From Frankfurt

April 1940

Dear Mikael,

Your last letter was a bit short, son! Surely there must be more to write about than just a
short few sentences about your health and your work? Yes, I know you can not write too much
but still, a mother is always curious!

Bruno is advancing in the party, and we are moving to a bigger house. I believe some
untermensch used to live there, can you imagine? I better get the staff to do a very
serious cleaning before we move in. Perhaps we shouldn't, I am not sure it is good for
Bruno's reputation to be known to live in such a house. But it is a big house, and very

Next week my play goes up, and everything will be perfect, of course. It's a very dramatic
piece, a bit of a change from what I have done before but it's also an inspiration to the
people as it is about the purification of the race. The dialogue is brilliant, you should
see it when you come home!

I am so proud of my son, who fights for Germany. You have a lot to live up to, to eradicate
the shameful behaviour of your lousy father. I pray that nobody learns what he did, I could
not live with the shame.

Your loving mother.

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