Sometimes fires will start, for whatever reason. The usual culprits are artillery fire and aerial bombing. Also vehicles tend to be quite flammable and may catch fire if they suffer a critical hit.

The firefighting skill governs the ability to put out fires safely. Not only does it improve your ability to put the fire out, it reduces the amount of damage a fire can inflict. Firefighting is useful for civilian firemen and the crewmen of vehicles of all types, be they land, sea, or air.

Fires will inflict a certain amount of damage every minute to those in its vicinity. Fires in streets are much less dangerous than those in vehicles or buildings, to reflect the fact that a street is much bigger and is much less flammable than the buildings around it, so if your house is on fire, run out into the street and grab a fireman.

To put a fire out, type

+fight fire

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