Private Daniel Colson joined His Majestys Armed Forces in London. Coming from a family who had a long time tradition of service to the Crown in the Beefeaters, his decision was met with some resistance from his parents, but he joined up reguardless.

Initially shipped to the French Western front, Colson did a term fighting against the Germans in France. He was redeployed to Gallipoli to join the ANZAC forces there. During his time against the Turkish forces, he branched out from his Rifleman infantry skills into sniping. He became an unofficial sniper of some note amongst his unit, known for a cool head under pressure, and ready aim against targets in cover.

After the end of the Gallipoli campaign, he requested, and was accepted into formal Sniper training in His Majestys Armed services, passing the training with ease and returning to the Western Front. Once back in Combat, he distinguioshed himself as an able, and effective Sniper, with the same cool head under pressure, steady aim and calm demeanor. The dark spot on his career was a withdrawing from personal relationships as his focus down the sights of a scope became the focus of his personality.

When asked what made him an effective sniper, his response was 'I finally got my own Scoped Rifle, and a Trench Spike for when the enemy gets too close.

Colson retired from Armed services at the end of the war, with a rank of sergeant, and returned to civilian life. He quickly fell into a pattern of drinking, and almost hermit like status, till, eight months after his release from military life, the Spanish Flu plague swept through the area he was living in, in 1919. Daniel Colson was found in a chair, a laether bound notebook he carried throughout the war on the table beside him,, the only question about his death being, was it the influenza, or the alcohol that finally killed him.

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