Surrendering Greeks

"Need oil to drive the panzers." Hirsch mutters, and then looks over to the west, at a couple of uniformed figures in the distance to the west advancing, clutching a white flag.

Schwenkfeld blinks and suddenly points to the window. "White flag. Man wiht a white flag, coming this way."

Wagner puts his helmet on and stands up, moving to the window to peer at those figures. "Let's get into position in the trenches to the west, get our sights trained on those men," he says.

Heckenschutze raises an eye brow having just come in.

Hirsch nods at Wagner. "Off you go, Scharfuhrer." he agrees, happy to follow along behind.

Schwenkfeld nods too, drawing his rifle around to ready it and head out with a quick step. "Get in position, men. Trenches to the west, the old Greek ones."

Leon frowns, at the mention of men with white flags. He takes a deep breath and stands, putting on his helmet and peering over. He's following Hirsch and Wagner like a faithful mule.

Wagner exits the pub and jogs to the positions west.

Wagner drags the radio behind him and gets it set up. "What are your orders, sir?" he asks Hirsch.

Hirsch eyes the approaching Greeks. "Keep an eye out for trouble, no telling what might happen. Not that I expect Greek duplicity but you never know." he says cautiously, just stealing a peek over the trench lip at the oncoming party. Three men, one being the flag bearer.

Wagner pats his pockets and snorts. "Schutze Hallermann has my German-Greek phrasebook," he says. "Their language is worse than French."

Schwenkfeld readies his rifle, keeping it trained at the one Greek that seems most likely to be in command.

Leon is peering out, watching the Greeks curiously. "Hmm…" He sighs, "I know only how to say hello."

Heckenschutze uses the edge of the trench to steady his rifle.

Falk has gotten into position in one of the trenches with the others. He lifts his rifle as well, eyes narrowing as he peers.

The Greeks cautiously approach the German trenches… apparently a captain, and some minions, one of which gets the carry the huge flag. The captain even speaks German. "I wish to speak to your commander officer." he says in a heavy accent when he gets close enough.

Heckenschutze carefully aims at the one talking.

Schwenkfeld doesn't offer a menacing expression as the Greek speaks German, but still he does try to keep up the appearance of training from a professional army, keeping the rifle levelled.

Wagner brings his MP40 to bear on the Captain and waits. He doesn't reveal who the CO is to this Captain, instead waiting for Hirsch's orders.

Leon doesn't look too menacing, merely quiet and stern. German-y. He's keeping his eye on the Captain's goon squad behind him.

Falk keeps his rifle ready but he does not fire, or do anything else more menacing than glare at the Greeks and point a rifle at them.

Hirsch pops up, and shows off his lieutenant pips. Not much of an officer. "Maybe I can help you gentlemen?".

Heckenschutze tightens his grip on the rifle, every once of him straining not to fire.

The Greek shakes his head. "We need to talk to your CO, Sepp Dietrich, to arrange a meeting. If a time and a date can be arranged quickly, General Tsolakoglou is on hand and ready to discuss terms.".

Falk's expression changes, a hair, when the Greek captain goes on to Hirsch. Terms? Not that he lowers his rifle, or relaxes much. Falk seems incapable of really relaxing.

Hirsch blinks, and glances over at Wagner. "Scharfuhrer, take the halftrack and a full squad, escort these men under close guard to the CO.". He still has the maps tucked under his arm from when he was reading them earlier, so easy enough - he passes them to Wagner. "The position is marked on here.".

Leon is a lot like a ferret. Slinky bastards. He doesn't seem tense or at ease, drifting in some cold, neutral in between. He peers over the Greeks and then his own superiors.

Schwenkfeld gives a slight grunt, turning his head from the Greeks to look over to Wagner for the order.

Wagner takes the maps from Hirsch and nods. "Yes sir!" To the others, "You heard the Untersturmfuhrer. Let's get this done!" He climbs out of the trench and keeps his MP40 trained on the Greeks. "Schutze Heckenschutze, search them for weapons."

Schwenkfeld too starts stepping up from the Greek-dug trench, shouldering his rifle to free his hands to draw a Luger.

Leon keeps his rifle, looking over. He grunts as he clambers out of the trench. There's a lot of Leon to /move/. At least he looks a lot better.

Heckenschutze slings his rifle and approaches the Greeks, motioning for them to hold their arms out. Then one by one he pats them down.

Falk straightens and nods sharply to Wagner, awaiting his further orders. He still keeps his rifle trained on the Greeks, climbing out of the trench with a grunt.

Heckenschutze finally steps back and says, "Nothing"

"Rottenfuhrer Schwenkfeld, get the halftrack ready," Wagner says. "Everyone else is escorts." He addresses the Greek, "Tell your men to follow the Rottenfuhrer. And not to stray too far, ja?" He hefts the MP40.

Schwenkfeld keeps the pistol readied as the officer's juniors are searched for weapons. At least, expecting Hallermann to.

Schwenkfeld adds, "Yes, scharfuhrer" as he starts stepping back to head with his pistol towards the halftrack in town.

Heckenschutze unslings his rifle and brings around to cover the greeks.

The Greeks are fairly meek, language barriers and the side wots got the guns probably has something to do with that, though the Greek captain does attempt to assume a proud and regal bearing, and is at least partially successful. Happy to be led.

Leon doesn't seem to mind. He looks over the men, cautiously. He nods at the Greeks. "Hm." Leon grunts softly. He's learning to speak Falk-ese. He seems curious, about these strange Greeks. He's read the myths and all that.

Falk positions himself not far from Heckenschutze, watching the Greeks hawkishly over the barrel of his rifle. But he's not terribly threatening. He /almost/ looks curious. As much as Falk ever looks anything expressive.

Schwenkfeld enters town, getting into the armoured halftrack's cab to drive it forward out into the pasture where the Greeks and their minders can board. The engine chugging, well-maintained, the sleek design of the armoured vehicle showing off German engineering.

Hans sits in his slit trench, peering at the greek surrenderee's, smirking a bit as he plays with the safety catch of his p38.

Volkswagon, ja! No wait … Leon is watching the Greeks intently, more curious than eager to shoot. Too bad he doesn't speak Greek.

Hanomag, not Volkswagen…

"Into the halftrack," Wagner tells the Greek Captain, gesturing with the muzzle of his MP40. He waits for everyone else to get in first.

The proles back home get the Volkswagens. Where did you think the name came from?

Heckenschutze waits then follows the greeks aboard the truck.

The Greeks climb into the halftrack, the guy with the flag wrapping it up so it doesn't get in the way. It being a big and highly visible flag. Rifles can reach out and touch from a long way after all.

Falk waits until the Greeks are aboard before climbing in after his fellows, shifting his rifle around so he's not in danger of shooting any German heads off if they hit a bump in the road.

Leon is bringing up the rear. He hefts his rifle, choosing not to reach out and touch his fellow man at the moment. His dark eyes peer out. He's just behind Falk it seems. Fortunately, anyone aiming to shoot out Leon's brains will need spectacular aim.

Schwenkfeld looks back from the driver's seat, frowning a little as he notices the Greek ability to be within hand's reach of German ammonition. Still, there are SS soldiers back there to guard as he readies the vehicle to get moving.

Heckenschutze sits across from one of the Greeks and just stares expressionlessly into the others eyes.
Wagner climbs into the halftrack. "Rottenfuhrer Schwenkfeld, take us to the CP," he says, handing the map to the driver. He takes a seat.

The divisional HQ is a fair distance away from here, to the east, a couple of villages over. In a halftrack, not so many minutes drive though.

Schwenkfeld nods with a low grunt, "Yes, Scharfuhrer." as he works the controls to get the vehicle moving. It's not a smooth ride as the forward wheels roll over clumps of thick grass and sheep droppings, but eventually the halftrack makes it to the road north, which will soon connect to the main road. "Straight to the HQ?"

"Yes," Wagner says. "Straight to the HQ."

Falk settles back to enjoy the ride. With his rifle. He continues to eye the prisoners, particularly the one with the flag.

Leon is ridin' in back! He doesn't seem to mind the bumpy ride, just looking around like a pet dog.
Heckenschutze sways and bounces with the movement of the truck, his eyes never waviering from their cold hard stare.

The negotiators stay all quiet in the back, the younger Greek minion types looking over the cool SS uniforms with obvious interest. There isn't exactly a huge amount of hostility coming off of them…

Schwenkfeld speeds up a bit, now that the vehicle's travelling over a paved roadway. Moving through the valley the halftrack leaves the small village behind with the white clock tower of an Orthodox church ahead giving the hint of the new town where Divisional HQ is placed.

Falk grunts at the Greeks and turns his head. It betters shows off his jagged scar to the Greeks. Whether he's doing it intentionally is unclear.

Heckenschutze looks over at Wagner, then back at the young greek riding across from him and then asks in a matter of fact like voice, without a hint of humor in his eyes, "Can we eat them?"

Leon's scar is, fortunately, hidden by his helmet. He seems curious about them, in turn. Although he probably does look snazzy in his Hugo Boss designed uniform, uh huh. He tries not to laugh at Heckenschutze's comment, lifting his hand to his mouth to hide the smile.

Schwenkfeld slows as the vehicle approaches a roadblock. German infantrymen guarding the approach to the division's motorpool. He slides the window back to allow his face and uniform to be fully visible as the vehicle brakes, the engine still idling.

Schwenkfeld turns after first declaring the unit and presenting his papers to the guards at the roadblock. "Herr Scharfuhrer. They want to get a look at the Greeks."

"Shut up," Wagner grunts to Heckenschutze. One look at Wagner's ugly (and yes, scarred, with that time half his head nearly got blown off) mug and you can see he isn't amused at all. "We're almost here," he tells the squad. "Our job isn't over until the prisoners are transferred to Command."

Wagner nods to Schwenkfeld. "By all means," he says. "Let one of 'em on to verify that the Greeks are indeed Greeks." The Scharfuhrer smirks a little.

Heckenschutze allows one corner of his mouth twitch in a kind of smirk, but says no more.

Schwenkfeld nods back, leaning to motion towards the rear of the vehicle for the guards to carry out their inspection so the squad can move on. It doesn't take long, they seem more curious than concerned, but it is the approach to Divisional HQ.

A Greek chapel has been commandeered by the divisional HQ, well out of range of anything the Greeks have that could bring pain and death down on them. Admittedly the Greeks don't have much. There are plenty of soldiers on guard or patrolling around this very much secured town, and the odd higher ranking staff type wandering around, running some sort of errand.

Heckenschutze quietly awaits their orders.

Schwenkfeld signs his name and rank on a pad for the guard, along with the vehicle number and unit. "They're waving us through now." back to the two of higher rank on board as the vehicle begins moving forward once more after the inspection. "The guard said the CO's in that church on the hill." as the halftrack drives towards it, pulling over where it can be idle while the passengers dismount.

"Heh, heathens in the house of God," Leon comments darkly. Whether he means the Germans or the Greeks, it's hard to tell. Could go either way. He is riding, a good passenger.

"Park this someplace out of the way," Wagner says. "And everybody dismount."

Schwenkfeld nods and pulls the halftrack to park and idle alongside a military truck, a brand new Opel.
You paged Death with 'Hirsch should abuse his command and send us on wild goose chases and shit for his own personal gain, just like Kilgore.'.

Falk gets off the truck, grunting as his jackboots touch the ground. He keeps his rifle up but they're at the HQ now, so it's mostly for show.

Heckenschutze waits for the Greeks to depart first before unloading.

Leon hops out, rifle slung over his shoulder. There's a lot of Leon to fit into the damn truck, let alone have a rifle out. He acknowledges this, and stands, watching.

A Sturmbannfuhrer who happens to have seen the halftrack drive up heads over, a frown on his face, not recognising the men in the track - and indeed not recognising the track. "Scharfuhrer, whats this about?" he asks Wagner, eying the Greeks in the back. Who are just about now climbing out.

Wagner gets out of the halftrack and says to the Greek Captain, "Out. And tell your man he doesn't need that stupid flag anymore. He can drop it." To the squad, he mutters low, "Look sharp for the CO." A sharp salute to the Sturmbannfuhrer. "Delivering prisoners on orders of Untersturmfuhrer Hirsch, sir. A Greek captain wishes to meet the CO and arrange a time and place to discuss terms."

The Sturmbannfuhrer blinks, a little surprised. "Wait here a moment." he commands, and heads into the chapel, out of sight. A few of the other Germans around here flash the odd curious look at you all, but you are mostly left alone.

The Greek who has the flag stashes it in the back of the halftrack.

Leon blinks. The CO? Righto! For once, the man straightens and looks vaguely intimidating. When he pulls himself together, Rottenfuhrer Austerlitz looks like a dark, rugged SS man. Too bad this only happens rarely.
Heckenschutze stands to one side and slightly behind the prisoner, he looks every bit the perfect soldier.
Schwenkfeld takes a look back from the driver's cab as the white flag is placed there, perhaps a little suspicious lest it be seen as conspicuously placing a white flag on an SS vehicle.

Falk also eyes the Greek as he stows the flag. He grunts but he holds his posture straight, trying to look the picture of obedient SS soldiery.

The sturmbannfuhrer swiftly returns after no more than a couple of minutes, and nods briefly at Wagner, unable to completely keep the smile off his face. The Third Reich grows a little bigger again under the Fuhrer's guidance! "Thank you, Scharfuhrer, that will be all. You may return to your platoon, and leave the Greeks here with us.".

Wagner salutes the sturmbannfuhrer. "Yes, sir!" He slings his MP40 behind a shoulder, turns, and says to the squad, "Time to go. Everyone in the halftrack." Anticlimactic, but c'mon, what were you expecting? Medals and accolades?

Schwenkfeld smiles a little to himself, not having left the cab of the halftrack. He seems satisfied, waiting there for the others to load up and embark.

Falk grunts, saluting the sturmbannfuhrer before nodding to Wagner and turning to pile back on the halftrack. To return from whence he came.

Leon blinks. He looks a bit incredulous, but he simply smiles. Surprised, yes, that's it! "Yes, herr," Leon salutes quickly, and sneaks back into the half-track.

The Greeks are shuffled off into the chapel, there presumably to set a date for when the holy and sainted General will show up and bless the lower ranks with his presence. The sturmbannfuhrer goes with them, leaving you lot unsupervised.

"Let's get moving, Rottenfuhrer," Wagner says. He calls to Heckenschutze, "You planning on walking back?"

"Go," Wagner says.

Unsupervised? Leon Gone Wild! No, not really. He's obediently packed away, looking quiet and thoughtful. "Interesting," Leon comments softly.

Schwenkfeld nods, "Moving out now." and with a shift and press gets the vehicle rolling and reversing out from beside the larger Opel. It's a careful movement, taking the group back down to where the roadblock's guards simply wave it through now after jotting down the vehicle registration number. "All okay back there?" as if Hechenschutze might not have been able to get settled on the bench yet.

Wagner spots the folded white flag that Greek stowed away. He grabs in and looks at it thoughtfully for a moment before crumpling it and tossing it out of the halftrack, off the road. "We won't have any need of that," he tells the squad.

Heckenschutze says deadpan, "Hallermann could have used it instead of the pages in your book maybe?"

Falk watches Wagner crumple the flag, his face expressionless. He just grunts, shouldering his rifle to get in a comfortable riding position, and settles in for the drive back.

Wagner snorts. "I have better things to think about than Schutze Hallermann's bowel movements, Oberschutze," he says. Wagner says to Schwenkfeld, "Let's hurry up and try to get back before nightfall. I want to shave while there's still some light."

Schwenkfeld offers, "Could've been used to wipe with." and turns his head to smile back before accelerating the vehicle down the main road from town.

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