Dear Jeremiah

Dear Jeremiah,

All is well. I know I was always taught to start with the good, so I will start by saying, all is well. I'm not sure when this letter will arrive, because I'm unsure as to when I will send it. I'll be sure to date it though, so that you know when it was I wrote this if your making a scrapbook. I don't figure you to be the scrap booking type though, little brother. I'm just going to keep it with me for awhile, something to read at night until you send me something from home.

I'm not sure what exactly I am allowed to put into these letters, and I'll be careful writing it, but should anything be blacked out please don't worry. It is just how thing work. Things are a lot more organized with those people than I thought it would be, really professional, like the post office in Darwin. Just, with a lot more people. Remember when I took you there for you ninth birthday? Like that, except with soldiers.

I suppose that you want to know what I'm up to though, so I will get to it. We finally reached land. I don't really know how long we were on the water, I'm just glad that I had a chance to walk around some. I'm sure you're hearing a lot of things about but it really isn't that bad. Once we landed, everyone was a little cautious so we just decided to set up at the . We could hear gunfire far off, and we fired a few round over ourselves, like target practice. It's like being paid to shoot our weight in bullets. When we go hunting again, I bet you'll be able to tell I've been learning.

I hurt my arm today too, not very bad but I'll be sleeping in a cot for tonight. I just took a bad spill is all, bad footing and stuff. One of our NCOs got in a lick of trouble too, so I think we'll be getting a new one soon. Other than that, things have been uneventful to say the least. Just remember, that with everything you here otherwise, it really isn't that bad. Not at all.

Walter Coburn, April 1915

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