Field Doctorate

Field Doctorate — Alistair


It's been several months since I've written you. In fact I believe the last letter I wrote was just a week before our prior invasion. I apologize but there hasn't been much time for writing. You recall how I was fingered to be a medic considering my medical background? Well I've come quite a ways since then. Despite getting poor marks in school I've performed brilliantly on the field. I cannot tell you how many men's lives I have saved. Most of my experience has been in combat while under fire, but I've taken the advantage to learn as much as I can from the doctors and resident nurses. And I've learned a lot.

I've moved beyond simple field medicine, it's like I discovered the power of my touch suddenly. The gift of healing lay dormant inside of me until I am looking at a man riddled with holes. I am able to keep up with some of the best doctors and surgeons I've yet to meet. It is an incredible feeling. Like I've begun working on my combat field doctorate or something. And not only that, my spirits are much higher than they had been before.

For the first time since we landed I feel like I may actually survive this conflict. I've been injured two times, and both times I graciously survived. Sure the injuries sting and I do miss the bit of finger I've lost, but I am /alive/. Combine this with the number of lives I have saved.. I'm not sure. Call it hope. But I am confident that I'll see this through.

Despite my advances in skill I am still one of the primary field medics for the company, so it is my duty to drag the wounded back to safety should they become incapacitated. So perhaps my hope is misguided, but the Turks haven't had much luck lately. Who knows. I shall write more the next opportunity I get.



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