Fighting Continues In Suomussalmi

The large number of Soviets in Suomussalmi, despite now being effectively cut off with the Raate road firmly held in Finnish hands, were able to resist the Finnish attempts to reduce the motti they were trapped in. Despite calling on his men to accomplish near superhuman feats of endurance, Colonel Siilasvuo was eventually forced to resupply and rest his troops, and the battlefield became a static trench line surrounding the Soviet fortress.

Heavy fighting broke out in the following days north of Linna where a Soviet column was trying to battle through to the south, and along the Raate road where Soviet forces were still deployed. All of these attempts to get through to the beleagured town failed utterly, and so the military situation was an effective stalemate.

Such a situation could only benefit the Finns, as the weather suddenly took a turn for the colder in the last few weeks of December, and the Soviets trapped in Suomussalmi without supplies or winter clothing were soon suffering terribly, though they stubbornly refused to give up. But Colonel Siilasvuo knew that he needed to retain the initiative despite being massively outnumbered and outgunned, as yet another Soviet division was in the process of arriving to rescue the ill fated 163rd Division. And so the Finns remained in as aggressive a posture as they could manage.

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