Fullname: Phillip Chavalix
Position: Legionnaire de 2em Classe (private)
Rank: Private
Regiment: 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment

Phillip came to the brigade shortly before the end of the battle of Jarama. Originally stationed with the French brigade, the young man was one of the many replacements who came to assist and build up the ranks after the severe losses. At first, it was believed by many that he was the first of several legionnaires sent (possibly covertly) by the French government. This was however far from the truth. It turned out that ultimately, Phillip was AWOL from his own regiment. Having been given a few weeks leave from which he never returned. Rather, he went to spain to fight. There's some question why he may have gone there, with some of his new comrades thinking he may have been running from something; others think he may just be yet another adventure seeker, looking for a cause to fight for. Either way, he doesn't speak much about his history, save for one odd thing. Phillip belives, perhaps rightly so, that when he returns to France, he will face charges for his actions. Charges which he claims will land him in the stockade for no less than a year at hard labor. Which begs the question, would that be just for being Awol? Or is there more there than meets the eye?

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