Dimitri Rascalov
Dimitri Izvolka Rascalov
Portrayed By Peter Stormare
Gender Male
Age 39
Aliases Rascal
Place of Birth Stalingrad, Russia
Occupation Soldier


  • Born in Stalingrad and indoctrinated early, like most Soviet children.
  • Worked through school, only doing what was necessary to graduate.
  • Married in 1935 to Yvone Mikhailovich.
  • Yvone died in the first week of bombings.


This man stands at a very stout six foot, three inches and would seem to be about three feet wide, all of his weight apparently muscle. His face is nothing for a gal to shout about but he's not one to be called ugly, just not noticably handsome. His shimmering green eye is a bit of saving grace to his otherwise bland features. He has a bright red bandana tied diagonally across his face, covering his eye.

This soldier is wearing a baggy light green tunic and pants, with darker green collar tabs, a leather belt crossing over their waist, together with an ammo pouch. Just above his breast pocket there is a German sniper's marksman pin. His pilotka sits firmly atop his head: it has a brass button on the front, imprinted with the ubiquitous hammer-and-sickle of the USSR. A long felt mantle covers the tunic and pants. On his feet he wears a shiny pair of black boots, obviously taken from a German soldier at some point during his tour of duty.



  • Trained for a few years as a marksman.
  • Half blind in left eye (result of a gunshot wound)
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