Kyle Lucas Browne

Kyle Lucas Browne was born in Dunedin in New Zealand in the autumn of 1890. When he was old enough, he went to the Dunedin Technical School, where he studied engeneering and building, before joining the Anzac forces, something that landed him on the front line as a combat engineer.
Getting close to death quite a few times during the Gallipoli campaign, Browne spent the next few months after the retreat from that particular front in a hospital, battling severe depression. Recovered, he spent some time fighting on the Western Front, before retiring in 1918, at the end of the War.
He never returned to New Zealand, as he spent the next ten years travelling through Europe, doing various small jobs here and there, but also fought, both with his depression and alcohol-related illnesses. His travels eventually took him to the area where he had fought the Turks during the war, and it was there, on his 38th birthday in 1928 that he was found by a local farmer, having shot himself on the beach near where so many of his comrades in arms were buried during the war.

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