A Letter Home

Dear Family,

I'm writing! I hadn't forgotten, I promise. Changing squads was a bit rough. I really miss my old friends from town. It's hard to believe they're all gone. I am sad and worried each time I remember them, because the memories seem less vivid than before. As time goes by, I feel like they are forgotten little by little - and for some reason, it hurts like memories dying. When you realize that the shadows eat away at the colors, their smiles and voices… I won't /forget/ them, but they're fading. I don't cry, but sometimes it's hard to smile. When I look up at the night skies, it's the same night skies as before but they drift farther and farther behind me. What I see when I remember is just an illusion, falling away. Listen to me, blathering on like a sad girl who lost her boyfriend. Still, goodbye is too sad and so I hang onto those disappearing lights. Maybe I'm not forgetting, their memories are just affixed among the stars.
At least on a brighter note, my new squad seems to be a good bunch of blokes. They are pretty kind to me, and the sandbags don't fall on me so much anymore. I can even feel the ocean breeze sometimes. I'm even making a few friends. I even met someone who has a relative who works for the Yard! I bet that must be really interesting. Speaking of interesting, do you think you could send a journal or something? I've decided that losing memories is more painful than I'd like to admit and maybe it would make an interesting read someday. I don't really know. I don't even know who or what I'll be after all of this. I'm pretty good at sewing now, I guess I could make suits. But that seems kind of … girly. Maybe I'll take up writing instead or work as an orderly.
As for a wife, I don't know. I put chocolates and roses alongside a promise to wash dishes under a box with a stick propped up. I'm sure I'll catch one that way if the nets don't work. … I'm kidding! I don't know, we'll see. I have to outlast this war to even worry about that. Regardless, I hope you are all well and happy.

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