Who: Falk, Elsa and Johannes
IC Date: May 1940
OOC Date: Jan. 2, 2008
Where: Aid Station, France

What: Falk recovers from his wounds at the aid station, under the care of Elsa and Johannes, and trips out on pain and morphine.

Posted by Falk

The Grid-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 14 14

A French dairy pasture, there is the odd cow dotted around the landscape as well as rich green grass. Very nutritious! From the standpoint of a soldier this isn't a good place to be standing though, as its devoid of cover. Not even hedgrows.

It is currently night time.
Sub-Rooms :
1. Aid Station

Falk - 1. Aid Station
Sofia - 1. Aid Station

(#15629) Opel Blitz Ambulance
(#16738) Truck

West <W> South <S>

Elsa has been tending to Falk most of the night, actually. Of course, she makes her rounds for her other patients, but being that she actually seems to be making some progress with his wounds, and the bleeding has stopped everywhere but his poor leg, she's keeping guard by his bed. Currently, all quiet, she's sitting at the side of his bed, a small clip board in hand and blank paper on it's hard surface. She seems to be writing something..

Johannes has arrived.

Falk is bedded down on a cot in the aid station. He slips in and out of consciousness. And, even when he's awake, he can't really be called alert. But his breathing has eased since he was brought here and, under Elsa's care, he's resting a bit more comfortably. He probably won't die tonight.

Elsa looks up from her casually swirling cursive writing, gazing over Falk again, having thought that he shifted but she is apparently wrong. Still, she watches him with slight concern, listening to his breathing for a few heartbeats.

SS Schutz Johannes Schuster pushes open the tent flap as he proceeds inside. He is quick to close the flap to not let any light outside and make the aid station a target to any aircraft flying over head. The key to survival was from bombings was good light discipline. Johannes peers about the tent trying to become familure with the setup, though it does appear to be standard to the one established at the Mons.

Falk does shift. Perhaps Elsa was prescient. He opens his eyes as he does so, albeit barely. "W..water…" he mutters, his voice coming out in a gasp.

Elsa sets the clip board down immediately…"Shhh.. I'll get water. Just relax." She reassures him, dashing double time over to the little water station and grabbing a clean cup, filling it up and dashing back. She reaches her free hand to the back of his neck, cupping very gently to lift his head enough that she can assist him in drinking, "Here."

Johannes looks over his shoulder at one of the many hooks that line the side of the tent for gear. He places his rifle and helmet on the hook so that it will not be in his way here and will be easy to grab on his way out. Moving deeper into the small tent, he heads for Falk and Elsa, "Doctor, I can help with the simple tasks. Please, I assure you that there are probably more importent tasks that you can be providing for Hitlers Army."

Falk can only drink a little but he sips it gratefully, relaxing back on his cot after swallowing. "Thank you…" he murmurs. Even if he's conscious, he's probably still not entirely aware of his surroundings. He groans. "Nurse?" He blinks at her slowly, as if unsure what he's seeing is real. "I am alive…?" He needs confirmation of this. Johannes' entrance makes him blink up at him blurrily. Maybe /that's/ the angel of death, finally.

Elsa blinks, not realizing that Johannes is speaking to her for a moment. She laughs faintly…"Oh.. I am just a nurse… please, this is my job. Thank you, though." She gives Johannes a somewhat shy smile before allowing her blue eyes to drop back down to Falk. She gives him a bit more water before settling it aside…"Yes, you're alive… the leg is a bit of a mess but your other wounds are cleaning up decently…"

Johannes gives a friendly smile to Elsa. "Good, I've heard some scary stories about the doctors here." Reaching into his shirt pocket, Johannes produces a a clean handkerchief which he then dampens with the water. "This should help a bit." The soldier says as he rolls the handkerchief and places over Falk's forhead. At this time, Johannes looks over Falk's injuries as well.

"I am alive…" Falk repeats it softly. Letting the idea sink in. His blurry gaze drifts down to his leg, but he's too out of things to see how damaged it is. It's still attached, so he's not going to worry too much about it. "This time…I did not think I would be…The darkness…" He looks up at Johannes, his blue eyes unsettlingly bright. "…have you ever seen the darkness, Schutz?"

Elsa allows the men to speak, she carefully stepping to the side and considering Falk's breathing and body tension. She could get him more medicine for the pain, but he might not quite need it now, so she waits and watches protectively….

Johannes watches Elsa slip away then focuses his attention onto Falk. Patting the man gently on the shoulder and making sure to give his injuries plenty of room, he then states, "No I have not. Not many who have… are given a second chance to talk of it. Consider yourself lucky…" He then squints at the chart laying beside the bed trying to read the name, "..Ger..Gerhardt. The hard part is over Gerhardt. Its now time to relax and recover. You have served your country well."

"Lucky…" If Falk could snort, he would have snorted a laugh at that. But he's not in a laughing state just now. "Perhaps. It is lucky, to go to the edge…You should feel it, Schutz. The darkness…All men should. Twice. Twice I should have died. Once…on ground not far from here. Many years ago. The Great War gave me this…" His scarred face twitches. "I should have died, but I lived. And I should have died today. But I did not. Destiny, Schutz. We all…We are the deliverers of destiny…We are Gods…"

Elsa frowns a touch deeper, stepping back to Falk…"Herr… you need rest now. Is the pain bad? I can give you something for it?" She doesn't like this sort of conversation, not when the man is still lingering on the edge of death. She does, however, reassuringly stroke her fingertips back through Falk's hair.

"You are a strong soldier Gerhardt and you will have many days a head of you." Johannes says trying to reassure the wounded soldier. The wet handkerchief on Falk's forhead is flipped over allowing the other damp and more cooler side to rest against the mans forhead.

"You should embrace the darkness, Schutz…!" Falk mutters, softly but with an unsettling conviction in his voice, a manic quality, at Johannes. "You are not a man, until you have known death…you will not be a God…We all must become Gods, for the Fuhrer…We all must go into the darkness…" The exertion of all that was too much for him, for he sags back onto the cot with a pained groan. "Nurse…morphine…"

Elsa nods immediately, turning to grab the already primed syringe off of a sterile metal tray she's set up at his beside. She grasps it, tapping at his arm quickly to find a decent vein before injecting him. It should act fairly fast, though she gives him a light dose. She can always give him more if it doesn't seem enough…

Elsa says "Rest…rest… we shall be here when you wake."

Johannes moves to the other side of Falk to the arm that is being injected with the morphine. Grabbing an idodine swab, he wipes the area in preperation for the injection. Johannes then turns to Falk as the needle plunges into his arm and nods to the mad as he listens to what he believes to be morphine enduced ramblings.

Falk sags, relaxing into an unnaturally blissful daze. That'll do, morphine. That'll do. He says no more, drifting off into a drugged sleep. His eyes stay locked on Johannes, like daggers, until they finally close.

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