Dear Father

Dear Father.
It has been sometime since I wrote to you. For that I apologise. Speaking of time I've recently come by quite a lot of it. So here I am, thinking it best to warn you, I've changed a little, got a nice collection of scars, more than I should be able to walk away from. I'm down one ear, it wasn't my favourite anyway. They can't tell me how my lip will turn out yet. But odds are it won't be pretty. Though they are taking good care of me and I have seen many miracles here.

I still pray. Dawn and dusk are awkward times and sleep is erratic, but when I wake I pray when I shut my eyes I pray. I thought you would want to know.

I hope that Harry is well. Give him my best. I pray for his health. Don't let him do anything risky. I Know the business will be flourishing under him. He is the elder after all.

I wish you all health and prosperity. You're not to worry about me.
Love, Phillip.

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