Emma Korhonen is the third of five daughters, born just a few minutes after her twin sister Anna. She has spent her entire life in Raatevaara, apart from the occasional trip to visit her grandparents in the big city. With her well-to-do father, Emma never wanted for much of anything growing up. She is more openly cheerful and outgoing than the average Finn - definitely an optimist.

Ever since she was old enough, she has taken to helping out her father in his clinic. Though she has no formal nursing education, she has learned a great deal from her father and is an able assistant to him. Much to the dismay of her family, she seems perfectly content to be a nurse, and has shown no interest (outwardly anyway) in finding a man and settling down.

She does, however, love children. After the death of her mother, she (then 13) helped to care for her two younger sisters. She has also been a doting aunt for Sonja's son, Henrik. Emma is close to all her family, particularly her father, but shared a special bond with her twin sister. Anna's death hit her hard, and there are still days where it feels like a part of her is missing.

Emma is a proud and active member in the local Lotta Svard. She shares her father's fairly even-keel view of politics, with mild White tendencies due to his history in the civil war and the slant of the Lottas.

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