Dusky Conversations

As is his habit, Henrik had entered the cafe perhaps an hour before sundown and ordered a single beer. Leaning elbows on the bar, blue regard passing over the cafe, as he draws a first small drink from the brown glass bottle.

Genevieve is back in the tuxedo dress which Alice sewed for her just the other day and back in her role of the performer, at least on the busier afternoons. Of course, things have died down now and she's finishing up one last song, leaning against the piano, a relaxed, slightly drunken smile on her rosy features. She raises the glass of wine in her hand to Henrik as he enters, though continues to finish up the last few bars of her song.

The swede ragrds the singer briefly, dipping his head slightly to the greeting of a raised glass, as he sets his back against the bar, facing outward. The details of Genevieve's manner and attire are noted in a few moments, before a second short drink is taken, while Henrik hears out the last notes of the performance without stoicism faltering.

Quiet applause trickles through the room, but many are gone already because the sundown will come soon. She bows her head and steps down off the little platform next to the piano. She leans over to give her pianist a brief kiss on the cheek before turning out to the crowd, rossing smoothly towards the bar and near Henrik, "Good evening, Monsieur. It has been a while.."

Henrik comments idly, "Can never make out the words, first time I hear a song in french. What was that?" A sip of the beer taken before he nods to the greeting and returns more sociably, "Good evening, mademoiselle. It has been awhile. Havn't spent as much time here, and neither have you." A moment later, he adds, "Least not when I'm in, anyhow."

Genevieve shakes her head quietly, "No one has the time or money to really pay performers…so I'm only here two, maybe three days a week. Not the same singing in the day as it is at night. And Xavier's helping us along well enough…" She slides her empty wine glass across the bar, nodding for it to be refilled as she studies the Swede at her side… "And the song is Le Temps des Cerises… an old one, but good one.."

"The end sounded fair," Henrik offers in gruff assent. A drawn breath before he asks aside, "Xavier. Which is he?" eyes narrowing in thought as he silently runs over the names and faces of frenchmen he has become acquainted with.

Genevieve frowns, considering if they have met.."Ah, his family runs the vineyards on the edge of town? IT's a good ways north. Xavier D'Artois. Tall, dark… handsome. I guess that's the best way to describe him." Genevieve smiles and, well.. she actually is blushing a little bit. Depending on how observant Henrik is, she's wearing a ring on her left hand now.

Henrik frowns as he thinks. "Bit full of himself? Dresses too fancy to be useful and likes the sound of his voice too well?" A moment later, he grunts, "Nah. Never mind. That one's a Chevalier. Don't know your D'Artois." A short shrug, as he notes the faint blush without comment. "What's he good for?" the swede asks dryly.

Genevieve shakes her head quietly, "No, no. At least, I don't think so… His biggest fault is the drink, but I suppose that comes with growing up in a winery… and that is my fault too. It is why we get along." Gene smiles a hint wider, lofting her glass in his direction, "To lovers, be they near or far?"

"Hrm. Is that ALL he's good for?" Henrik asks with a wry upward curl of his lip as he raises his bottle to the toast, in spite of his quip. A short breath let out and a short drink of the brew taken to seal the toast.

Genevieve clinks her glass against his beer and brings the rim to her lips, taking a good, deep drink of the stuff. She breathes out through her nose and now, for these few moments, just truly relaxes. "No… no, he is good for much more. A good man with a good heart. Took my siblings and I in after all the bombings… just wants a bit of help around the house, hell, it's almost like having a big family again. "

Henrik nods curtly once, voicing a flat "Good," to the lengthy answer. "Something not too far from normal, is it?" A short, dry chuckle, before he draws a deep breath to ask, "Had fascists knocking yet, on the edge of town?"

Genevieve shakes her head quietly, "Not yet. We've been lucky, I suppose… That's why we…" She nods down to the ring. She doesn't entirely feel comfortable with saying the word married, but she looks at the ring, "Since we doubted the bastards would take kindly to us living in sin." She then pauses, probably a bit too drunk for her own good. She turns a look over her shoulder. Hopefully none of them were here to hear that.

Henrik shrugs his thick shoulders, unconcerned. "Living in sin, or living with it. Whats the difference?" A short breath drawn and released. "Doesn't matter. Germans want to come down on you, they'll do it. Being afraid seems a goddamn bad reason to marry." *Sip*

Genevieve shrugs slowly, "Xavier suggested it. I don't want to get him in trouble for doing myself and my family a favour." She truly studies the room now, frown crossing her lips as she looks for the sign of any sort of Nazi. It actually does seem they are in the clear. She drops her voice a level lower, "We didn't actually marry. That's just the story, to keep everything safe. Said the papers are off in Paris with his father… "

"Huh," Henrik mutters, forcing himself to wait awhile before taking another drink. Even mediocre beer is scarce, and he hasnt the money to throw around. "So its only a half-measure taken for being afraid? Suppose thats half-better." Idly, he turns his own eye over the occupants of Morgenstern's cafe.

Genevieve shrugs slightly, sipping her wine again. She downs the stuff like water, especially these days. "It's a half measure taken in attempts at protection. Better than nothing. And if they don't ask, then it's no more the issue." She finshes off her wine, wincing just a bit at the taste of vinegar in the back of her throat. Apparently, even the wine is bad these days.

Henrik chuckles dryly under his breath, shoulders stirring slightly for a moment. "Better than nothing," he echoes. "Better than nothing. Goddamn I'm sick of that being the most can be done." A shake of his head, as the big man mutters, "Always 'Better than nothing'."

Genevieve is drunk enough, and just slightly tired of it all too, to look straight in his direction and ask, though quiet, dead seriously, "What do you really think we could do about it?" There is a small line of hope in her voice that perhaps someone else would pick up the metaphorical torch, but… she's not one to start the fire going. Not yet, at least. Little does she know they're burning bonfires already in some ways.

Henrik eyes Genevieve a long moment, before drawing another drink and answering, "Not fond of your language. Some old dead man found a good thing to say in it, though. Old solider from the Great War. 'The greatest weapon on earth is the human soul on fire'. Now? Not much you can do. Best is to just stay alive. Keep your wine-drinker Xavier alive. Keep your families alive. And don't forget. Goddamn not forget." Chuckling dryly under his breath he rumbles, "Need to be some people left after all this."

Genevieve seems a hint doubtful, not totally convinced sitting on their asses and continuing to breathe is helping things, but she rolls her shoulders in a bit of a shrug, "Not certain if there is always a point in staying alive when it is not much of a life… but… Things are not bad. Perhaps they will not be. And yes, I do not intend on dying any time soon."

Henrik frowns deeper at something in Genevieve's words, echoing, "Not bad?" before muttering in his own language under his breath. "Good. Stay alive." A longer pull of the beer drawn, he voices, "Bad company tonight. Won't apologize, but still."

Genevieve shakes her head quietly, dark hair falling all about her shoulders, "No, no. I am too. I am sorry. This curfew… getting to a night owl like me." She growls out those last words, her expression betraying more than a little bit of stircraziness. "Can't sleep… nothing to do but sit and drink. Dawn doesn't come fast enough and finally then you're tired."

Henrik has nothing to say in reply for several moments, simply giving a nod of aknowledgment to Genevieve's words. The last of the beer is drained and swallowed. Half turning, he sets the empty bottle on the bar, with a shake of his head to the Morgenstern girl on the other side. Only one for him tonight. He remains silent, scowling at his thoughts.

Genevieve's sharp gray eyes watch him for several long heartbeats, takin gin that scowl with a slender, lofted brow. "What is on your mind, Henrik? You can speak to me, of all people. My mouth is sealed, I do swear upon my wine and my heart. Why do you frown so much worse than usual?" Gene inquires, curious.. and hating the silence. She can't just sit there in silence any longer.

Henrik eyes the woman aside at the words. "Past days. Old sins, old mistakes. Nothing new." A drawn breath, stoic expression unfaltering. "Too much time to remember. Not enough time to change. Sour thoughts," he notes with a shrug.

Genevieve frowns deeply, shaking her head at the offer of more wine from the bar girl. She stands up, giving the girl a half smile, "Just take the money from my pay. If there is any left, I shall get it on the morrow." Gene then looks back to Henrik, a half sigh upon her ever painted lips. "Come to the estate, Henrik. Then we can drink into the night and not worry of it. There is an extra room, you can sleep there until the bloody dawn."

Henrik considers the singer for a moment, before grunting wordlessly once and taking in a breath. "Been too goddamn long since I got drunk and hit someone. Can I meet this husband of yours?" he asks, needling Genevieve with the 'h word'.

Genevieve laughs deeply as he says that, actually grinning to him for a moment. "Mmhmm. If you come to the estate, you can. Hell, he might even let you hit him." She winks good heartedly at him before stepping behind the bar to scoop up her long black coat, hugging it across her shoulders and smoothly buttoning it up the front. "Well, I have to walk the whole way there so I should get started before the dogs come out. Thank you for the discussion, Henrik."

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