Elise Berg
Elsie Berg
Gender Female
Age 18
Place of Birth Dresden, Germany
Occupation Anti-Aircraft Gunner / Medic
Portrayed By Julia Jentsch

Elise's father, born and raised in Russia, was an ethnic German. This caused him to experience a great deal of persecution during the Russian Revolution, despite being a die-hard supporter of the Bolsheviks . He and his wife emigrated to Dresden, Germany where they raised their five children. Elise, now 18, is the youngest. Though she was born in Germany, she considers herself first and foremost a Russian. Thanks to her labor-union-organizer father, she is also a staunch Communist.

When war broke out and the Nazis began rounding up Communists, then-15-year-old Elise was sent to Stalingrad to live with her Aunt Aleksandra and her family. Her parents remained behind, where her father continued to operate in the KPD underground. The rest of her older siblings are still in Germany as well, except for brother Alexi, who joined the Red Army.

Last year, Elise received word from her sister that her parents had been sent to a Nazi concentration camp. She does not know if they're alive or dead, but fears the worst. This has only fueled her hatred of the Nazis. She enlisted in the reserves as soon as she was old enough, and was assigned as a medic to the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment.

Common Knowledge

It is known that Elise is an AA gunner and medic, and lives with her cousin Zoya. She speaks Russian fluently, with just the faintest hint of an accent, so outsiders would be hard-pressed to tell she wasn't native-born. Those who live in their community would probably know of her origins (up to you!).


RP Hooks

  • Fellow anti-aircraft gunners in the 1077th.
  • High School. Elise is recently graduated.
  • Music! Elise has a battered old fiddle she likes to play a lot.
  • NKFD. Elise is a member of the National Committee For a Free Germany - Russian Germans united against the Nazis.
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