FM 3-1.9 - The Combat Medic


While the individual rifleman is the most basic unit of the infantry, they cannot conduct their missions effectively without support. One important support for the rifleman is combat medic, whose duty is to provide life saving medical treatment to the wounded and dying while in combat and overseeing the unit’s overall health when not in combat.

This manual discusses the techniques and procedures on how the combat medic fights. Its intended audiences are the combat medic and all infantry leaders. Secondary audiences include staff officers and instructors. The manual discusses medical treatment. All else is covered in FM 3-1.1 The Rifleman.

Medical Treatment

When in combat, your duty is to help stabilize the wounded and keep them alive. When an ally is listed as 'Dying' you need to get to them as soon as possible to try and save them (+medic/stabilise <name>). When the calls for a medic are raised, respond quickly and examine the wounded for all injuries (+medic/diagnose <victim>). After examining their injuries, attempt to provide first aid to stabilize the victim or at least prevent them from getting infections (+medic/firstaid <victim>/<body part>). Once providing first aid, assist the wounded out of immediate danger for medical evacuation if needed (+assist). With your protective weapon, you may defend your patient and yourself from imminent threats.

In an aid station, a medic with the knowledge of medicine or nursing can do much good for the wounded (+medic/nursestatus) and which patients are assigned to which medical personnel (+medic/nurse <name>). There may be times when there are wounded who need immediate assistance and thus, a medic should switch patients to avoid additional harm (+medic/ceasenursing <name>, +medic/nurse <name>). A well-trained medic may also be able to conduct surgery as long as there is a surgery room with all the proper equipment to do so (+medic/surgery <name>/<bodypart>). Attacks on aid stations are known to happen, so also be prepared to evacuate the wounded to a safer location if the need arises (+assist).

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