Fire In Arras

Who: Alice, Genevieve, Hasenkamp, Henrik
What: Fire! …Kinda.
When: August, 1940

Coordinates : 16 0

A fine example of a French town. There is little sign of war here, the buildings are all in good condition - very good condition in fact, as most of them have been newly built. The last war was not kind on this area, after all. It all looks peaceful, at least on the surface.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Warehouse

«Game» Hasenkamp attempts to put out the fire but is ineffectual!
«Game» Alice attempts to put out the fire but is ineffectual!
«Game» Genevieve attempts to put out the fire but is ineffectual!
«Game» Henrik attempts to put out the fire but is ineffectual!

"Don't just stand there you idiots! Put it out!" Hasenkamp yells shrilly, ordering the milling Nazis about. It's dawn and the SS troops are just beginning to gather around the warehouse, where they've been storing some of their goods. It has just now caught fire! Hasenkamp turns to see Alice and Genevieve milling, and yells at them. "Make yourselves useful, you wenches! Get some water! Now!"

«Game» Hasenkamp attempts to put out the fire but is ineffectual!

Genevieve turns her head drowsily. It's really too damn early for this! At least she's sober… mostly. Or walking a straight line in the very least. She sniffs after a few moments, the panic of the men hitting her enough that she realizes something is wrong, and the scent of fire doing it more. She looks at Alice now, murmuring in French, "Something's burning." No, Gene isn't at her brightest this morning! Still, she does take a moment to fold her garment bag over and set it off to the side before she considers just how she could help. She's still smoking, on a side note. Tobacco is too precious to just throw away.

«Game» Genevieve attempts to put out the fire but is ineffectual!

Even in the early hours, fires draw attention quickly. Henrik's narrow gaze takes in the scene, even as booted steps hasten into a run to keep the fire from spreading. Old lessons come to the fore- find a shovel or a bucket, and keep at it.

«Game» Henrik successfully works on putting out the fire!

Fire! Even Alice recognizes that. She goes towards the kitten, to make sure the animal is safe. Or at least the meow sound. A pause, and she stares at Hasenkamp. She leans over towards Genevieve. "…What is he saying?" She squints, "Well, there's fire. Maybe water?" She rubs the back of her head, "They usually use water or dirt to put it out. I'll just bring some to look busy. If you see a cat, I heard one, please let me know. I am worried, if there is fire near Monsieur Miao." Nod. With that, Alice is going to find a bucket and some water.

The cat is safe, though it continues to yowl. It's fled into an alley behind the warehouse and is nosing at a wall, crying. It's a sleek white female, obviously well fed and cared for. But there's no sign of her owner or anyone else about to claim her.

Hasenkamp just shakes his head in disgust at Alice and Genevieve. Damned French, with their inability to speak German. He cares little for the cat, yelling as the other Germans hurry to see to the fire. He spots Henrik. The man's assistance does not escape his notice. The blaze is small, anyhow, and easily dealt with.

"Monsieur Miao? You have -another- cat?" Genevieve asks, brain still catching up for the morning. "…and.. dirt? Seriously? How the hell does that work?" The woman shakes her head towards Alice but does look about for any place there might be a water can, or hose. She takes another drag of her cigarette as she moves closer to the building, her eyes searching for Alice's feline as much as she does the source of the fire.

"Ooh, you are not a Monsieur, you are a Madamoiselle!" Alice smiles, seeing the kitty and heading into the alley. "Why are you nosing at the wall and crying little one?" The woman asks, kneeling and offering out a hand. "No, this one is not mine," She replies. She is trying to look busy and rescue the cat. "Dirt chokes the fire. Have you ever tried breathing it in?" While it's not the exact reason, Alice is as sharp as a bag of wet mice oh yes, but she's making leaps in logic at least.

Henrik had ferried buckets while they held out and switched to a handy shovel afterward, to begin pitching earth. Once the fire is reduced to smoke and smolders, the big foreigner leans lightly on the tool's haft, peering at the lightly crisped building. He rumbles words under his breath in his own tongue.

Genevieve has no clue what the Germans are saying, but she sees them running a touch slower and can at least assume that is good news. She finishes off her cigarette, tossing it casually aside as she moves to meet Alice and this new feline, a curiously amused little smile upon her lips as she looks over the pair. "A girlfriend for Iggy, possibly? At least she didn't trapped in whatever mess happened, though it seems almost over."

Hasenkamp peers at the damage to the warehouse. It isn't extensive. A couple of boxes burnt, the outer wall singed. There are a few loose cigarettes scattered in the turf not far from the wall. A clue to the blaze's origin, perhaps. Or perhaps not. Hasenkamp frowns pensively at them. "Accident, looks like…" he grumbles to himself. "Stupid careless peasants…" Still, he looks sweaty and vaguely worried. His superiors might frown on this!

Well. It's … Alice is reaching the right conclusion, but perhaps not using this 'earth logic' many of her folk use. A simple sort of woman, but at least she's pleasant, and clever in a way that keeps her from jamming a fork into a toaster or seeing alternate views. Still. If density were being measured, Alice would shove Uranium right off and take its place. She is distracted by the white kitten, cooing at her.
«OOC» Alice, easily distrac— KITTY!

Mademoiselle Kitty continues to mew with some distress, though she noses up to Alice tentatively.

Henrik rubs the heel of one hand into his eyes, clrearing the dual burning of the early hour and slight smoke. "Hrm," the big man grunts wordlessly, replacing the shovel where he'd grabbed it and stepping aisde, with arms crossed.

Genevieve has no -clue- what Hasenkamp is saying, but she isn't so lost as to miss the various cigarette butts that are strewn across the side of the warehouse near where the mess had started. Silently, she treads back a moment and carefully grins the toe of her foot across the cigarette she had just tossed away herself. Just incase. Maybe no one would notice it. Alice seems well and enamoured with the kitten, so Gene heads in Henrik's direction, that dry amusement brushing her lips in the form of a smirk again. "…Lovely hustle there, Henrik. Very smooth."

Hasenkamp takes a handkerchief out of his uniform to mop his face, still frowning at the charred boxes. He tersely orders some low ranking Germans to clean up the mess. Then turns his attention to Henrik, staring beadily at the Swede. He says in choppy French, "I…thank you for your assistance, Herr Svensson. You are, as always, a highly useful fellow."

Kitteh! Alice is beaming a little, perhaps forgetting the Nazis for a moment. She will gently curl a finger under the kitty's chin, looking like an attentive and adoring mother. Her blue eyes are wide, almost like a rabbit's. She smiles, and whispers gently to the kitten. Oh, poor kitty. Miao. It is okay! The fire is out. But where are you from? Scritches punctuate the interaction.

Henrik smiles and does a little dance at Genevieve's approach. Alright, not really, he actually just frowns. "Yes, I'm secretly a dancer, you've guessed it," the swede states dryly. "Prefer your town to catch fire, perhaps?" the big man rumbles evenly. When Hasenkamp speaks his way, Henrik's narrow regard turns to the nazi. Because fascists don't like being ignored. A curt nod of aknowledgment to the compliment.

Genevieve is about to say more, but then the German is speaking and Genevieve falls quiet. She's sober enough not to do any back talking this time, but she doesn't exactly look thrilled at the man. She watches him in silence as he praises Henrik and then her eyes trail back in the familiar man's direction. She looks, for a moment, just a touch more dour than before. Perhaps he is rubbing off on her.

Hasenkamp looks, ever so faintly, worried. So he just snorts at Henrik and Genevieve once he's threw with them. "Go about your business, then!" he says, before stomping back around to the warehouse entrance. Best make sure nothing inside was damaged.

Food ? Hmm. Well, there's plenty of scritches and likely food to be had. Alice will keep the kitty company, "I should get you home and fed… then we can find your owner," She nods to the cat, blinking at the exchange between Hasenkamp and the others. She whispers to the cat, "I have never seen a Facist in more dire need of a girlfriend or a night at a brothel. Ever." It's only audible to the kitty and perhaps someone standing nearly on top of Alice.

Henrik inclines his head a second time as Hasenkamp dismisses him, raising a hand to rub at his eyes before eyeing Genevieve sidelong for a moment, expression unwarmed.

Genevieve nods simply towards the German before she turns upon the ball of her foot and just continues on towards the city. She wasn't certain what more to say about this all, nor did she wish to watch the town burn, but there had been an odd satisfaction in watching the nazi's scramble like that. Her lips settle into a line of amusement as she reaches for her back pocket and pulls out her rumpled cigarettes. Cheers to tobacco.

Henrik lets out a short breath and starts off through Arras in a different direction from Genevieve. Idly in passing, the big fellow rumbles a curt aknowledgment to Alice. The cat, alas, does not draw comment.

Meow meow meow- Wait, Meow mix hasn't been invented! Alice will stick with the kitty, "Let's get you some milk okay? And fishie, delicious fishious oh yes," She coos at the cat. Will it let her pick it up? Either way, as long as it is near. She blinks, spotting Henrik and Genevieve once more. She smiles, and gives Henrik a biiiig wave. "Hello!" She chirps and nods. More scritchings for the feline.

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