tent.

Kathleen hesitates briefly when Colson waves her off, casting a brief glance back at O'Shea. But then she continues, youthful stubbornness combined with an overriding concern for Colson.

Colson moves to the HQ, moving to the side of the building, slumping down against it, to lightly thud his head against the structure. Thud Thud Thud.

O'Shea heads past Battalion HQ, pace slowing down long enough to glare at Colson for a moment. He continues further down the trench.

O'Shea heads off South.

Kathleen comes up slowly to where Colson is thunking his head against the HQ. She pauses there, uncertain of what to say. She's as upset as he is, albeit in a different way. Tears are still wet on her cheeks and she doesn't bother to hide them. "You know you saved us," she reminds him softly.

Colson watches O'Shea glare at him and move on without comment, and eventually looks to Kathleen. He nods, "I know. And I killed four men to do it. and I'll kill fourteen more if I can and need to to do the same." He shrugs, "And I'll keep doing it for as long as we're here." He tilts his head, "And still feel nothing. And I'd apologize to Connor if I didn't believe every word I said to him. But I can't because I do believe it."

Kathleen follows the look to O'Shea, but doesn't comment on whether he's owed an apology. She doesn't really know the lad, and is hardly about to criticise Colson right now one way or the other. She just listens quietly, still looking uncertain. "'Tisn't true," she points out finally. "About you feeling nothing. I saw -" A nod back towards the tent. "I saw it wasn't true. And we're grateful. I know I am, I know Doctor Bell will tell you herself, when she's able."

Colson nods, and looks like he's going to say something, pointing to the Aid Station, then it falls apart and he nods again, no longer pointing at the Station, but he nods, finger rubbing his temple, "Not.. not what I was talking about. I meant about killing. I, um.. I feel things, but rage.. killing out of rage is rare for me.. Having someone I.." again he stops, "someone I'm protecting hurt.. that's new, for me.. I killed that last one.. out of rage."

"I know what you meant," Kathleen replies quietly. "And I know… I know about seeing someone you care for hurt." She looks to the tent as well, though it's not just Bell she's thinking of. She looks down at her hands, shaking her head and wiping her eyes. "I can't say what you ought to feel, but I can say that it doesn't make you any less of a good man. Not from what I see."

Colson looks up at the light going off over the field, "Maybe not, not here, at least." He considers, "And I'm here for as long as I can be. but if I outlast this.. place.." He shrugs, "That's what I'm worried about." He swallows, "So you can count on me being me while we're up against the Turks." He shrugs, "After.. we'll have to see."

"'Tis hard to imagine there being an after." Kathleen says glumly, letting out a breath. "I'll leave you be, then, if you like." Or not, is the unsaid offer.

Colson nods, "If you can find Corporal Walsh.." He nods, and looks to her, "I'd find him and make the best use of your time." He smiles, "that's my advise, Sister." He shoos her off. "I'll be fine."

Kathleen blushes faintly at the suggestion, mustering up a somewhat sad smile in response. "Aye, maybe I'll do that." Or maybe she'll just wander back and hover over Bell. It probably depends on just how hard Walsh is to find. "Thanks." One gets the impression the thanks are for more than just the advice. She gives him one last concerned look and then meanders back the other way.

Colson leans his head back against the building as Kathleen leaves, smiling faintly.

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