Condolences — Kathleen

Mr. and Mrs. Asche,

By now you will have received the telegram regarding the death of your son. Please allow me to express my sincere condolences on your loss. Richard was posted to the line near our aid station, and I tended to him on a few occasions when he was slightly injured. He was a fine man, patient and never complaining, and a fine soldier as well. The lads in the squad looked up to him, and he was quite modest about his recent promotion to Corporal. Though I know it will be of little consolation, please know that Richard did not suffer, and his mates brought him back so that he would not be lost to No Man's Land. I know our sadness here is but a pale shadow of your grief, but do know that he will be dearly missed.

Deepest sympathies,
Sister Kathleen Campbell, AANS

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