My Dearest Kaitlyn

My Dearest Kaitlyn,

War is everything that I knew it would be. Something that men like us must undertake so that others never have to feel its chilling embrace. I don't want to burden you with the details but I cannot lie and tell you that everything is fine. Because it is not. I cannot be specific with the particulars, but rest assured that I am healthy as I can be. I've been reassigned to a host of men who've seen and endured much in these past months, and I must somehow earn their respect and trust. This is not an easy task but I can't allow myself to bat a lash in hesitation. I pray that this letter find you in good health, as well as the boys.

To think that I'll miss their first steps and their first words breaks my heart in more ways than you can imagine. But your letters thus far have lifted my spirits more than you could ever know and that is a valuable commodity in times such as these. I fear that I must cut this letter short, as I am being summoned for a task of reconnaissance. Wish me luck.

Eternally Yours,


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