Greenwood's Last Letter

Dear Mom and Dad,
They told me to write this just in case. But it seems kind of weird to contemplate your own death, even in our line of work. The family has a proud legacy of sappers and engineers - and heck, we could go up in a giant fireball at any moment. But we don't THINK about it. It just goes to the back of your head and is. It's even weirder when you consider that it means you stop altogether. What happens after? How will people remember us once we are gone? I hope people remember me on a good note and not 'Greenwood stepped on his own damn mine'.
Anyway. I've met many good blokes out here, made lots of friends and helped fortify and build the trenches. They've been really kind to me and I am grateful beyond any words for all the friendship I've gotten to know here, you know? I know that you worry about me - I'm the only son you've got I suppose - but please don't. The people here make me glad to give myself in service if I must. Even if I am just another body in the sand, it's ok! They made my days here worth it. I only hope if I die, it's fast and painless.
Anyway. Kind of boring last thoughts. This whole war seems surreal, what profound, touching last thought could I possibly have? I saw the inhumanity of it, an officer torn between orders and watching the people he commanded die. You grow fond of the people you sit in the trenches with, only to see them cut down. I don't know what I think of it or the fact I blow up Turks at the same time. Regardless, in the end, I think my last thought would be either 'oh bother' or something along those lines. Doesn't seem like you'd have much time to really pour over it. But mostly I'd like people to know I did not suffer in my time here, nor my last days. That never did I worry about being abandoned. I worry that I don't have big plans or thoughts about the big war. What is there to say? We all seem to know… in our hearts that this kind of thing shouldn't happen. That none of us really wants to believe it is or did happen. But there it is. Regardless, it seems if they do send this to you, rumors of my death are not exaggerated.

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