Field Manuals

Contained in this page are detailed information and how-tos for procedures important to soldiers serving in the field. All soldiers are required to have read FM-3-1.1; as the first duty of all soldiers is to fight and that field manual offers the knowledge that soldiers need to carry it out. Military specialists must read their respective field manuals in order to be effective in combat and support the soldiers on the ground.

FM 3-1.1 - The Rifleman
FM 3-1.2 - The Machine Gunner
FM 3-1.6 - The Combat Engineer
FM 3-1.9 - The Combat Medic
FM 3-1.10 - The Squad Leader
FM 3-2.1 - The Tank Crewman
FM 3-3.1 - The Injured Soldier
Proposed Manual - The Grenadier

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