Bombs Over Arras Civilian Perspective

"Bombs Over Arras - Civilian Perspective"

Who: Sidney, Christiane, Llywelyn, Rupert, Alice, Etoile & Xavier
IC Date: May 1940
OOC Date: Feb. 3, 2008

What: The leaflet bombing of Arras, as seen by the civilians and military personnel clustered in and around Arras Hospital.

Logger: Christiane

Arras Hospital (16 4)
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Arras Hospital is a relatively modern facility. The building was built about ten years ago, when the old hospital no longer served as well as it should, so the house still retains some of that freshness of new paint and new gear. Upon entering, there's a large waiting hall and a receptionist meeting the clientele. Hallways leading off of this area goes to various sections of the hospital.

It is currently daytime.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Balcony


Out <O>

Sidney arrives from the Out.

Sidney is running into the hospital, alone. The Australian symbols added on the uniform mark him as one of those attached to the BEF. His right arm is bleeding, unbandaged, shrapnel fragments having torn little holes throughout.

Sidney has reached the nurses, one busy cleaning his fresh wound. But as yet he's not been sat down to be properly examined by a physician.

Christiane is examining Sidney, giving him a sharp command to hold still. "Shells." She murmurs something under her breath, which sounds very uncomplimentary to shelling. "Hold still."

Sidney keeps still, being sat down while Christiane examines his wounds. The man's looking slightly dazed, but not totally out of it.

Llywelyn arrives from the Out.

Christiane gets Sidney through triage and cleaned up some, then herds him over to a free cot. "Lie still," she rather orders him. "I can treat your arm and, if all goes well, you should be mended soon enough."

Llywelyn is hauled into the hospital by some handy stretcher bearers and unloaded there, where he waits.

Sidney groans a moment as the nurse hits a nerve, spotting Llwelyn as the fellow combat engineer enters. "They got me mate. One of those bloody arty shells."

Llywelyn rolls his head in Sidney direction, nodding. Which makes him groan in pain. "Aye…they got me too…buggering artillery…"

Sidney nods and lowers his gaze, gritting his teeth together while the nurse cleans his wound better. "Hit hard." after a moment, "Not like those saucy can shells the Frenchies shoot back."

Rupert arrives from the Out.

Sidney is seated, currently having the wound on his right arm being cleaned out by nurse Christiane. The man's shirt is off, showing the older bandaging remaining on his left arm, still not healed.

Sidney lays back on a cot after Christiane's given him a shot in his bum of antibiotics. He rubs the freshly bandaged right arm after pulling a blanket up over himself.

Poor Lly, Alice is tending to him. The blonde woman is meandering through, helping clean up any messes and attending to any lesser tasks and injured. She's still no doctor, but at least she's a warm body. She gives poor Sidney a sympathetic glance.

Llywelyn has passed into unconsciousness by now. Which he seems to prefer. Alice can do with him as she wills.

Rupert meanders into the hospital, apparently checking up on his men. There's a well-tied bandage around his forehead, but he doesn't look badly wounded; his arm looks functional as well (thanks to a lost revive, grrr).

Sidney mutters, vaguely in the Welshman's direction not having seen the officer yet. "Think the whole squad got hit where I was. Saw one man down who didn't look like he'd be going home in anything but a bag."

Christiane looks to other patients once she's gotten Sidney settled. And, the moment she looks up, she spots Rupert. For a moment she just looks at him, eyes narrowed. Then she stands, very straight, and marches over to meet him. "Lieutenant," she says crisply. "So good of you to pay us a visit again. We have missed you."

Thankfully, Alice is merciful if not trained. She cleans the poor man up, and lets him sleep in peace. She backs away from the man, looking over to Christiane and Rupert. She waves to the Lieutenant, even a faint smile. But she is for the most part, quiet.

«Announcement from Death!» Consider those bombers IC… and touch wood they work!

Rupert nods to Alice, his brows drawing down with alarm as he notices Christiane's approach. He adopts a smile that is supposed to look easy and charming, but merely comes out looking constipated, "Good moaning, Mrs. Morgesntern. I am just chicking up on my sardines."

"Oh, for God's sake man, speak English for all our sakes," Christiane snips, in snippy English. She sniffs at the bandage on his head and gives him a stern look. As if offended by his getting himself wounded. "Sit. I will look at that, at least. How is your arm?"

Sidney turns his head to the side and spots the officer now after hearing the voice. He doesn't immediately speak, still rubbing the more freshly wounded arm. Instead, the young Aussie combat engineer just takes the time to listen.

Rupert looks around nervously, trying to escape Christiane's look. He sees Sidney, "Lance-Corporal, are you badly hit? How about the rest of the squad?" His words come in a sharp bark, as if channeleing Christiane's snippiness. However, he obediently sits down, muttering in English, "The arm is fine, thank you, looks like it's finally on the mend. I just took a little scratch from a small tank shell, one of the French privates bandaged it up."

«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras - Canal with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Wheatfield with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Pastures with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Pastures with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Pastures with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras - Main Street with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Chemin du Prince with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Wheatfield with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Rue de Ghlin with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras - Main Street with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Wheatfield with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras - Road with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras Town Hall (15 2) with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Pastures with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Major road with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras - Main Street with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras with 8 x 250kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» He-111B level bombs Arras with 8 x 250kg bombs!

Sidney sits up in the cot, responsive to the officer's attention. "The shelling hit us hard, sir. Me an' Andre got hit, but his was nuthin but a scratch." He stops as the explosions of bombs rock through the city. "Air raid siren? Do they have them herre?"

"A scratch. From a tank shell," Christiane deadpans, sighing. She unwraps Rupert's bandage, staring at it hard. /Looking/ for something to snip about. But it's healing well enough and she can't find anything. "This is not so bad. Certainly nothing that would keep you here. But in the future, Lieutenant…" She's distracted from any lecturing by the bombing. "Oh God…"

Alice is trying to speak English, looking towards Rupert. She blinks, and looks up. The sound of bombs has startled her. "What is THAT?" The woman asks, perhaps too young to be familiar with the sound. She is startled, though and inches just a bit closer to Christiane.

Rupert nods grimly at Sidney. "Bad luck. Have to get you more spread out next time, if we can." He looks up at Christiane, smiling faintly, "My work is risky, Mrs. Morgenstern. That's just how it is. I have a responsibility to my men that-" His words are cut off, and he throws himself down as the bombs start flying, screaming, "INCOMING!" Most of the soldiers, even wounded as they are, try to move under their beds.

«Announcement from Death!» It is only three bombers IC, you dont even need to scale up. A mini-raid.

"Help the wounded move under their beds, Alice," Christiane says to the blonde woman. "And stay calm. It will all right." She manages to fake confidence in that, at least.

Sidney shakes his head. "Sir, me and the Frenchman were the only ones in Trench South. The main group in Trench Center got hit hard too, and that's where I saw a guy who looked like he was KIA, sir." The man pauses there, nodding to where Llywellyn's laying unconcious. "He was in the center group. Don't know what happened with LC Underwood in Trench North."

«Announcement from Death!» The bombers are gone almost as swiftly as they arrived… and in their wake, aside from bombs and the odd fire, a shower of paper floats down through the air like confetti, taking its time to fall from ten thousand feet.

Rupert stops, staring at Sidney, "Wait, BOTH trenches got hit?" He looks incredulously at the Lance-Corporal. "That's some bloody bad luck there. In the future, I think we'll have our reserve in the rear room." He clambers up as the whine of the planes gets more distant, shaking his head.

Rupert adds, "Be a good chap and nip out outside, to see what Fritz has to tell us. If you're not badly hit, that is."

The yell of INCOMING! doesn't help. Alice is a civilian, and nearly bolts under a bed, herself. But she nods, and will help the nearest soldier take cover. She's listening, but she's definitely rattled. Must be her first time hearing a bombing. Poor girl. She just smiles weakly, shaking a little and doing her thing.

Sidney slowly nods, going quiet once again but watching where the LT moves to. "I'm hit pretty bad..or was. Nurse.." He pauses, not knowing the name but directing his eyes to Christiane. "Gave me some shots of medicine. I can probably walk out to have a Captain Cook, sir."

Christiane pokes her head up when the bombing stops and helps the wounded back into their beds. "I'll go with you, Lance Corporal," she says to Sidney. "Some damage may've been doing to other areas of the town. God send no one was hurt but…" She doesn't waste time hoping, offering Sidney. *re*

Sidney nods back to Christiane, slipping on his shirt with only a slight groan as the right arm goes through the sleeve. "Wilco." adding in simple French for Christiane, "Oui, voyagerez."

Rupert glances around, "I'll come too. Need to rally the villagers and my men back to the trenches, to help get them fortified."

The Grid-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 16 4

A fine example of a French town. There is little sign of war here, the buildings are all in good condition - very good condition in fact, as most of them have been newly built. The last war was not kind on this area, after all. It all looks peaceful, at least on the surface.

It is currently daytime.
Sub-Rooms :


Front Lines <FL> Arras Hospital <AH>
Cafe Mason <CM> West <W>
East <E> South <S>
North <N>

Christiane arrives from the Arras Hospital.

Rupert arrives from the Arras Hospital.

Sidney arrives from the Arras Hospital.

Sidney steps out with the others, looking around to inspect the damage.


«Announcement from Death!» If someone grabs a leaflet when it reaches the earth and reads it, it has a picture of a burning town on it, and in French, reads,

"French Civilians, your home is now near the front, and thus a military target for the Luftwaffe. To reduce the loss of civilian life, we urge that you leave your homes immediately.".

Christiane steps out, her gray eyes roving briskly around the streets of the town. They are drawn first to Cafe Mason, and her expression conveys more worry than she probably means to show.

Sidney looks up as the flutter of leaflets begin to fall. While squinting his eyes, he makes no effort to reach for one with his wounded arms.

Alice arrives from the Arras Hospital.

Rupert bends down, and picks up a leaflet. He reads through it, and then shouts some more.


Etoile arrives from the Cafe Mason.

Rupert pockets a few dozen of the leaflets, calling out, "Take as many as you can, lads, no knowing when we'll have proper toilet paper again." He blushes a deep crimson as he realises that female persons are present.

Christiane kneels to pick up a leaflet, once she's satisfied the cafe wasn't bombed to oblivion. She reads it, her expression going dark. And, very firmly, she rips the thing into tiny pieces. "Merde…" She murmurs under her breath. And she blushes as well, when she realizes Rupert was in hearing shot of that curse.

Alice unfortunately, walks out just in time to hear that and kind of … stares at Rupert. The long, sideways stare when someone shares just a biiiiiit too much information. Her left eye even twitches a little. But she smiles anyway, picks up a couple and offers them over. She frowns at the picture.

Sidney chuckles a bit, accepting just one of the pamphlets to stuff into his back beside the satchel charge. "I can't dig so good, sir, with me arms. But I can direct the civies how to best frame up the trench so we can try to make one into a redoubt."

Men go to the toilet? Shocking! Etoile exits the cafe, scowling over her cigarette, and picks up one of the leaflets for herself. She glances over it, then screws it up and throws it over her shoulder without having appeared to have read it.

Rupert nods to Sidney, "That's good enough, lance-corporal. Feel free to get the civvies lined up and marched to the front, I need to go there right now to make sure everything is in order." He tries very hard to avert his gaze from Christiane, Etoile and Alice, accepting the pamphlet without looking around. He touches his peaked cap, his cheeks still a bright red, and rapidly takes off towards the trenches.

Xavier is just meandering back from the front lines, a shovel over one shoulder and a great deal of mud and debris caked on his personage. "You go dig… I'll guard the wine…" he advises, nodding a bit at the soldiers, his english heavily accented and horribly broken as he advises the lieutenant of his plans for the day.

"Etoile!" Christiane calls when she sees her daughter, her tone all of relief. Not that she rationally thought the girl had been blown up, but it's nice to have it confirmed. She marches toward the younger woman, no doubt to clap her in some sort of embarrassingly motherly embrace.

The civvies? Dig? Alice is putting two and two together and she doesn't look happy about it at all. No, no she doesn't/ She does kind of giggle watching Rupert though. Poor Rupert. She just waves after the Lieutenant. The woman looks to Christiane, and Etoile, smiling at the mother and daughter. Aw. She glances around. "We're digging?"

Sidney grunts with a look to the officer, but doesn't speak aloud his thoughts. Namely, that he barely speaks a few words of French, and likely wouldn't be very diplomatic in his wording with French civilians. "We go. Allez." gesturing east with his left hand. "To dig. Dig." motioning towards someone else's trench shovel.

Or slap her face. The muddy drunk with the shovel clanks down the spade on the street. "You're digging," Xavier observes. "I have dug… and some one shall dig later as well…" Conjugate the verb, Xavier. Conjugate the verb. "Its this interesting little quirk of the language that the English seem to butcher…" This, of course, is all passed on in french.

Rupert nods to Christiane and Alice, "If you are at the hospital, then you are involved in emergency duties. The firemen, the police, the medical services are not expected to participate in the digging. In fact, it is probably better that you not leave your charges." He raises a hand in parting, hurrying away.

Etoile looks up when she hears Christiane shout, and offers her a thin smile. "Maman," she replies, meeting her halfway and awkwardly submitting to whatever embarrasing parental affection she's due to receive. "Did he say something about digging? Don't they have enough soldiers to do that?" She speaks in French. (Believe me, when she mangles the English language, you'll know.)

Blink. Alice nods, and smiles at Rupert. "Okay, thank you." She waves to the man, "Be careful. I wonder if Gabriel is alright," She turns, to look down the street. Hopefully he wasn't on beat… She frowns a little. Alice peers at the two, "I thought so too. Hopefully they haven't lost too many just yet." Then a blink at Xavier. "English is odd."

Sidney looks around to the people speaking French, all of it going over his head. Especially Xavier's and young Etoile's words, the cattle station hand turned combat engineer never actually having had any French language education. "S'il vous plaites" mangling even an attempt at politeness, "Allons-y" adding "avec moi" as he starts walking down the road heading east towards the front lines.

Christiane focuses on fussing over Etoile, so she pays Rupert little mind. "Do not worry about that. You can help us in the hospital. Then you will not have to dig." Though God knows which task Etoile might find more unpleasant. "Thank God you're all right. What about your sister? And your father? Was the cafe damaged in…this?" She steps on a leaflet. But, in all that concern, she still finds time to nag Etoile about her cigarette. "Must you do that? It is a very nasty habit, and not at all attractive."

"Non, zee vemon, zey stay in zee city," Xavier remarks, once again demonstrating his contempt for the English language. Bastard child of the German tongue that it is. "Zis is no' zlave camp," he informs the soldiers, leaning upon his already used shovel. "Zee men, zey 'elp… Vee let zee vemon rest up zo zey can zhow zee germans 'ow to fight, eh? Let zem 'andle zee light verk, eh?" And yes, that is booze on his breath.

Sidney nods back to the French man who responds. "Let's go. The men, all, women who want to." He draws in a deep breath and heads east down the road.

"Maman, I could be bombed to smithereens tomorrow," Etoile declares dramatically. "I think I deserve the right to smoke. It's meant to be good for you, anyway." She taps some ash off the cigarette and looks back to the cafe. "And they're both fine. If we did get bombed, papa would probably come running out of the cafe, jump in the air, and punch one of the planes, anyway." Her attention shifts to Alice, then Sidney. "I think he said 'come with me'," she states, pointing to the latter as he walks off. "…I think I'll help at the hospital."

A stare at Xavier. Alice frowns, "I don't think that's very fair." She shakes her head. "I guess I stay at the hospital, maybe I will help later," She comments quietly. Alice is none too eager to stay outside. "I am going inside, so a pamphlet doesn't fall and hit me and give me a paper cut," A bit of a joke but.

Christiane laughs fondly at the idea of her husband punching planes. She seems to think it quite possible. "Good. We will be most glad to have you." As for the cigarettes, she sniffs. "They make your clothes smell like ashes. But, if you want to wear ashes for perfume…" She shrugs in a put-upon sort of way.

"Indeed," Xavier remarks, knocking a cigarette from a pack. "Its meant as a commentary on the lack of fighting prowess present in the german soldiers as compared to the fighting spirit of the women of France…" The cigarette is lit quietly. "But take it how you like… you're right though… We really ought to send the women in with swords… even the odds a bit so the Germans don't complain."

Sidney takes the lead, his walk through the town of Arras taking him closer towards the front with those who will follow.

"There are worse things to smell of than ashes," Etoile mutters to Christiane. "You do know that I won't be much use in a hospital, right? I can keep things clean, but that's about it. Perhaps I -should- dig." There's not much enthusiam there, mind you, and she nods once to Alice. "We'd best get moving."

"Keeping things clean is rather important in the hospital," Christiane says, not seeming concerned about Etoile's usefulness. Chrisa will find something for her to do. "Yes. Let's go." She heads back in, idly kicking a few leaflets as she goes. She steps on them rather harder than necessary.

"You could watch Madame," Alice points out Christiane. "I have helped learn that way," She offers. But Alice scoots inside, before more things come crashing out of the sky. She waves to Xavier, "Farewell Monsieur." She just nods.

"I shall keep her safe from the soldiers Madame," Xavier volunteers, propping a hand up with this offer. "Unless this thought of digging is only in protest and the young lady will be grudgingly going on into the hospital anyway?"

Etoile mutters to Alice, "I'll see what I can do. Who knows, I might learn some skills that are actually useful," and glances back to Xavier. She offers him a slight smile. "Thank you, but it looks like I'm off to go watch soldiers bleed everywhere anyway." That said, she follows after her mother.

Xavier gives a little salute at Etoile and knocks ash to the street. "In that case… I shall go have a wash, and a drink…" he observes. "All this digging… thirsty work. Perfect occasion for a bottle of something sweet…" Not that he really seems to require a reason…

Christiane levels a *look* at Xavier, before proceeding into the hospital.

Xavier can do little more than chuckle at the 'Mother Hen Look' he's just recieved. Seems he's actually quite accustomed to such receptions.

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