Factions - The Falange

The Falange were a Spanish fascist group founded in 1933 by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera in opposition to the Spanish Republic. Jose Antonio was the son of General Primo de Rivera who governed Spain as a dictatorship before the Republic for most of a decade.

It's ideology was similar to that of Italian Fascism, a corporate state in which state run trade unions would join workers and owners in a sort of guild system, as well as extreme nationalism and anticommunism. Unlike other fascist movements, though, the Falange were also devoted to Catholicism.

Jose Antonio was more or less on the left wing of the political spectrum of Fascism and was no friend of the rich landowners, but as events would have it the Republic had him arrested just before the Civil War, and executed him in November 1936. During the Civil War Falange membership exploded, and this leftish form of fascism was diluted by the new blood into a movement much more focused upon nationalist zealotry than on reforms (as proof of this emptiness at its core, after the war they were tasked by Franco to come up with some sort of ideology for his regime).

Falange units saw plenty of fighting on the Nationalist side, being used as highly motivated shock troops.

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