Cancel Sponcership

Vina de sol

Dario Cortez, MD
Field Hospital 12

On 4 November 36 Liberte la Radio hosted a new program that was completely unbiased and nearly outright stated that it supported the intervention of Germany and Italy into the war. This is greatly disturbing to hear from a radio station that claims to support only the facts. On the other side of the spectrum, they brought a guest speaker to represent the Republic of Spain. They managed to invite a guest speaker that was not a strong supporter of the Republic nor a person who was educated on the political climate of the subject. It was a great embarrassment to all that we stand for.

If you are a supporter of the people, you will cease to fund this radio station until their reporter Agapito Soto is removed from the station and a public apology be given to the people. As a Doctor employed at one of the many Field Hospitals here in Madrid, I see first hand the effects of what the German and Italian weapons of war do onto the soldiers and civilians a like. These fascist governments do not belong in our war. They are here to inflect damage and death to the people of Spain; if you are a true supporter of the Republic, you will make the right decision

Dr. Cortez

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