This man's build and features are, on the surface, not exceptional in any way. His close-cropped black hair is being teased by a few whisps of silver near the temples, framing is nondescript features. Dark brown eyes rest in sockets that are evenly spaced about his sloped nose, surrounded by skin that has been weathered by years at sea. His height of 178 centimetres and moderate build do nothing to shake this man's overall feeling of mediocrity. What makes this man remarkable are the vibrant displays of emotion that his features are capable of. Jokes bring a wide, toothy grin, or an open-mouthed laugh, while the furrowing of his brow has been equated to gatherings of stormclouds… all of which seem to be expressions this man is at home with.

This sailor wears the dark blue uniform of an officer of the Royal Navy. The front of the jacket is decorated with a few clips here and there denoting the military history of the sailor, each of the buttons of the jacket in a highly-polished double column down the front. The straight lines of the wool jacket run the length of the shoulders and down the sleeves, ending in the rank insignia of this officer, the rank of Lt. Commander. A navy-coloured tie adorns a white shirt beneath the jacket, the windsor knot tied with care. Straight dark blue woolen trousers and black leather shoes complete the down-to-business effect of this officer's uniform, along with the slope-top hat complete with Royal Navy crest.


Captain Jonathon Foster is the newly-appointed captain of the HMS Viperous, formerly the XO for the HMS Acheron. A career sailor, Foster has served time across the Atlantic and Mediteranean, as well as a brief stint in an officer exchange with the Royal Australian Navy, and including serving as a Helmsman during the Great War. Foster is known as easy to get along with, quick with a laugh, and generally a fair hand.

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