Galina Konstantinovna Solokov
Portrayed By Inna Gomes
Gender Female
Age 23
Aliases Linka
Place of Birth Stalingrad, Russia
Occupation Gunner, 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Rank Comrade


  • Born in Stalingrad to Konstantin and Lena Solokov, the youngest of two sisters. Her older sister is Ekaterina.
  • Her father is a local Communist Party official, her mother a baker, and her sister a factory worker.
  • Raised to be heavily indoctrinated in the Communist dogma
  • Volunteered for the Air Defence Force when her father told her that she had to do something for the Party or else be a good comrade and work for the community in the factories. She was 20 at the time.


Mother Russia has given birth to many beauties in the past: be they peasant, proletariat, or noble. One such creature is this young woman of the Soviet Army. She is not tall, perhaps only 5'6", but her form swells in all the right places and is otherwise textbook in it's atractiveness.

Despite the severity of her haircut or the strictness of her uniform, the sweet femininity of her heart-shaped face cannot quite be hidden. Her hair is a deep brown, like coffee or chocolate, with notes of chestnut and cinnamon, often pulled back into an efficent bun. Wide, doll-like eyes of clear sky blue ringed with indigo are arresting in their contrast to the darkness of her hair. Her mouth is perhaps just a -little- too wide by bourgeois standards, but her lips curve lushly. Her brow is strong and clear, her nose straight and comely, and her cheekbones sculpted invitingly.

She wears the standard winter uniform of the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment, complete with furry cap and heavy coat.


  • "Ehhh, pisda… Fucking Germans. They ought to just go home and let us live our own lives. Backstabbers. Russia will never be theirs."


  • It is NOT AT ALL well known that Galina holds certain radical views, like the view that Stalin and the Communist Party are actually BAD for Russia.
  • Grigory Zaizev, the son of her father's former friend, is the love of her life, but she was forbidden to ever see him when his father was disgraced and sent to the gulags in Serbia. She still sees Grigory whenever possible, sneaking off to spend time with him every second she's not on duty or forced to be at home.
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