Dayne's Last Letter


I've left this letter with someone I trust, to be sent out when I die out here on the field. Knowing our chaos and system of information and the numbers of people dying, I fully expect this to reach you before official news comes to you about my death.

Yes, I know you were expecting to never see me again, and yes, I know that this proves you right. No, I'm not sorry I left to fight. In my time here, I've seen the light of courage, and the ferocity of steel in mens nerves. I've learned more in my time here than I ever have working at the family clockmakers. I've served with some of the finest men and women I have ever been fortunate enough to meet. I also saw the light of friends lives fade from their eyes. The quality of my life here has been terrible in so far as creature comforts, but it has tempered my soul in ways that I never could have gained bent over watches and waterclocks, safe in Sydney.

The great mystery God has given man is to put them at their best when things are their worst. and these people with me today are the best that I could ever hope to know. I have seen where my body will be laid, and, father, know that I will be in good company.


Your Son, in eternity
Lawrence Dayne, Private, ANZAC

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