Arrival In Epirus

The Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler have been in Greece for a week now, and have seen fighting around Vevi and the Mount Olympus area. But now they are about to be reassigned back to the Greco-Albanian border, to help finish off the Greek First Army.

Smith stares blankly at Leon. Humour doesn't seem to be one of his strong points, so he clearly doesn't understand what the Rottenfuhrer is saying. He nods at Schwenkfeld. "Money has made us cheap, and weak. Lazy, unfit, greedy. Spiritual qualities, purity, they have become meaningless. The Party will help to reclaim the nobility of the human spirit." Spoken like someone who has never had a shortage of money in his life.

Rolf fumbles with trying to field dress his rifle most likely getting it dirtier for the effort of cleaning.

Kunze has actually managed to brew a pretty damn good pot of coffee, given the situation. Who knows? Maybe he was able to find a little chickory to perk up the taste. At any rate, he nods to Falk before glancing over toward Schwenkfeld, Leon, and Smith, apparently bereft of anything to add to the discussion.

Gerhard picks up a cup of coffee with a little nod to Kunze and proceeds more towards Schwenkfeld. "I used to want a fancy home and lots of money. Now that I have been out across the continent living in every kind of tent imaginable with all my expenses paid for I've changed my mind completely," he says dryly. "How is Herr Halftrack doing these days?" he inquires with a look at the rag.

Leon realizes what he just said and sighs, "Nevermind. It's probably just all the medicine they throw at me, making me grumpy. I'm just bored since I cannot fight so well." Oh yeah. That's it. Leon just needs to go shoot some stuff and it'll be all better. Perfectly logical. He looks over to Kunze, "Is there much of that left?" He has decided to avoid the subject and moping further.

Falk grunts at that last of what Smith says, the most of those words meet with a slow nod. He guzzles deep of his coffee and says shortly, "Jews. Communists. All untermensch. All did nothing but weaken our nation. Now…now we are strong. The Fuhrer has healed us."

Schwenkfeld considers Smith's words as Kunze and others step over closer. "Working people are not lazy and soft. You are right, that is not in our Fatherland's nature." He smiles over to Gerhard and shrugs a bit. "I don't mind having something nice now and then. But any money I get, I work for. Not have it given."

Hirsch heads through the darkness to the impromptu campsite by the road. Oh what happy news he will be bringing, after these long days pushing south, always pushing south. He looks at the coffee with faint longing, but it's not for for a leader to mix too much with the underlings. He stays quiet for now, at the periphery, listening to the conversations.

Smith nods. "Yes. There is no strength in the intellectuals, in the old nobility. The true German spirit rests in the workers, the farmers, the simple people." He makes that sound like a good thing. "As you say, brother, the Fuhrer has made us strong. The cancer of our nation, of our race, can only be expunged by fire."

Rolf somehow manages to get the rifle back together and the bolt even works. He reloads and then stands and helps himself to a cup of joe giving Kunse a smile as he picks up a cup.

Falk smiles a jagged, scarred smile at the word 'fire.' He nods another slow nod, drinking his coffee down to the few stray grounds in the bottom of the cup. He grunts. Satisfying, that.

Schwenkfeld stretches out both arms for a moment. "The Fuhrer is smart. I have seen him up close. In Munich in the beer hall. He was short, I thought he'd be taller, but he speaks like a great general and knows the truth about everything."

Bret clambers around as he wakes in the back of the halftrack, knocking things over and making a bit of noise.

"The Fuhrer has a vision," Hallermann agrees from his corner. "He knows where Germany is going. He knows how we can be great again. And he trusts /us/ to do the job."

Gerhard says "Most of the great soldiers are short." He's not saying just because he is a little short, of course. "They're smaller targets to hit, so they live longer and learn more."

Rolf stands close by the others sipping the coffee and mulling what is being said around in his mind.

Leon looks a little ill at Smith's words. He's paler now, dark eyes shining with a sort of horror. He shakes his head. "Ugh, dizzy." He scowls. Yeah, that's it. The Rottenfuhrer is just dizzy. Nothing unusual. He laughs a bit at Gerhard's comment. "I'm doomed then … but-" But Leon DOES seem to draw a lot of lead hilariously enough.

Smith looks impressed, for a moment looking like the young man that he is. "You have seen the Fuhrer? Did he adress you?" A mixture of envy and awe is on his angular face. He blinks as Leon stumbles. "You are wounded?"
"Saw him from far off in Berlin once. In a great crowd," Falk says, his deep voice quiet with awe. "Some him closer, when we took France. In a place called Vimy, where we'd fought the old battles. The Fuhrer, he saw the Great War. He saw those hard times. They forged him into steel, as he has forged us."

Bret clambers out of the back of the halftrack, he sees the other soldiers, "Is party no?"

Kunze walks over to Leon, handing the wounded man a hot cup of coffee before settling down to poke at his fire again, still seemingly without anything to add to the conversation. Perhaps it's better that way.

Gerhard says "And then when they build the four meter statue of you for your great accomplishments, you don't look short!" He looks over to Leon. "You are not doomed!" he says reassuringly. "Just… maybe slouch like you are elderly. And do not stay so close to me."

Schwenkfeld responds to Smith first, "Yes, In Munich. We all marched together, trying to get the police to realise that they were supporting backstabbers that the foreigners installed." More quietly, "But they shot him in the arm. He did not run away. The police just didn't understand. They'd been fooled."

Schwenkfeld brushes off his Golden Party Award, the badge given to the old-time original party members from those years.

Hirsch slinks over to where Kunze has his coffee laid out, and just picks up the pot, appropriates himself a cup and pours himself some without a word. Thats a bit more leader-ly. He's as interested as Smith apparently at the tale of the Fuhrer though, and stays quiet, listening, with his eyes on the Old Guard.

"Just my arms and hands, just frustrating," Leon smiles faintly. He accepts the cup with his right hand. He almost laughs at Gerhard again. "Noted." He looks to Schwenkfeld and blinks. "Impressive." He shifts his weight a bit, to listen now.

Kunze made the coffee for soldiers and officers alike to drink, so the Untersturmfuhrer is more than welcome to a cup as far as he's concerned. He, too, turns to listen more closely to Schwenkfeld.

Rolf eyes widen a bit as Hirsch appears out of the dark and pours himself a cup of coffee, but remains quiet.

Bret slips his rifle strap over his shoulder and walks over to where Otto is, "It's too dark in this country." He lets go a small chuckle at his statement.

Hallermann eyes Bret, noting, "Uh. It's night time?"

Bret glances back to Hallermann, "Really? Thank you for your magnificent insight on my comment to Otto professor."

Schwenkfeld smiles aimeably, looking over then to the younger platoon members. "You kids have become men under our great leader." Then to Bret, "It was real bad after the foreigners took over to put their weasel friends in power. The Kaiser was a great man too, but he didn't have the willpower and strength our Fuhrer has. Back then, we were starving. There was no food. Even farmers."

Hallermann grunts, settling back to rest again. "Y'welcome."

Smith sits back, leaning against the armoured vehicles. "Yes… Yes. That would have been glory, to march with him in Munich."

Falk grunts at Bret. "Dark is good. Can move in the shadows. Makes you harder to kill." That said, he turns back to Schwenkfeld, nodding sadly. "Bad times. Bad times," he agrees simply, in a low tone that speaks volumes.

Bret glances to Otto, "That was the real test of men, I'm ashamed I couldn't take part in it."

Leon is quiet, mostly nodding and listening. At least the mopey bastard respects history and age. He sips his coffee, murmuring a soft "Thank you.". He looks around, almost reflexively, peering out into the night.

Hirsch eyes Smith, one of the newcomers. Definitely not one of the old guard. So many new people here in the last year… so many new people of questionable dedication. He drains his coffee for a caffeine rush, leaves the cup by Kunze, and slinks over to Smith.

Schwenkfeld speaks lower. "You're taking part in it now. The Third Reich. Deutschevolk becoming great again, showing strength as a world power." A firm nod to Bret, then he looks over to Smith. "I think after the war is won you'll have a great future. I am not smart, could not even stay in school till I finished, but tommorrow's leaders will be the soldiers who fight today." and nods firmly. "Yes."

"I do not care about tomorrow." Smith says that simply - it's clear that he means it. "Whether I, you, we, die or not makes little difference - even if we die, we die as martyrs for progress. We will be remembered as heroes, and if we die, we will die as heroes, not as toothless old men who can't remember their names." The American's eyes blaze. He jumps to his feet as he notices Hirsch nearby, performing a nazisalute, "Mein Untersturmfuhrer!"

Leon just smiles faintly. He nods slowly again, watching Hirsch slink over towards his target. This is going to be good. His dark eyes flicker and he keeps that odd smile. He almost laughs again. But he stifles it in a drink of coffee. No one likes coffee in the eyes. But it amuses the hell out of him, nevertheless. "Heh…"

Bret takes a sip of his canteen water and looks at Falk, "The dark makes it even harder for me to see." He points to his eyepatch, "It's already hard enough as it is."

Falk nods in firm agreement with Schwenkfeld, shrugging his shoulders. As if shrugging off whatever dark memories he was revisiting in that moment. He seems on point of replying to Bret but he only grins and grunts a grim grunt, straightening up when Hirsch appear.

Kunze stacks up the empty coffee cups, eyeing the pot to check how much of the brew is left, glancing toward Smith strangely as he so suddenly snaps off a salute to Hirsch. "You should care about tomorrow, Amerikaner," Kunze begins somewhat darkly, "As it is only years from now that we will know if the Third Reich will succeed, that we will know if all the German lives lost were not in vain…"

Schwenkfeld grunts at Smith's last speech, perhaps not so enthused with that. But as the officer's presence is pointed out, Otto too lifts his large frame up to lift a palm. He doesn't speak out a hail to the untersturmfuhrer, though. Even the salute is kept minimal, lest there be snipers in this forward position.

Hirsch figures the front is a long way away, so returns the salute. "Heil Hitler." he intones, and then looks over Smith with a curious expression. "Schutze… Smith?" he asks, as if testing the foreign name out.

And a minimal salute to the officer too, as Leon's bandaged hand lifts. He looks around, just in case, straightening. If there's one thing the mopey git fears, it's the wrath of an officer. He quirks an eyebrow at the American name. This is new to him, as is the man and he straightens, attentive now.

Bret stands slowly and gives a nazi salute to Hirsch, before returning to his seat.

"Schutze John Smith, Herr Untersturmfuhrer." Smith's German is immaculate, but it lacks the naturalness and the idiomatic use of a native speaker. "I am pleased to serve the Fatherland in this platoon."

Falk crosses his arms along his chest after he's finished with the proper saluting and heiling, watching the interplay between Hirsch and Smith, blue eyes narrowed and expression stoic.

Schwenkfeld lowers his arm and listens as well, attentive but not showing excitement.

"An American? Obviously an Aryan American, or you wouldn't be here.". Hirsch with his vaguely Jewish name is happy to stress the required background checks all endure, of course. "But I'm curious, nevertheless, as to why you have chosen to be here. When was the first time you visited Germany?".

"Volksdeutsche. Aryan on both sides - my father was German, my mother anglo-saxon." Smith looks puzzled when Hirsch announces his curiousity. "Herr Untersturmfuhrer? The Reich proclaimed that all true Aryans should return to the Fatherland. I heard the call. I wish to fight for the Third Reich, to make the world a better place. I have not been outside the United States before."

Schwenkfeld smiles and nods a bit, the look in his eyes perhaps a bit vacant without a sharpness of wit hearing the words.

Leon has the wit, but he doesn't seem so… enthusiastic, just nodding and listening along. He sips his coffee and melds into the background, as Leon is wont to do.

Hirsch blinks at that. "True, true… but you are still unusual. The only person in this platoon after all. And you never left the United States before. Even more unusual? Did you see combat at the Olympus pass?" he wonders, curious as to past performance. "To have travelled so far, after being brought up in an alien land - you must be a man of rare conviction and courage.".

Bret isn't paying the slightest attention to the conversation, instead playing solitaire.

Falk is making a good show of not paying attention. Grunting and staring in another direction, as he is wont to do. It's never healthy to show too much interest in things that aren't your business here. His ears are tuned to the conversation, though.

Bret grunts a bit as he loses another game to luck, he swipes up his cards, reshuffles them, and starts yet another game.

"Not really. I rode in the bike with Schutze Falk, and it was the armoured car that was assaulted." Smith looks a little flustered at the praise, lowering his eyes. "There is no place else where I would rather be, Herr Untersturmfuhrer." Once again, there is no hesitation or irony in his words.

Bret hears the last bit of the conversation, "I think every man has the same amount of conviction in courage to do this for his country, I don't think it requires different measurements."

Schwenkfeld tries to adjust his uniform, straightening it up to be more presentable while listening. There's an officer present, and the rottenfuhrer at least tries to make an effort as an example to the men.

Schwenkfeld adds in a quick mutter towards Bret, "Don't interrupt the Untersturmfuhrer's conversation, Schutze. He's busy talking to the new man."

Bret stacks his cards up and slips them into the pack. He then slips the pack into his pocket, "Well I don't think it does."

Falk nods firmly at Bret, to back up Schwenkfeld's words. "Ja. Busy man," he grunts, imbuing his grunt with a warning quality.

Hirsch smiles a bit at that, finding it ironic, given they are in Greece. "I think we are all here in Greece somewhat by accident. On behalf of an ally.". He glances over at Bret. "Maybe in the SS, but not in the German nation as a whole. Not yet, anyway.". Smith seems to pass muster at least, and there are a lot of eyes on him now, so he may as well spit it out. "There's been a change of plan, we're heading back to the Albanian border. The Gebirgsjagers will be pressing on south to Larissa without us. Needless to say haste is required, but you deserve a slight break - so I want us to be back on the road within an hour.".

Leon blinks, but he nods with Schwenkfeld and Falk. Discipline, oh yeah. Leon is straighter now, keeping his hands folded in his lap. He is the silent one.

Smith loosens up a little, as Hirsch's attention drifts away from him.

Hallermann looks up at that, interrupting, "We're not needed here any more? Back to Albania?" He stops short of the 'why?', but there's that tone in his voice. Whiny bastard.

Schwenkfeld blinks, the new orders coming as a surprise. His chin lifts, raising his chest for a moment attentively. "Yes, herr Untersturmfuhrer." Waiting at that for the officer to be finished.

Bret groans as he stands up, he starts packing things back into the halftrack, being the pack mule of the squad.

Hirsch nods. "Back to Albania, yes.". And now, the inevitable explanation. "The Greek 1st Army, which you may be aware is in Albania after having pushed the Italians back months ago, is now marching back into Greece, as we've pushed so far south that their supply lines have been cut. Unfortunately for them they are on foot, which means we can swiftly move to an appropriate spot on the border to check their advance and make sure they don't get resupplied. As the LSSAH is now entirely mechanised, we have been given that task.". A brief pause, and then, "Should be easy enough, the Greeks can't handle a mechanised unit.".

Hallermann snorts derisively, commenting under his breath, "The Italians couldn't hold a party, let alone a position."

Schwenkfeld forms a big smile, "Not ours. We will push the Greek army back to make them bandits again."

Smith nods thoughtfully. "We will be the ones defending, Herr Untersturmfuhrer?"

Bret stops for a moment as he shoves something large in the back of the halftrack, "I've been to an Italian's party, it was crazy."

Hirsch spreads his hands. "At a strategic level yes, but at the level of this platoon, who knows. There may be counteroffensives planned. That isn't for me to decide." he replies to Smith. "In any case, our orders are to reach the border before the Greeks do.".

Leon is still quiet, but his eyebrows are up. He doesn't seem /too/ surprised by the Italians, given his experience with them. "Of course."

Kunze nods faintly a few times to himself as he gathers up all his coffee-makin' supplies. Pot, cups, a sack of Ethiopian coffee beans… there's his secret. Who knows how he got a hold of the coffee, but it's damn tasty.

Rolf sets down his now empty cup and sets to packing up his supplies.

Schwenkfeld straightens again. "We will load up and pull out as soon as you are finished, herr Untersturmfuhrer. The men here are all reliable to get to work when needed."

Bret stops as he hears this, "You mean we weren't supposed to work yet?"

Smith shoots a look at Bret. "You should not be so flippant, brother. People might think that you're a Defeatist." That sounds like a capital offense, coming from Smith.

Bret glances at Smith, "The concept of defeat without struggle? You've rode in a flipping bike. That's alot of struggle." He goes back to stacking things into the halftrack.

Smith stares at Bert, his eyes burning with the fervour of a true fanatic. "Your attitude will not win us this war, brother. We must give the Fatherland our all."

Bret lets out a bit of a chuckle at this, "And uneeded stupidity and anger will win us the war?"

Hallermann shrugs at Smith, surreptitiously tapping his temple and nodding towards Bret. Or was that just scratching his head. Who knows.

Hirsch just eyes Bret. And Smith. "If there are any more questions we can discuss those when on the move." he says, to everybody as a whole. And for Smith and Bret alone, he adds, "We have our orders, and thats all you two need to concern yourself about. So get ready to move.".

Schwenkfeld turns from where he'd been attentive to the officer, the large man frowning a look over to Bret, "Be quiet. You are not helping." His eyes go to Smith for a moment too, but not with the frown directed at the other.

Smith shoots another cold look at Bret, snapping a nazi salute, "Jawohl, Herr Untersturmfuhrer." He bends over his kapsack, getting his gear together.

Rolf assists Bret in getting the truck loaded.

Bret seems to calm down a bit as he realizes everyone in this squad is against him at this moment, he solemnly nods to Otto and goes back to loading up the halftrack.

Even with his bandages a go go, Leon is slowly shuffling things about mutely. He winces, if he grabs something with his hands. He is neither for nor against anyone, a dumb mule for now.

Schwenkfeld steps over to ready the towed gun, getting the 3.7cm antitank gun secured and set for crosscountry movement behind the halftrack.

Hirsch sees things happening, and thats the main thing. He moves on to the next little campfire, to spread the love there. A bit quicker this time, as he was too busy listening to war stories about the Fuhrer here, and now time has been wasted!

Andreas is also present, doing whatever he can to help getting things in order.
«Ground Vehicles» Rolf gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
«Ground Vehicles» Bret gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
«Ground Vehicles» Smith gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret clambers to the front of the halftrack and sits in the driver's seat.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Rolf climbs up into the truck and sets about stacking items to allow room for passengers.
«Ground Vehicles» Leon gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
«Ground Vehicles» Schwenkfeld gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
«Ground Vehicles» Hallermann gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
«Ground Vehicles» Andreas gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Smith stands behind the MG, idling.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Schwenkfeld looks over as Smith takes position behind the machine gun. "You can take the gun position for now. But I will have it the second half."
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Hallermann clambers up into the back of the truck, finding himself a corner to wedge himself into, there to keep his head down and hopefully not get voluntold for anything.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret reaches down and cranks up the halftrack, a satisfied smile crossing his face as the engine comes to life with a roar.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Leon is settling in, smiling faintly. He is a little out of it.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Hirsch spreads the word quickly, and then hurries back, to climb into the halftrack here. You guys are special.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Schwenkfeld takes a seat down now on one bench to rest his legs.
«OOC» Bret says "We're not special, Hallermann's the only one who has his own special little helmet and cape!"
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Smith glances at Schwenkfeld. "It is all the same for me, herr Rottenfuhrer."
«OOC» Hallermann says "It has a big H on it."
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Andreas moves into position, muttering a little bit as he looks between the others, shrugging a little bit to himself.
«OOC» Bret gives Hallermann a cookie and pats him on the head.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Schwenkfeld lowers the helmet to rest it more over his face.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret glances back at Hirsch, "Which way sir?"
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Hirsch indicates the road where they just drove down. "Back the way we came for some time…" he says. Kinda depressing really.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret let's out a sigh, not so much depressed.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret begins to turn the halftrack around, not an easy task on this small road.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Hirsch dozes in the back as soon as possible, specially as it looks like no questions are forthcoming. Good, good.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Schwenkfeld gets his rest for now. It'll be him keeping watch with the gun for the latter half of the journey, nearing the Albanian territory and border region.
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Rolf sits quietly rocking with the truck. He is still mulling over the conversation from earlier.

Two days later…

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Schwenkfeld grunts as he awakens, straightening up to look around. "Mountains. We're close."
(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret is almost fallen asleep behind the wheel of the halftrack.

Leon is dozing quietly in the back, almost snoring softly. Seems the man could sleep if he were riding across a field of mines.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Smith yawns, rubbing at his eyes. "You want to man the machinegun, Herr Rottenfuhrer?" He doesn't look very alert right now.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Rolf takes a drink from his canteen.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld just grunts, and scoots over to be prepared to stand and take the gun in the swivel turret.

«Ground Vehicles» Schwenkfeld slips into the Gunner position of this SfKfz. 251/1#2311 !

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch consults his map, now they are actually near where they are supposed to be. "Should be a village just south of here. Hopefully not currently occupied. Lets go investigate.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld nods, rubbing one eye as he slowly turns the gun to face it south.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret pulls the halftrack down into the road heading south.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld keeps the gun trained ahead, now. The village church's spire distant but the town square not quite in view yet.

«Game» Smith wields his MG 34!

«Ground Combat» Smith reloads his MG 34!

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Rolf checks his rifle more to have something to do then anything else.
(From SfKfz. 251/1) Smith grabs the MG and a few ammunition belts.

Bret says "Sure you remember how to use that thing Otto?"

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld leans to Rolf, "There's a mortar here. You set to use it?" He shoots a look down to the driver in the cab.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hallermann helpfully suggests, "Squeeze the trigger. Watch the little metal things ping out at high speed into the enemy."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret glances back at Hallermann, "I thought it was a button?"

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Andreas stirs a bit, waking up. Looking over at the others for a few moments.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hallermann shakes his head. "No, no. It definitely shoots little metal bullets."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Leon grunts from his spot, "I can help reload…" He trails off. He looks up, waking up a bit.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret glances back up at Otto, smirking a bit.

«Ground Vehicles» SfKfz. 251/1 moves South <S>.

«Ground Vehicles» You notice SfKfz. 251/1 arrive at Minor road.

«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of some sort of Tracked vehicle. (8 7)

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld leans to muttr low to the driver, "Some day, you should show me, old dumb farmer, how good you are at punching. For practice."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret let's out a bit of a chuckle to Otto, "You'd when that contest Otto.:

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld just nods a little with a grunt. "Okay. Everyone be ready to dismount when Unterfuhrer orders."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Smith sits near the hatch at the bag, the MG in his lap.

Bret says "Otto, you see anything south?"

«Ground Combat» You are now peeking into Village.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Rolf helps himself to a flare.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Smith blinks. "I see a Greek."

Smith says "Having a pint. Doesn't look armed."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld peers through the sights, "Looks like civilian. One man on street."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch shrugs at that. "It's a village, there's probably lots of Greeks. Move on.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch adds, "But keep your eyes out for Greeks that look like trouble.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret glances back at Hirsch, "We should check him for weapons sir."

Leon sits up, and reaches for a weapon and a flare. No one's told him otherwise, so the Rottenfuhrer figures he's in for more than the ride or something. It makes him /look/ fierce.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hallermann smirks. "If we stop every civilian we see, we'll never make it to the end of the road, let alone the border."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Andreas keeps his equipment ready, even though the bandages around his arms make him seem less fearsome than he could, he suspects.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld keeps watch on the village ahead, slightly moving the machine gun's aim from one side to the other and back again.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret glances back at Hallermann, "Remind me of that when a civilian shoots you in the back of hyour head.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hallermann nods easily. "Before or after I scream and spread my brains over a wide area?"
Bret says "After."

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) "Cut the chatter, I don't want the Greeks in that village seeing the LSSAH show up like an Australian convict rabble." Hirsch mutters, ever aware of the importance of appearances.

Bret says "So we head back north?"

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Rolf shrinks a bit at the term convict.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Smith sits, silent and focused, near the hatch, ready to spring it open when the infantry dismount.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld keeps scanning through the machine gun's sights, the gunshield giving him some cover but no top on the transport part of this vehicle to fully provide cover.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch ponders. "Wagner, take Smith, Leon, Rolf and Hallermann into the village, make sure its clear, theres only much we can see from the track. I want that place as my future command post in any case.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Smith opens the passenger hatch, springing out to hold it for the other infantrymen.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Leon is chilling out in back, he's far from being in great shape, but he seems to be moving about. He nods slowly, at Hirsch's order.

«Ground Vehicles» Smith gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret lets out a sigh as the officer decides to take the artillery man and not one of the actual infantry.

"Yes sir!" Wagner says. To the mentioned folks, "You heard the Untersturmfuhrer, move out!" He hops out of the halftrack.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Rolf gulps and dismounts with the others.

«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld speaks from his position. "Still only the one Greek man at the pub seen. No weapon I can see on him."

«Ground Vehicles» Rolf gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

«Ground Vehicles» Leon gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

«Ground Vehicles» Hallermann gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets into SfKfz. 251/1.

Hallermann slides out of the halftrack, shifting his rifle across his body to carry it.

Smith doesn't stealth out or anything, pending orders.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld keeps watch, ready to provide covering fire with the MG.

Rolf peers south towards the village awaiting orders.

Leonidas isn't, strictly speaking, a lone Greek. There are lots of Greeks. But he's standing in for them.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Andreas watches the people moving out, waiting inside the vehicle for now.

«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret mutters random curse words as he sits in the cab of the vehicle.
SfKfz. 251/1

«Command» Hallermann is added to Hirsch's squad.
«Command» Rolf is added to Hirsch's squad.
«Command» Smith is added to Hirsch's squad.

Wagner glances at the village. "Alright, let's do this," the scharfuhrer says. To Smith, "Stick close to me, schutze. The rest of you, don't stay so bunched up." He begins trudging south.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld checks the gun for a moment, nodding satisfied it's in full operating order with the belt feed ready.

Hallermann nods quick agreement, lagging back in order not to be bunched up. He's not a coward. Much. Honest.

«Announcement from Death!» Gimme a couple of minutes, need to AFK. RP on, though…

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld speaks quietly down to Andreas, "Can be ready to load if you're not going out. Shouldn't need a loader unless a big battle breaks out here."

Smith nods sombrely. "Jawohl, Herr Scharfuhrer." He walks after the NCO, lugging along the machinegun.

Leon's arms and hand are looking shoddy, but he's doing his best to be sneaky. Oh yes he is. And he has a rifle too! "Jawhol, Herr," He echoes quietly, slinking along like an ox in ballet slippres. The /effort/ is there…

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Andreas nods a little, "Unless they need me to go out there," he replies, with a smile.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld rubs his eyes, then returns to peering through the gunsights, slowly turning the gun on its swivel to keep it steady as he looks around in synch with it.

"I only make out one man," Wagner says. He says to Hallermann, "Do you still have that German-Greek phrasebook I gave you? We may need it."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld mutters, "Little village is all in the open. No trees around it to hide bandits."

Hallermann digs about in his pouches, withdrawing the book and admitting, "It's… uh… missing a few pages now."

Rolf remains quiet nervously scanning the area.

"Vital war supplies," Hallermann replies, absolutely deadpan.

"That doesn't matter," Wagner says. He addresses the others. "Speaking of paper, look for it. Paper, maps, any juicy intel we can bring back to Herr Untersturmfuhrer Hirsch. But my guess is this'll be another primitive Greek village." He snorts.

Leon stays near Rolf, somewhat. He tries not to giggle at Hallermann's reply, biting his lip and doing his best to look absolutely serious.

Smith snorts. "Right." He offers a mute nod to Wagner, shifting the weight of the MG to the other shoulder.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld keeps scanning the village from where the armoured halftrack is positioned on the road north.

Leon is peering a little to the west, squinting.

"Rottenfuhrer Austerlitz, you take Schutzes Biermann and Hallermann, clear the left side," Wagner says. "Schutze Schmidt, you're with me on the right. Let's move!"

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Wagner arrive at Village.

Rolf moves to follow Austerlitz.

«Ground Combat» Smith moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Smith arrive at Village.

Smith peers at the Greek in the pub with only marginal curiosity on his angular face.

Leonidas isn't really one Greek, he's just a stand in for a whole village full of Greeks. Most of them are out in the fields during the day, but theres some old and young ones who are in the pub.

«Ground Combat» Leon moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Leon arrive at Village.

Leonidas is, of course, an old one.

«Ground Combat» Hallermann moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Hallermann arrive at Village.
«Ground Combat» Rolf moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Rolf arrive at Village.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret marvels at the waste of energy that his strategy requires.

Rolf moves along behind Leon keepin his interval. The artillery man at least remembers that much from rifleman training.

Wagner points at the pub and calls to Leon, "Clear that pub out, search that Greek, Rottenfuhrer. Shoot him if he resists or runs." To Smith, "Let's clear these houses."

Hallermann heads on after Leon, trying to look menacing. Or as menacing as a short guy can. He randomly brings his rifle up to his shoulder, pointing it around and about the place.

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves into House.

Smith nods to Wagner, "Jawohl, Herr Rottenfuhrer."

«Ground Combat» Smith moves into House.

Rolf stands beside the door if the pub looking up and down the street.

Leon probably /does/ look somewhat menacing, with his scarred face, bandages all over and being a giant lunk. "Jawohl." He grunts and moves forward. Wait. He doesn't know Greek. Leon gets a deadpan brained expression. Oh well, he'll work at it as he goes. Into the pub!

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret props his feet up on a part of the halftrack, he pulls out his canteen and takes a few sips.

Smith barges into the house, kicking in the flimsy door after a few tries. He calls out (in German naturally) "Anyone there? Come out!"

«Ground Combat» Leon moves into Village Pub.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld keeps the machine gun trained towards the village, but rubbing his eyes again. Perhaps some mysterious vapours from a lava vent, but from the expression it's as if he's seeing double.

«Ground Combat» Hallermann moves into Village Pub.
«Ground Combat» Rolf moves into Village Pub.

Bret says "Hey Otto, what chance you think you could blast that Greek away if he resists?"

Leonidas doesn't look all that happy when the SS crash into the village, like a breezeblock to the frontal lobe. There are plenty of women around, who are more of the shrieking than the stoic look kind, and a few of the farmer types who are working the land within eyeshot are running back towards the village itself.

Hallermann has the phrasebook! The rifle gets slung back onto his shoulder so he can read the book more clearly, flicking through it with both hands. "Uh… hands up!" he manages, that particular page having been bookmarked for ready availability.

Rolf follows the others into the Pub and fans out to the right side of the room and yells Achtung! in loud booming voice.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld blinks, "Huh?" and leans down to the driver. "I would not hit so good. He's inside a building. But he would duck and stay down low with this machine gun spitting at him."

Smith rummages through the house, finding it empty of inhabitants. He stops in front of a window, glancing west. Kicking the glass with his jackboot, he yells, "All clear here, Herr Scharfuhrer! To the west as well!"

"Achtung!" Leon calls as well, just in case any of them missed it. He looks a little less than intimidating for a second as he looks to Hallermann and his book. Nevertheless, Leon is looking around the pub, noticing the men moving and the women. He motions for silence. Or at least, tries to.

Wagner searches through the house. He finds a couple shotguns and a rifle. "Be sure you confiscate any weapons you find, Schutze Schmidt," Wagner says. "This is not the Wild West of your America. These Greeks are not cowboys."

Leonidas reaches for the sky, as do the other ones, at least the older ones. The children look on curiously.

Smith slowly nods, looking a bit puzzled. Come to think of it, this really doesn't look like California. He rummages through a desk, finding a few revolvers.

Rolf grabs one or two men standing near the bar by the back of their shirts and pulls from the bar towards the rest then motions with his riffle barrel to keep moving.

«Ground Combat» Smith deploys his MG 34!

Smith calls out, "Greek to the west!"

Smith adds, "One is armed! Opening fire!"

"Do it!" Wagner says. He moves to the window to assist the MGer.

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Xeno and hits!
Xeno suffers 7 wound damage to his left hand.
Xeno suffers 1 wound damage to his right leg.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld turns to Hirsch, leaning to see his expression. "They are reporting Greek with rifle west of the village. Should we move in to cover, or head offroad and flank west then south to engage?"

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!
«Ground Combat» Wagner moves out of House.

Smith fires off a burst, hitting the Greek on the run.

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Xeno and hits!
Xeno suffers 8 wound damage to his right chest.
Xeno suffers 5 wound damage to his right arm.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!

Leon begins the hunt, peering around. He will likely search the older man. "Tell him what I am doing?" He comments then scowls at the sound of Machinegun fire. He starts to search Leonidas, patting the man down.

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves into House.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch shakes his head. "Take us west Schwenkfeld, we'll cover from there.".

Smith shoots another burst. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpt. He shifts his aim.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld nods to that, "Driver, head offroad, west."

Smith is not feeling discriminatory today with his aim.

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Eleftherios and hits!
Eleftherios suffers 8 wound damage to his right leg.
Eleftherios suffers 5 wound damage to his right arm.
«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of some sort of Tracked vehicle. (8 6)
«Game» Wagner assists Smith!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!
«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Eleftherios and hits!
Eleftherios suffers 1 wound damage to his right chest.
Eleftherios suffers 7 wound damage to his left leg.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!
«Report from Wagner» Contact to the west, two greeks.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld tries to get the weapon set, turret pointed south now.

«Ground Combat» You are now peeking into Pastures.

Eleftherios tries out what little German he knows.
From Pastures, a male voice shouts, "Nein! Nein!".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld calls out, "Spot one dead body, one boy wounded. Greek."

Bret says "Fire!"

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld grunts low. "Boy does not have weapon."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch peers at the situation, shrugs. "Looks like one of them was causing trouble. Open fire, Rottenfuhrer, if they are causing trouble now, then if we let them go they'll only cause it later.".

Bret says "Well someone has shot him already."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld nods and shoots towards the boy.
(#292) Eleftherios is missed by the 7.92mm MG 34 mounted on (#505) SfKfz. 251/1!

«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Pastures! (7 6)

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld fires a burst from the machine gun towards the Greek calling out.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch peers. "Oh wait. I think he's trying to surrender. Cease fire, Rottenfuhrer. Maybe he'll have some intell.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld nods "Ceasing fire, sir. Want me to dismount and bring him back?"

Bret says "I could get him"

Eleftherios is crawling off to the west, but he's got more lead in him than a pencil.

Bret says "We need you on the gun"

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld adds, "We could get to him fast driving to his location."

«Ground Vehicles» SfKfz. 251/1 moves South <S>.
«Ground Vehicles» You notice SfKfz. 251/1 arrive at Pastures.
«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of some sort of Tracked vehicle. (7 6)

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld calls out to the kid, "Actung!"

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret stops just in front of the Greek.

Eleftherios stops crawling when the halftrack drives up to him. He just goes still, in agony.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret has already accidently run over the other one.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld points the machine gun his way. "I can get to him."

«Ground Vehicles» Schwenkfeld gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Eleftherios and hits!

Eleftherios suffers 3 wound damage to his left chest.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!

Schwenkfeld hops out from the back of the halftrack, towards the wounded Greek. "Actung! Hold, prisoner!"

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Eleftherios but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!

Schwenkfeld shifts the rifle into position to have it aimed.

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Eleftherios but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!

Bret shouts, "HOLD YOUR FIRE".

«Ground Combat» Smith fires his MG 34 at Eleftherios and hits!
Eleftherios suffers 8 wound damage to his head.

Eleftherios suffers 5 wound damage to his abdomen.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Village (8 5)!
«Ground Combat» *boom* Headshot!!!

Schwenkfeld steps now to Eleftherios, having a better look now that he's closer. As the blood splatters with a shot from the village, the large man frowns.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Hirsch stands up in back of the halftrack. "Hold your…". Ah well, too late. "Never mind. Take us into the village, Schutze, it looks fairly secure to me.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret nods back to Hirsch, "See I listen to order sir."

«Ground Vehicles» SfKfz. 251/1 moves East <E>.
«Ground Vehicles» You notice SfKfz. 251/1 arrive at Village.
«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of some sort of Tracked vehicle. (7 5)

Leon just kind of sighs heavily at that, and nods slowly. "That's fine. Just look." His voice wobbles a second, "And just - take any ammunition, arms or papers." He affirms. Leon is moving around the pub, likely behind the counter if he can.

«Report from Wagner» There's definitely a Greek army presence here, sir. I found ammunition and uniforms. What are your orders?

Wagner calls out the window, "I found some Greek uniforms and ammunition! Stay sharp!"

Smith reloads the MG, his blue eyes following the progress of the halftrack into the village. He keeps his MG pointed west.

Hirsch climbs out of the halftrack when it shows up in the village, his sore leg making him wince when it touches ground. He heads for the pub immediately, not wanting to stand around in the open.

Hallermann stuffs the phrasebook away again with a look of relief, heading for the bar to have a quick look behind it. And if a bottle of something slipped into his hands while he was looking for ammunition? Well, these things happen.

Rolf moves behind the bar and starts rummaging about, none too careful about it either. He opens and closes drawers, clears off sheleves with a sweep of an arm sending glass and such crashing to the floor.

«Ground Vehicles» Bret has connected.
«Ground Vehicles» Bret gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

Leon is searching too, and ah, well, who knows where booze goes in chaos like this yes? It's booze. For the Fuhrer. Clearly. Once he's looked over it, he will straighten and move around, checking for any back rooms or cabinets.

Rolf reports to Leon, "I see nothing of importance back here." He then turns to Hallermann, "You?"

«Ground Combat» You notice Schwenkfeld arrive at Village.

Bret hops down out of the halftrack, looking up to where Smith is, "Stupid."

Schwenkfeld walks in from the pasture to the west, his rifle in hand.

Smith digs into his smock, giving Wagner a revolver. "Herr Scharfuhrer, I found this in a drawer of the desk." He points at a pile of shattered wood nearby.

Hallermann looks momentarily guilty as he buttons down a pouch, then shakes his head. "Nothing."

Hirsch slips in to the open door of the pub, surveys the cringing occupants, and arches a brow. "Looks like resistance here is limited. Good. We must have beaten the Greeks.".

Schwenkfeld doesn't speak, but with a frown reaches to grab onto the handle and steps up on the footrest to lift himself into the back of the halftrack.

"There is a cellar," Leon calls over, opening the door. He is going down into it. "Probably just wine and things, but I am going to look." And others may follow, should they wish.

«Ground Vehicles» Schwenkfeld gets into SfKfz. 251/1.

Wagner takes the revolver. "Thank you, schutze." Wagner leaves the house and tosses the confiscated firearms in front of the halftrack's treads.

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves out of House.

Hirsch roots around the pub aimlessly, but his men have it all in hand. "No shortage of people to talk to here Rottenfuhrer, no need to get too dejected." he says to Schwenkfeld. He nods at Leon, and thenpeers out the door. "Where is Wagner?".

Rolf makes his way across the room to follow Leon, "I'll go."

Smith stays in the house, covering the rest of the platoon with his MG.

Hallermann nods quickly, dutifully following Leon down, just in case. "I've got you covered, Herr Rottenfuhrer."

«Ground Vehicles» Bret gets into SfKfz. 251/1.

Rolf pulls up short and says to Hallermann, "Ah, you go then, I'll keep these covered. He then turns to Hirsch, "What shall we do with these?" he asks pointing at the cringing people with his rifle.

Into the cellar they go! For to search for uh, weapons and any intelligence. Leon is trying to make himself small, so he fits in. He is searching, although he's probably not above pinching a bottle or two …

Wine is intelligence, right? Hallermann is just doing his duty, therefore, shifting his packs around to find space for more intelligence there, clinking suspiciously when he moves.
Leon has disconnected.

Hirsch eyes them. "The Fuhrer has a soft spot for the Greeks. This is the birthplace of civilisation, and the first National Socialist state - and his inspiration - was Sparta, after all. So long as there is no resistance, leave them be.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld turns the turret around to face the machine gun north, back towards the road.

Rolf nods to Hirsch, but keeps watch anyway.

Hirsch fortunately doesn't see Hallermann. He'd be as gutted as a Soviet commissar upon learning that the most politically enlightened army the world has ever seen just raped its way across Germany.

Wagner enters the pub and nods to Hirsch. He doesn't salute, of course. "The houses are clear, Herr Untersturmfuhrer," he says. "I found some Greek NCO uniforms and ammunition. All firearms I found have been placed under the halftrack, ready to be destroyed."

Hirsch nods. "Well done Wagner. They must be near, then. We'll dig in here, getting defensible is the first priority. At nightfall we'll send out some patrols and see whats out there. I'll have to find the CO and report our position, too.".

"Nothing but alcohol down here!" Leon calls. For once, he has been a bad example and ah, probably made a bottle or two disappear. Oh my. At least he goes for the good stuff. Right? Either way, he heads up.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret drives the halftrack around to the side of the pub and parks it there.

«Ground Vehicles» Bret gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

Hallermann is more the 'grab the closest bottle and hope' type, following Leon back up to the bar itself with a look of absolute innocence. Clink. Clink.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld continues to keep watch, the vehicle now close enough to hear the German words from within the pub.

Bret walks into the pub, almost hitting the side of it as he still isn't one hundred percent used to his eyepatch.
"Schutze Schmidt has his machine gun set up covering the west," Wagner tells Hirsch. "I'll bring the radio here."

Rolf clears his throat and asks Hirsch, "Excuse me sir. Shall we send these people home?"

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves out of Village Pub.

Smith leans back, squinting westwards. He pulls out a little notebook from a pocket of his smock, marking something down in it with a stub of a pencil while he keeps half an eye out on the blood-stained fields.

«Ground Combat» Bret moves into Village Pub.
«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets into SfKfz. 251/1.

"Sounds like a good plan Schutze." Hirsch says to Rolf. "This pub will be as good a spot as any to take as a command post. Send them on their way. Hopefully we'll be out of here and back fighting the ANZACs soon enough.".

Up the stairs, comes Leon. Fortunately, he isn't clinking, thanks to being rather big and having big pockets!
Awesome. "Nothing, but drink to report in the cellar herr," Leon comments to Hirsch.

«Equipment» Wagner has picked up Radio.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld looks down from the machine gun. "Keeping watch on the road behind us, just in case that Greek army sent scouts ahead."

Rolf says, "Yes sir!" and goes about the business of ushering people out the door, he grabs some and motions to rise then starts pushing them towards the doorway, "Schnell". He keeps at sending all but Leonidas out the door, "Shoo, schnell!"

Smith's eyes linger, thoughtfully, on Eleftherios' and Xeno's corpses. There is a flicker of doubt in his blue eyes, unseen by anyone else; did he do the right thing? A split second, the light of fanaticism drives away this moment of indecision.

Hirsch ponders the map. "Not much defensive terrain around here. I think we'll dig some trenches just west of here, the town will give us some depth.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Wagner nods to Schwenkfeld, grabbing the radio. "We'll find out soon enough, Rottenfuhrer," he says.

«Ground Vehicles» Wagner gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

Hirsch has observation 5. He then eyes Leon. And arches a brow.

Bret walks over to Hirsch, "I was wondering, do you think I should grab the S-18 to be sure, incase any Australians decide to back the Greeks up?

«Ground Combat» Wagner moves into Village Pub.

Rolf finishes with ushering the last of the locals out the door and returns to stand off to one aside quietly awaiting orders.

Hallermann quietly leans on his rifle behind the big Rottenfuhrer. Unobtrusive.

Hirsch shrugs at Bret. "The ANZACS won't be here, Schutze. But it can do us no harm, so go ahead.".

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld nods down to Wagner as the senior NCO dismounts. He keeps watching, still.

«Equipment» Wagner has dropped Radio.

Bret nods to Hirsch, and walks outside, obviously excited about using his gun.

«Ground Combat» Bret moves out of Village Pub.

Leon blinks, as Hirsch arches a brow. "There is nothing in this pub besides booze, glass and probably food. Nothing dangerous. Mind the broken glass behind the counter, though," He frowns and motions to it. "Should I clean it up if we are going to use this place?" He asks.

Hirsch shakes his head at Leon, with a faint smile. "I'm not looking for a hotel, something to keep the rain off will be good enough. You'll have better things to do than clean up the bar.". Digging holes in the stony ground, almost certainly.

«Ground Vehicles» Bret gets into SfKfz. 251/1.

Wagner sets all the radio equipment on the table and begins setting it up.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret climbs into the back of the halftrack and slightly taps Otto on the leg, "Iget to use my gun."

«Game» Bret unwields his Kar98k!

«Equipment» Bret has dropped Kar98k.
«Equipment» Bret has dropped 7.92-57 x 200.
«Equipment» Bret has picked up S-18 Solothurn.
«Equipment» Bret has picked up 20mm-105B x 66.
«Ground Combat» Wagner moves out of Village Pub.

Smith glances up, narrowing his eyes. Nazi planes overhead.

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Schwenkfeld chuckles to Bret, "The big one? I don't think Greek bandits have tanks, but it can blow off the head of their leader."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret laughs to Schwenkfeld, "Hell I could aim at his chest, and his arms would fall to the floor.
«OOC» Smith says "All lies. It will take more than a 20mm bullet to take out Leonidas."

"As you wish herr," Leon nods slowly. Oh that smile. Something horrible and manual labor-y is in store for the poor Rottenfuhrer. He knows it. Or the officer is onto him. Either or. Damnedably cunning bastard. But that's likely officers for you. He looks to Hallermann and nods. A sort of thank you for the help.

«OOC» Hirsch says "he's descended from Hercules himself."

(From SfKfz. 251/1) Bret jumps out of the back of the halftrack, "Hope it doesn't rain Otto."

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Bret runs over to Wagner, S-18 in hand, "Where do you want me to set up sir?"

«Ground Vehicles» Bret gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

(From SfKfz. 251/1 #505) Schwenkfeld chuckles over to Bret, "I get wet alot. I am used to it."

Hirsch indicates the west. "Alright men, get digging. Wagner, I leave the precise organisation of our position to you. I want it west of here, though, we can fall back to the village if under pressure then.".

«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Pastures with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Pastures with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Pastures with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Badlands/Rocks with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Pastures with 5 x 500kg bombs!

«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Forest with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Pastures with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Badlands/Rocks with 5 x 500kg bombs!
«Airstrike!» Ju-88A level bombs Pastures with 5 x 500kg bombs!

«Announcement from Death!» Those bombs hit way to the west, for the curious.

«Game» Smith moves out of House.
«Ground Vehicles» Smith gets into SfKfz. 251/1.
«Ground Vehicles» Smith gets out of SfKfz. 251/1.

Wagner nods to Hirsch. "Yes sir!" he calls. To the men, "Alright, let's dig some holes."

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