Bombing Aftermath


Coordinates : 16 4

A fine example of a French town. There is little sign of war here, the buildings are all in good condition - very good condition in fact, as most of them have been newly built. The last war was not kind on this area, after all. It all looks peaceful, at least on the surface.
It is currently daytime.
Sub-Rooms :
1. Air Raid Shelter

Morgenstern is just returning from wherever he was and he's running past debris and confused people, pushing his way past a crowd near the cafe. He's panting and stops dead in his track, staring at the ruined building. His gaze shifts to the sign that keeps swinging precariously from above the door and as if to taunt him, the sign that reads 'Cafe Mason' and which has a maple leaf on it, falls off its hinges and crashes to the ground near Etoile and Chevalier.

Chevalier emerges from the burned out cafe helping a bare foot Etoile manage her way through the door into the street.

Etoile looks over to the cafe as Chevalier steps out of it, and offers him a grateful smile. "Thanks agai-" she begins to say, only do jump about an inch off the ground when the sign hits the pavement nearby.

Charles is standing near one of the paitents, he is clearly busy, there are people screaming and crying all over. It appears he is trying to stop bleeding on one of the children. "Damn… I wont let you die." he says and preassures the wound, "Nurse! Take whoever can do ANYTHING at all and have them work!" he says to one of the random nurses and starts to clean the wound of the kid…

Chevalier smiles at Etoile as he quietly points at her Father as the man comes to halt. Chevalier quickly ducks aside as the cafe sign falls to the ground.

Morgenstern lifts his hands to his head, just putting them to the side as he just /stares/. But as Etoile comes out in company of Chevalier he shakes out of it and hurries towards them. "Etoile!" he says sharply and worreidly. "Are you alright? Where's the others?"

Oh shit it's Morgenstern. Etoile already looks sheepish, even if it wasn't her fault. It's bad enough that she probably needs to change her underwear after that sign just hit the floor. "Everyone who was in the cafe when the sirents went off ran to the air raid shelters, and they should still be there," she tells him, quietly. "I'm fine. The structure seems sound, but the upper floors look gutted, and the ground level is covered in soot."

Chevalier nods to Morgenstern and pointing at the ground, "She is not all fine. She lost her shoes and that foot looks pretty bad." Then looking back over his shoulder, "It took a direct hit I'm afraid, but we managed to get the fire out."

Morgenstern can't quite be totally calm though. "I'll check the hospital," he says grimly, glancing about, watching the doctor trying to save that kid with an unblinking stare. "I have to know Vivi and Christiane are safe. You know where they're at?" He looks at Chevalier with another unblinking stare, then nods stiffly at him. "Thanks." He bends down and picks up the sign, brushing it off.

Charles sighs and seems to be finishing the wounded kid, there are lots of accidental and some bomber wounded in the hospital and he seems to be doing his best, "I will be giving myself a day vacation after today…" he comments and continues working..

"Maman should still be at the hospital or in that area, I'd hope. Vivi may still be in the nearest shelter," Etoile tells Morgenstern, and points to Chevalier. "He helped put the fire out," she states, and is probably about to add, 'He can have a discount on food…' but thinks better of it. She doesn't really feel comfortable trying to boss her father around right now." She avoids mentioning her foot - she can fuss over that later.

This area of town has just been bombed and there's still confusion and some panic around. Charles is tending to a child that was wounded. Morgenstern, Etoile and Chevalier stand near the ruined Cafe Mason, talking to each other. Etoile and Chevalier are soot-covered, suggesting they've fought a fire, but seem otherwise healthy.
Chevalier looks up and down the street then says to Etoile and Morg, "If you need anything, I'll be about. For now I am going to go see if my rented room survived and collect my things." He looks at Etoile, "And do get some shoes on wont you?"

Morgenstern nods again at Chevalier, now thankfully. "Be careful," he advices, then looks at his daughter and down to her bare feet. "Where he hell are your shoes?" he asks agitatedly. Then, in sudden rage. "They bombed my cafe. THEY BOMBED MY CAFE!" This is a selfish sentiment in a manner, but considering how he's put his whole soul into that place, no wonder he's angry.

Charles sighs and rises his his head from the wounded for a minute, "Nurse, you can take care of the kid for now." he says and starts walking towards the others. "You have any problem at breathing?" he asks towards Etoile then notices Morgenstern, "Shake yourself and get to your senses, There are many wounded here. We will have to burry many souls today. And all you care is your fucking Cafe!" he says and shakes his head.

Etoile mutters, "I had to get rid of them to run." She… looks like she's about to say more, but then Charles walks over and speaks to Morgenstern. Etoile doesn't answer him, just draws in a sharp breath.

Antoine marches along the street, a dull expression in his eyes as he peers about, careful to avoid the vicinity of any ruins. His rifle hangs loosely at his shoulder, swinging and clunking against his ill-stored gear, helmet tipped back as he brings a hand up, keeping it on just in case. "Ah well." he stops and squints at the bombed cafe, then up at the sky, and again all around, hesitating.

If looks could kill, Charles would be reduces to a smoldering heap of ash right now when Morgenstern turns to watch the doctor. For a moment it seems as if he might go physical on the doctor, but something holds him back. He doesn't respond in words, simply gives the doctor another disapproving look. "Where are your shoes? Find them, then we're going to go help where we can. I'll just make sure Vivi and Christiane are fine first." Seeing the French soldier, he raises his chin sharply. "Hey, you!" he calls to Antoine.

Charles Shakes his head, "Perhelps you can find more information of where the wounded are from the wounded around the hospital or ask to the soldiers." he says, and turns to Etoile, "I better check you over to ensure you didnt get any effects of the fire or the cloud." he says.

Antoine rocks his jaw from side to side as he glances around, gaze pausing on the man calling him out. At first, he points at himself, lifting an eyebrow, then he looks over his shoulder, then forward again. Reluctantly, the slouch of his shoulders deepening as he takes the first step, he drags his boots over in Morgenstern's direction. "Me? Yes?"

"No, I don't think so. Attend to the people with more urgent injuries," Etoile tells Charles, very flatly, then turns on her good foot and limps off to find her shoes. Her expression suggests that she's ready to headbutt someone.

Morgenstern just growls at Charles, but Etoile handles him so he turns back towards Antoine. "I.." he begins then suddenly seems hesitant. "How close are the damn Germans?" he asks instead, not expecting a straight answer. He glances towards Etoile to see she's alright, then takes a better look around the bombed area. "And are there soldiers around to give a hand in this mess?"

Charles nods his head and then returns back to taking care of the wounded. He nods his head to the nurse that is taking care of the kid, "Good job." he says and takes care of the other wounded.

Etoile eventually finds… one shoe. "What… Somebody stole my other shoe!" she shouts at no-one in particular, and snatches her lonely shoe off the ground, glaring at the rest of the street before limping back towards Morgenstern. There is no justice in the world. The cafe gets bombed and her right shoe goes missing. Perhaps it'll turn up later.

Antoine stares blankly at Morgenstern, and drums two fingers along the front brim of his helmet, then steps aside, turns, and looks back the way he came. He tilts his head left. He tilts his head right. "Ah well, the Germans? That depends. I should hope they're a few days off at least, but you never know with these things." he answers uncertainly, then shrugs and shifts the grip on his shoulder strap, "Soldiers? We've got our own messes to attend to, I guess. Well, I'm sure there'll be a few coming by… I could go find out. I don't know." another shrug, a vague gesture of his hand, both ending at his hips.

Morgenstern is still holding on to the sign that once swung above the cafe, refusing to drop it. He might put it under his pillow tonight wherever he'll sleep. He glares at Antoine in a completely unjustifiable manner. "What you mean is that we're about to be occupied soon," he says fatalistically. His returning daughter distracts him and he watches her limp in one shoe. "God damn it. God damn the germans and their offspring from now to eternity." He then pauses and thinks for a moment. "No, I take that back."

Isaac steps out from the hospital after having just finishing with a serious of minor injuries. The young Doctor takes a few steps away from the building and for the first time was able to see what sort of damage the Germans had done to the area. It had sounded ten times worse inside the building with the concusion from the bombs, but the outside damage wasn't as horible as he had imagined. Well the Cafe apperently was hit, being a frequent visiter, he is sure he probably knew a familure face that was still inside.

Etoile takes a blackened lace handkerchief out of her sleeve and wipes her nose on it, pausing to examine it afterwards. It's amazing how much soot you inhale. She gives Morgenstern a shifty look, but says nothing, apparently lapsing in to a bit of a sulk right now. Her adrenaline has well and truly worn off, so she's just going to stand there with her arms crossed, and sniff occasionally.

Antoine puffs up his cheeks and blows with a faint whistling noise. "Oh, soon… I wouldn't say soon. Days, weeks, months? Who knows? You never know. They could bypass us." he makes a circling motion with his hand, fingers wiggling as if to simulate walking, then shrugs once more, and turns his attention to the approaching Etoile with a curious upward tilt of his eyebrows. He rises slightly from his slouch, "We could hold them off too, after all."

Charles shakes his head and looks at a broken leg bone of someone after he jumped off as he panicked when he heared sirens. He starts to put the bone back to its proper place…

"Yes. Sure," Morgenstern says to Antoine with little faith in the armies now. He's got a stubborn expression though, as one just refusing to give up no matter what. "Etoile, I am going to go find Vivi and Christiane. You should go… Hmm, perhaps Gabriel would let us stay with them, at least for the night."

Isaac continues to stand outside the hospital enjoing his breather from earliers bombardment. The young doctor continues to watch Morgenstern's cafe with a bit of amazment that the building was struck so close to the hospital. Still the situation seems a little sureal. Once the bombs had began dropping it was work work work and that left little time to think about what happened till now.

The talk of invading Germans doesn't seem to improve Etoile's mood any, and she scowls at Antoine for the sheer hell of it. "I'm going to check the hospital first, Papa," she tells Morgenstern. "If I see Maman before you do, I guess… Well, I guess I'll tell her what happened." She limps off to find Christiane.

"You would be quite welcome with us, Monsieur Morgenstern," Xavier offers, looking a bit disheartened by the loss of his favored watering hole. "There is room enough; Father is stuck in the south because of all this, so it is just me and the horses…" the younger D'Artois offers.

Gabriel can actually be seen, as if preternaturally summoned, nearby, attempting to herd those that are milling about in the street to get moving and clear away so that some sort of work can be done. "Move along, please! We've all got work to do!"

Morgenstern is getting an information overload. He nods distractedly at Etoile and watches her walk off to the hospital, never having noticed her bleeding foot (thankfully.) He just stands there like a statue for a while, staring at his cafe, until Xavier adresses him. "What? Ah, thank you, but I'll discuss it with Gabriel," he tells Xavier. "Least for the night. I'll keep it in mind."

The French soldier rolls his shoulders again, and looks disheartened at the caf himself. "Oh, you never know." he remarks half-heartedly, then glances in Gabriel's direction. After a long pause, and a wary glance at Morgenstern, Antoine wanders off at his vaguely shuffled pace, and once he deems the distance safe, he approaches the first passer-by, Isaac, and queries in a whisper, "Good day. As good as can be. All things considered. Well…" a meaningful nod is given to the caf, "You know anywhere else I could get a drop of something or other?"

The young doctor turns to the approaching soldier giving the man a quick once over to ensure he wasn't in need of medical care. Then after addressed, Isaac replies, "I just came from Paris a couple weeks ago. If it isn't within three blocks of here, I would not know where it is. And in this case, I don't believe there are many." The doctor thinks on it for a moment before adding, "There is another cafe or two if you go that way." The man then points to the west, "Then two blocks up, make a right and somewhere around there." The man then grins for a moment, "This is down town, there has to be at least a dozen of them around here, but heck if I know where."

Gabriel finally makes his way to the Cafe Mason, and his expression shifts to a broad frown, but only for a moment. With a near reverence he moves up behind Morgenstern, and gently clears his throat. "Markus, if there is anything…. let me know."

Morgenstern nods after Antoine, but is still rather distracted. "Hi Gabriel," he notes and makes a gesture at the cafe. "It was good as long as it lasted. Suppose I can fix it up though." He looks around. "Nobody got hurt in there, that's the important thing. My family's fine. You alright? Alice?" he asks, showing his worry. "And, uhm… if we could stay a night at your place… I'll find us something tomorrow."

Peer. Peeeeeeer, Alice hears Morg, and looks around, then glances to Morgenstern hearing that request, "Well… I don't … mind if Gabriel doesn't," She frowns, must have been shell shocked, and stunned for awhile. The poor woman seems sympathetic though, now that the weight of what has just happened has dawned on her. She is breathing a little quickly now. Oh dear. Her first encounter in person with the aftermath of a bombing.

Antoine does not look particularly healthy, but neither does he look injured, just weary, nodding to the doctor and following his indications with slow glances down the street. "Ah well, I was just sent here myself. Let's hope they haven't bombed those too then, yes?" he finally pulls his helmet off, takes a moment to brush his stringy hair into a semblance of order, and nods to Isaac, "Thank you." before picking up his pace and heading off in search of refreshment.

Isaac nods as he listens to the French soldiers as careful as he can. He spoke French well enough, though it was stille easy to confuse a few words here and there. The Doctor nods to the man pointing once again the direction of the other cafe's he was aware of, "They should stand out along the road. I do not think you can miss them." WIth that Isaac gives the man a short wave bidding him farewell.

Gabriel opens his mouth to speak, but Alice beats him to it. His eyes widen in surprise, but then quickly they slide from left to right as he tries to keep an eye on their surroundings. "We'll have to move a few things, but it'll be fine. Just so long as some of the girls don't mind a hammock or a mat on the floor." He reaches up and rests a gloved hand on Markus' shoulder, murmuring this time. "We'll put it to rights, I promise." Then he turns to Alice, his expression a question tinged with carefully controlled worry. A silent question, in neon: Are you okay?

Morgenstern is relieved to see Alice safe and seemingly unwounded and gives her a respectful nod and a little smile. He holds up the sign from the cafe that had fallen off earlier. "I'll take my stuff over then," he notes with dry humor. "Thank you." To Gabriel's assessment of putting things right, he gives the police officer a stubborn, determined look in silent agreement. "I'll go find Christiane," he explains, gesturing at the hospital. "Then I'll go help wherever is needed. I'll see you two later." And off he marches.

Alice waves, to Isaac and the frenchman then. She looks to Gabriel, eyes widening a little. She smiles at him though, she's okay! A bit shellshocked, rattled, but intact. Probably hid under furniture or something. She seems to be trying to reassure her husband, though she seems relieved too now that she's found him. "Right! We can move things," She bobs her head. She glances around again, trying to take it all in. It seems surreal.
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Isaac manages to spot Morgenstern approaching the hospital. Decideing not to get drawn into small talk with the man. There was no doubt he had more importent thing to be doing and Isaac cuts right to the chase, "You can find Christian in the surgery ward." With a brief check of his wrist watch, Isaac adds, "She should be wrapping up a surgery now…if she has not finished already Sir."

The merchant's son merely clears his throat a bit. "You might see about making use of one of the empty houses left after yesterday's attack," Xavier offers. "That is," he adds, looking towards Gabriel. "If such a thing could be arranged legally…" Yes… because Xavier is all about working within the law.
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Gabriel doesn't look at Morgenstern just then, but he does manage a response of "Good" before he moves over to where Alice stands. Apparently not giving a damn who sees, he wraps his arms around Alice and gives her a tight hug, stopping to kiss her forehead before releasing her. "You are sure you're not hurt?"

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