I Would Care If You Died


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The more prominent buildings are constructed of a pale brown, ruddy stone, while the poorer structures are wrought of plain wood, plaster and shingle. Civilians have long since fled the town, leaving soliders, and rats as the only occupants.
It is currently night time.
Sub-Rooms :
1. House
Matti - 1. House
Avery - 1. House
Hans - 1. House
Lind - 1. House
Xavier - 1. House
Elizabeth - 1. House

Lind has long since packed everything she could pack that wasn't absolutely needed in daily work/chores, ready to move out on a moment's notice. Now she's making some attempts to clean up a shirt in a large bucket of water; it's not her shirt, but she's happily helping out with anything she can.

Matti walks to stand before Lind, looking at her. After a moment, he mutters, "You know, bastards shoot my coat full of holes." This tragic news is delivered with a nod to the side - there's Matti's Red Army coat, drying on a chair… Avec holes, and wood fragments from the perforated furniture. "You come with, to check houses to North? I thought I saw something moving, there." The sullen Finn shoots a meaningful look at Lind. Wonder what he really wants.

Lind straightens up and gives Matti one of her warmest smiles as he steps close. His coat is given a look and then he is given a sympathetic one. "How are you doing? How's your leg?" she asks, beginning to wring out the water from the shirt for it to get dried. His meaningful look makes her curious and she raises her eyebrows. "I'll come with you. How far north?"

Avery cocks an inquizitive eyebrow as he over hears Matti talking with Lind.

The german mechanic grumbles, "You are lucky Matti. That holes could be on your chest instead of your coat." he says pointing out an important thing. He starts to oil the Machine gun he is holding with his both hands at his lap, "This gun is heavy…"

"I right as rain, comrade. Leg a little bit stiff, but I completely fit for duty." Even if he considered this cheerful news, Matti doesn't allow it to disturb the sullen, resentful frown permanently posted on his face. He snatches up his Mauser, inclining his head North, "Not far… Just the next clump of houses there. Comrade Avery shot man there, want to see if we can find anything." Hans receives no comment, merely a sidelong glance.

Avery smirks towards Hans, "Maybe you could use a car to haul it around?"

Lind gives Hans a thoughtful look, then decides to smile at his words, taking it as a joke. She puts the shirt up over some string that is tied up as a clothesline, and then gets her rifle. "Let's go," she says simply.

Matti has left.
Matti heads off North.

Avery glances back towards Matti as he hears his named mentioned, but the Finn was already headed out the door, so he makes no comment.


Coordinates : 5 6

The more prominent buildings are constructed of a pale brown, ruddy stone, while the poorer structures are wrought of plain wood, plaster and shingle. Civilians have long since fled the town, leaving soliders, and rats as the only occupants.
It is currently night time.
Sub-Rooms :
1. House


1. House
Shelling has blasted much of the roof from this building, but it's red-brown stone walls remain a decent cover from the fighting in the streets.
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Matti edges his way down the street, darting from the cover of one building to another. Wordlessly, he points to one of the buildings, making his way in there.

Lind quietly follows Matti, having become quite the stealthy type since she arrived in Spain. She slips into the building with him, warily holding her rifle in front of herself and muzzled aimed towards the floor as she doesn't want to point it at Matti's back. It's dark and hard to see.

Matti settles near a window, sitting with his back against the wall and his mauser lying on the floor; even if his attention turns to you, he glances out of the window every now and again. "Comrade, there nothing here. I sorry for lying… But I want to talk to you, in private." He seems… Serious. Less morose, and more sober than usual.

Lind isn't paying total attention to the man but rather to her surroundings, so his words makes her turn around and regard him with an unreadable expression. "I thought there was something strange," she admits. She doesn't seem angry for being lied to at least, speaking calmly. She too sits down, sliding down against the wall opposite from him.

"I been thinking, about things. About war, about why we here, about what going to happen to us. I not very smart man, but I think I understand how it is now, now." Matti's blue-grey eyes glitter, in the darkness. He sounds much the same as ever, aside from the hint of unprecedented seriousness.

Lind's gaze flickers for a moment as if her calm resolve falters briefly. Those are sensitive subjects, in a time where the SIM run rampant and people's convictions are beginning to weaken. She is no different in that. "How is it now?" she asks quietly and softly, as serious as him.

"I think lot of people dying here, and more going to die. It not matter much, for the soldiers - most of us are bastards, like me and Vaclav." Matti grins, his teeth flashing in the darkness - apparently that's not meant to be an insult. "The world is shitty place… It not matter. Here or Finland, wherever… It full of bad, selfish people who deserve nothing but the bad things that world heaps on them. But I think you exception."

The conversation isn't leading anywhere she suspects, and his last words are the last she's expecting right now. Lind shakes her head to it, her expression firm. "Nobody is without guilt or faults. But nobody deserves to be stomped on and having their freedom stolen," she says with conviction. She meets his gaze, or what she can in the dark room. "I don't understand what that has to with how it is here, and now…" she says softly.

"Bloody Swede! Listen, and you find out." The expletitive is delivered without any heat, or really any change to Matti's even tone. He takes a deep breath, before continuing, "You give me hope for better world, comrade… Mind you, I think no better world exist - just you. So I want you to keep on living. There's nothing for me here, nothing in Finland… I know that if I survive, I just become another sad alcoholic. So I not care much if I die. But I want you to die old, and toothless in bed somewhere in Svenska Riket."

Lind has to smile at his expletive, rather than be offended. And obediently she listens to him, watching him intently. When he is finished, she is blinking away sudden tears. "You are a crazy Finn," she retorts, impatiently wiping away the treacherous tears. "I want to live too! I want you to live, and everyone else, yes… even the fascists, because in the end are they not just mislead by powerhungry men?" She speaks passionately. "And if there is nothing for you in Finland, go somewhere else. Come back to Sweden and be my brother, start a new life, find your woman, get five healthy children."

Matti chuckles, a not particularly pleasant smile, "See? This why you good person. I not give a fuck about fascists, and I'm not that fond of the other Spaniards, either. I not very nice man… But I can recognize goodness, when I see it. So listen to me, Swede." He stares at you intensely, his eyes unblinking, "I not care much if I die. I rather bite bullet than see you get hit. Not because I good man, but because I want to believe that there still hope for world."

Lind refuses to be entirely swayed though she respects his wish. "Maybe you are not a nice man but you are not an evil man either. Being good doesn't always mean that you are also nice," she tells him with that quiet calm voice. Then she smiles that radiant warm smile at him, eyes still glittering with some tears. "I would care if you died."

Matti shrugs his slight shoulders, shooting a rare smile in your direction, "That nice to know." It doesn't linger for long, finding his face an inhospitable land. "I probably not care much. If I dead, I wormfood. Maybe burn in hell… Not made up mind, about religion. But I think it all the same to me, anyway."

Lind wipes at her eyes again, to remove the traces of her crying. She stands up and slings her rifle over her back for now. "I want to go home, sometimes. Then next I remember that this is my home, with you, my comrades." She doesn't use the word in the communist context, but rather with the context of you and them being her friends. She smiles again and then turns to leave the building to return.

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