Condolences To The Walshes

Dear Mr. and Mrs Walsh, or whoever's listed as Walsh's next of kin

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to tell you about Owen's death. I know that the army has already sent a telegraph, but I find those to be impersonal and lacking in detail. I hope that knowing some of the particulars about his service here and his death may bring you some small comfort.

Christy, as most everyone here called him, was well-regarded among the lads in his squad. I know several who have attested that he saved their lives on the battlefield. Given how he always put his men before himself, I daresay that many others owe their lives to him as well. He was very brave, quick to volunteer even for dangerous missions.

He died two days ago, holding the line against a Turkish advance. As always, he thought first of his mates, sending aid back to help the overwhelmed reserve trench while he fought on to keep back the Turks on the forward line. I was there when he was killed, so I can assure you that he did not suffer, and he was not alone.

For my part, Christy meant more to me than I can say. He was a bright light that made bearable the dark horrors of this cursed war, and he will always be in my heart.

Yours in sorrow,
Sister Kathleen Campbell, AANS

If Walsh had a final letter home among his possessions, it is included with the letter

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