Theater: The Spanish Civil War
Nationality: Spainish
Formation: Spanish Civilians
Position: Doctor
Status: Missing in action


Dario Cortez began his medical career in the trenches of World War I as a volunteer to the French Army. His volunteer service began in 1916 and ended on Armistice Day. Having spent nearly 2 years on the front line, he had the opportunity to work with some of the best combat surgeons the world had to offer. It was here that Dario gained the skills and experience needed to become a full fledge Doctor in his home city of Madrid.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 had captured the attention of many throughout the globe. It was a romantic story of how the common man had raised above the ruling class and governed himself. These ideals sat well with Dr. Cortez and would later live by these political ideals of communism.

At the start of the Spanish Civil War, Dr. Cortez would once again volunteer his skills to better the people of Spain. With a strong belief in what is best for Spain, he soon found himself becoming an advit member of the POUM. With the bitter infighting of the PCE and POUM, the inherit flaws of communism began to show which led Dr. Cortez to study the political ideals of Anarchism-Communism.

Political Ideals


"The purchaser draws boundaries, fences himself in, and says, 'this is mine; each one by himself, each one for himself.' Here, then, is a piece of land upon which, henceforth, no one has right to step, save the proprietor and his friends; which can benefit nobody, save the proprietor and his servants. Let these multiply, and soon the people … will have nowhere to rest, no place of shelter, no ground to till. They will die of hunger at the proprietor's door, on the edge of that property which was their birth-right; and the proprietor, watching them die, will exclaim, 'So perish idlers and vagrants.'"

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