Fallout From The August Offensive

Following the failure of the August Offensive, the Gallipoli campaign entered a hiatus while the future direction was debated. The persistent lack of progress was finally making an impression in the United Kingdom as contrasting news of the true nature of the campaign was smuggled out by journalists like Keith Murdoch and Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett discrediting Hamilton's performance. Disaffected senior officers such as General Stopford also contributed to the general air of gloom.

Prime Minister Herbert Asquith circulated letters criticizing the campaign extensively around key UK Government members, fueling calls for evacuation from Gallipoli and the establishment of a Dardanelles Commission.

While these debates were taking place in the political halls of the British Empire, the situation on the Gallipoli front itself ground into a stalemate for the soldiers. They continued to hold the peninsula and patrol the waters, Turks to the east, largely separated from the increasingly disaffected political atmosphere back home.

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