Posted To London

Mum and Dad,

I'll start with the more important news that you'll be wanting to know. I've been injured. firstly, I'm fine. I've recovered and am back on my feet, sound of wind and limb, showing people that a Colson comes back from injury just fine. Secondly, my injuries were not severe enough to get me shipped back home. This is a good thing. Do not worry for me, as I am fighting alongside my fellows in a manner to make you proud of me.

I'm doing well here, and looking forward to the next word from everyone back home. Been using my recovery time to learn some field medic trade, and hope to put it to good use. There's no such thing as getting medical attention to the wounded too soon. Still, I doubt my life after this war will involve practicing medicine, so don't start telling people about your son, the doctor.

Hope to hear from you all soon,

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