Admirable Cooperation

Coordinates : 15 2

A fine example of a French town, despite the signs of modern warfare with several buildings completely ruined by German bombs. One area of this block is almost completely wiped out, the one closest to the Town Hall, that building somehow miraculously still standing though the left side is in ruins. Other areas are completely untouched and makes a stark contrast to the ruins.

It is currently daytime.

Town Hall <TH> West <W>
East <E> South <S>
North <N>

Hasenkamp emerges from the town hall, armed with some forms that he's shuffling through. Whatever's in them seems to please him. On either side of him walk a couple of SS privates. The beady engineer rarely travels alone. The pause on the side of the street outside the hall, conversing in muttering German. The sun is shining and it's a cheery summer day, aside from the occupation and all.

Cheer, meet Henrik. The big swede walks with determined strides toward where he was told the Engineer was to be found. "Hauptmann," the hulking fellow greets in his deep, even voice. If he's frowning, its nothing more dire than his typical cheerful expression.

Hasenkamp looks up from his papers, beady gaze going to Henrik. The SS muscle tense but Hasenkamp does not seem displeased to see him. "The Luftwaffe is pleased with our progress on the runway. You have done good work in motivating the villagers. It shall not be forgotten." Henrik has earned the gratitude of the Reich. Gives one a warm feeling, no?

Henrik doesn't smile, if that was the desired effect. Cold blue eyes dip in a short nod, as he rumbles, "I don't waste time. That is what I wanted to speak on. There is more room off the road.. enough to have it widened for a proper landing field. Your Air commanders said to expect fighter planes, but there is room and time. Why not widen to allow for bigger planes as well?"

Hasenkamp considers this, consults his papers, then considers some more. Trying to find some fault with the uneducated peasant's suggestion. But he does not. It may even square with whatever Germanic scribbling he brought from the town hall. "Air command has expressed a need for more bomber support. They expect to deal with this matter of theirs swiftly of course but…there is no harm in over-preparing, yes?"

Henrik shrugs his thick shoulders and rumbles in return, "Preparing is not for me to say. If you want, I'll start widening the landing field." Blue eyes do not flinch from the SS man's gaze, as he states in conclusion, "Still, better to have too much than too little. Will need more food and water prepared for the work crews, of course. But nothing more than before."

Hasenkamp does some low barking in German to his henchmen, who nod before eyeing Henrik in a steely manner. "Let it be done." He considers the request for increased supplies a moment longer, but can't really fault the logistics of it. "Water, as much as you need. A great deal of the bulk food has been given to the war effort, but I will see that the town's workers on given adequate rations." Adequate by his definition, probably not theirs.

Henrik nods curtly once again. "Just need enough to keep them going. Frenchmen don't need to get fatter, but starving workers don't last as long." His lip curls in derision on the subject of frenchmen. "Will start broadening the field tomorrow morning. Your Air commanders will be able to set up thier station soon enough."

Hasenkamp manages to look mildly affronted. Mildly. "We have no wish to starve these people. Truly, Swede, life will be much simpler if all show such admirable cooperation as you have. There is glory to be found in the Reich, so long as a man remembers his place." He clears his throat, nodding shortly at that last. "Excellent. I shall inform the Luftwaffe. I have no doubt they will be most pleased." He grins. This could get him that promotion, and his ticket out of this back-water frog hole!

Henrik shrugs his muscled shoulders a second time. "I have no love for France. Nor do I care what befalls it." He says nothing of Hasenkamp's chances for promotion, or his own admirable cooperation. "I simply want to go back home someday. No matter, not your concern, Hauptmann. Good day." A curt nod and the big man turns to depart.

"Goody day, Swede," Hasenkamp replies cordially to Henrik, nodding shortly to him as he heads off. He then barks something in German to his lackeys and proceeds down the street. Content with how today's business is going.

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