Theater: Gallipoli
Nationality: Australian
Formation: ANZAC
Position: Combat Engineer
Rank: Private
Status: KIA - May 1915

Born in 1887 to William and Kathryn Cross, Alex grew up in Western Australia in the small growing town of Carnarvon. Halfway between Perth and Karratha, the town was isolated compared to the more populated city of Perth to the South. Alex was the third of five children. Unlike his two older brothers, Alex had excelled in grade school and had great inspirations to become a writer. He spent much of youth reading books, a love that he would carry later in life. As he progressed into further into his education in his teens he studied literature to the furthest extent that his schooling could provide.

His mother was proud that her son had dreams and aspirations of perusing a life beyond Carnarvon. His father and elder brothers thought different of the situation. Carnarvon was a salt mining town and that was what you did when you became a man. You worked at the salt mine or perhaps at the docks shipping the stuff out. Alex would often catch a great deal of grief of how much time he wasted in his books and that he would be a salt miner like his brothers, his father, grand father, and all the men in his line before him since the salt mine had been discovered in this town. This was not the life that Alex had wanted, it may have been good for his family line, but he wanted more from life than to live underground mining salt.

Upon graduation from school, it was time for Alex to become his own man. Pursuing a life of complete nonsense according to his father, he found a job as an assistant librarian. The job had paid very little and it was barely enough to scrape by in life. The library was a very under funded government project. After working there for three years, he had to be laid off due to funding. This left the man with little other options other than the salt mine. He had despised himself for having to ask his father to get him a job in the mines. Alex had wanted so much more from himself and the years a head, but he was doomed to the same fate that many his town had been. His education had almost been a complete waste in the salt mines.

When war had kicked off, the romantic notion of it that he had read from his books and struck him with an obligation to become part of something larger then himself. When the infantry passed through searching for able bodied men for its ranks Alex sought out enlistment. His inspiration to become more that what he was aided two of his child hood friends into joining as well.

Being initially assigned to an engineer unit had kept him busy in Egypt. His unit had been one of the initial units to arrive to help build the ever growing camp of soldiers arriving by the boat load from Australia, New Zealand and just about every else they had spoken English. Alex had done well transferring his experience from the mines to the military. He was often placed on construction type details where several skill sets would cross over easily. After three months in Egypt, Alex had grown tired of seeing Battalion after Battalion pass through and had felt that he was missing out on the action. When one of the infantry battalions passed through, he approached their senior NCO seeing of the man could pull some strings for him. Lucky for Alex, the NCO had some pulling power with the Battalion Commander and got Alex transferred into an infantry unit. Within a few weeks, he was on a boat sailing for Gallipoli.

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