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Characters of World War I:

Home Before the Leaves Change: 1914

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Nurse Alise Ingels
Private Johnathan "Jack" Davies
Corporal William 'Bill' Turner
Private Arjan Singh Ragi

Gallipoli: April 1915 - January 1916

Sergeant Kevin Hardly - NPC
Nurse Kathleen Campbell
Dr. Jeremy Young
Private Alistair Lydgate
Private David MacPherson
Private William Tanner
Private Alex Cross
Private Adam Masters
Private Daniel Colson
Private Kyle Lucas Browne
Doctor Bell Raine
Private Arthur "Ox" Vaughn
Lance Coporol Phillip Kwatra

The Lost Generation: 1918

The characters of first TGG campaign, where it all began.

Poilus Achille Chaloux
Corporal Markus Morgenstern
Nurse Josephine Beaumont
Corporal James West
Corporal David Mason
Nurse Kathleen Campbell
William Emerson
Aman Singh
Felix Byrd
Christiane Ingels
Benjamin Rothschild
Murdoch Wallace

Characters of the Spanish Civil War:


Captain O'Callaghan
Private William Engelbretson
Phillip Chavalix
Corporal Vaclav Hagen
Doctor Dario Cortez
Doctor Duncan MacAllister
Comrade Lovisa Lind
Private Jason Morris
Benjamin Rothschild
Ivan Grigorevich Konstantinov
Koren Reinhardt

Characters of the Winter War:

Private Gustaf Sigvardsson
Private Erkki Tapper-Rautakorpi
Doctor Johannes Korhonen
Emma Korhonen
Sonja Korhonen
Antti Mannikainen
Vesa Jokinen
Mika Lametti
Topi Kimmo Lindström
Raatevaara Connections
Niko Fisk
Pentti Tapper-Rautakorpi

Characters of the Rise of the Third Reich:


Gerhardt Falk
Wolfgang Heckenschutze
Jonas Meier
Doktor Jacob Schmidt
Nurse Sofia
SS-Rottenfuhrer Otto Schwenkfeld
SS-Scharfuhrer Ulrich Wagner
Unterfeldwebel Bastian Hertz
SS-Oberschutze Andreas Wolff
SS-Untersturmfuhrer Dieter Hirsch
SS-Oberscharfuhrer Ewald Baumann
SS-Sturmann Verner Fuchs
SS-Schutz Johannes Schuster
SS-Schutz Reiner Pauluson

Characters of the Fall of France:


Sergeant Tristan Becker
Kendall Llywelyn
Christiane Morgenstern
Doctor Isaac Shoshan
Lance-Corporal Charles Underwood DCM
Private John Oscar "Jack" Bentley

Characters of the French Resistance:

Charles Chevalier
Gabriel Chevalier
Alice Chevalier
Xavier d'Artois
Genevieve d'Este
Pierre Langlais
Marcel Mollet
Markus Morgenstern
Christiane Morgenstern
Etoile Morgenstern
Henrik Svensson
Doctor Isaac Shoshan
Doctor Jerome Copelo
Jean-Jacques Lacroix

Characters of the Battle of Britain:

Alec Byrd
Michael "Ahab" Everson
Stephen Murray

Characters of the HMS Viperous:

Captain: Lt. Cmdr. Jonathon Foster
Executive Officer: Lt. Xavier Pinkerton
-Helmsman: Midshipman A.J. Boyle, OPEN
-Radar/Sonar Operator: Midshipman Joanna Starling, Midshipman Richard Adrian "Logan" O'Reily, OPEN
Chief Engineer: Sub-Lt. Pearce
-Mechanics: Sub-Lt. John "Jaundice" Pith OPEN
-Engineering: Warrant Officer Kate McConnell, OPEN
Gunnery Officer: Comissioned Warrant Officer Israel Hands
-Torpedoes: Comissioned Warrant Officer Arthur Shaw, Warrant Officer Richard Irvine
-Depth Charges: Sub-Lt. Woodrow Marisco, OPEN
-Gunners: Sub-Lt. Arthur Conlan, OPEN
Chief Marine: Colour Sargeant Avery Hudson
-Marines: Brant Irwin Watson Jr., OPEN
Medical: Sub-Lieutenant Cristian Renteria, Warrant Officer Matthew Burke

Characters of Guadalcanal:

Ivar Strand
PFC Laurence "Tank" Slayback
Alec Byrd
HM3 Binyamin Kappedal
Annabelle Clark
Dr. Jason Fredricks
Cpl. Ryan Fischer
PFC Dominic Quaid
Private Frank "Sticky" Barbowitz
Nurse Grace Depree
Samuel Eugene Tyler
Joshua Derek "JD" Hay

Characters of Stalingrad:

Elise Berg - Anti-aircraft regiment medic
Viacheslav Vasilievich Karpov - Tailor and football player.
Sveta Kornakova - Experienced conscript from the fighting around Kharkov. Appeared out of nowhere.
Iodka Lesina Local widow. Somehow in charge.
Mikhail Vladimirovich Malakhov - Construction worker, former soldier.
Alena Marisova - Nurse.
Dr. Luka Andriyevich Maschenko - Physician from Kiev Oblast, Ukraine.
Yulia Morozova - Nurse
Zoya Novikova - Botanist in training who came home to help her family. Adores plants and seeds. Totally stick that a on there.
Efim Sokolof - Electronics instructor at a Stalingrad technical school. — KIA October 1942
Galina Konstantinovna Solokov
Dimitri Rascalov - Long-time enlisted man getting first taste of war.
Aleksandr Taktarov - Transfer from Factory-duty. Rifleman
Kovij Yevgenich - Clerk at munitions plant. Local killjoy.
Grigory Zaizev - Writer
Liliya Ivanovna Zharova - Factory worker and surrogate mother to her three siblings.

Characters of the Kriegsmarine:

Herbert Himmelreich

Administration Characters:

Death - Head Wizard
Pestilence -RPA
War - RPA
Darc - BCC
Kris - Builder
Vengeance - RPA
Strife - RPA
Chaos - RPA

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