Dear Johnny

(Posted by Patrick)

Dear John,
Life here is pretty harsh. We are all very tired. It seems there is never a chance to relax, we spend our nights repairing our trenches or standing guard… and during the day it is hot and turk artillery keeps us awake. The food is very bad, melting cans of bully beef, flies, biscuits as hard as rock.. and jam that has seen better days. I am confident that Lord Wellington dined on the same food we do. I've been wounded several times, right now I am in the aid station because a turk hit me with his riflebutt in the head, I came too lying in no mans land until a patrol found me and dragged me back.. saved my life they did.

About the best thing here is the chance to take a swim on the beach.. provided that you find a spot without any bodies floating in it… and turk dosen't lob a shell at you. If I can pass on any advice while I'm here… if you decide to join up… join the support corps.. quartermaster or cooks… it may not be as glamorous.. but it is safe.

I'm getting tired though, should probably get some more rest before the doctor comes back to poke at my head wound.

Make sure to keep up around the house, the wood on the porch is starting to rot, might want to get to replacing it soon.


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