Faction - The Carlists

The Carlists were (and are) a type of counterrevolutionary monarchist, but rather than supporting Alfonso's return to the throne, sought the establishment of a separate line of the royal family to the throne, dating back to Don Carlos in the early 19th century.

The Carlists had a rather romantic view of the monarchy and of Spanish traditions, but their precise political position is a little hard to specify, as it was a very broad political movement which enjoyed wide support across all social classes. The four words Dios, Patria, Fueros and Rey (God, Fatherland, Local Rule and King) are the Carlist motto and do somewhat sum it up as support for the Catholic Church, patriotism (though not nationalism of the fascist sort), sovereignty vested in a King, and local and regional self rule.

The Carlists were an important component of the Nationalist military, as their red bereted militia ("requetes") had been training for some time before the Civil War and were in fact one of the better units of the Nationalist army, second only to the Foreign Legion and the Moroccan regulares. They were accompanied in battle by Catholic priests who urged the men on, and often risked their lives to perform the Last Sacrament on the battlefield.

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