Dearest John

Dear John,

Well son, things aren't as interesting as you see in the papers. They're telling us we're headed for *CENSORED*. Rocky place we are told. Makes it hard to train here in the sands of Egypt. A lot different than Charleville, I miss it. Hope things are going well at school, Your mother wanted you to get a good education. And try not to give Mother Elizabeth too much trouble, she does her best. If I had to deal with a dozen boys like you, I'd be a little bonkers myself! The lads are doing alright, some of them are not taking to the heat too well, or the lifestyle. Those few years in the militia seem to have helped a bit. They have a few pommy officers trying to direct us, I get the feeling that they are trying to relive the Charge of the Light Brigade again.

Enclosed is a photo of my section at the Pyramids, I hope it makes it to you intact.

I miss you very much.


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