Efim Sokolof

Theater: Stalingrad
Nationality: Russian
Formation: Soviet Defender
Position: Civilian/Electrician
Status: KIA


Efim Sokolof is an instructor at one of Stalingrad's many tekhnikums (technical schools), geared toward instruction in electronics for Russian workers. Ethnically he is a Russian Jew, though he seems to hold as little regard for religion as any good Marxist-Leninist. He is a widower with two younger children, both of whom have been sent to live with his sister's family in Pyatigorsk.

RP Hooks

  • He'll perform minor fix-it work on the down-low for his neighbors in exchange for items such as cigarettes, home-cooked food, booze and books
  • His parents were ardent Bolshevik supporters during the Revolution and Civil War
  • His (now deceased) wife was a primary school teacher

He was conscripted into service into the Red Army and served as well as he was able until October of 1942. He was killed while escorting civilians to the evacuation area on the River Volga.

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